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  • The PaaS Landscape: A Dense Jungle of Options

    This in-depth handbook offers expert advice on the top PaaS selection criteria. Discover which criteria are the most integral to developing secure apps and get tips on how to architect cloud app success. Plus, explore the advantages and disadvantages of cloud development in the Google App Engine vs. AWS PaaS offerings.

  • Managing in Azure: Not Always So Simple

    How does Azure stack up against AWS as a public cloud provider? This e-guide contains articles from three vendor-neutral experts, breaking down the products that claim to improve Azure-users quality of life. See whether it really stacks up as a legitimate public cloud alternative, an equal, to AWS.

  • Cloud Deployment Models Offer Variety for Users

    In this expert e-guide, explore the how and why of a multicloud infrastructure. Additionally, learn how to deploy services in a consistent and repeatable way, manage app deployments across multiple cloud computing platforms, and more.

  • All in the Cloud Together

    In this three-part handbook, learn about key cloud service-level agreement topics, including: three steps that will help organizations create effective cloud SLAs, why hybrid cloud SLAs are harder to define, how to avoid critical public cloud mistakes, and more.

  • Handbook: Experts Dig Into Cloud DevOps

    In this exclusive handbook, our data center experts explore how, when it comes to developing and running cloud-specific apps, the DevOps philosophy might have found its ideal use case. Read on to explore 3 articles on this topic.

  • Overcoming the Obstacles to Cloud Adoption

    Migrating workloads to the cloud requires a plan that takes into account organizational resistance as well as technical challenges. This three-part guide outlines criteria that IT managers should keep in mind when researching cloud models, cloud security and cloud-management tools.

  • Where Cloud Meets Big Data

    The intersection of the cloud and big data brings many challenges and opportunities for companies that choose to process and store big data in the cloud. This expert handbook examines different platforms and tools developers can use to harness big data in the cloud, so you can conquer the challenges and opportunities of the cloud & big data.

  • Head in the Hybrid Clouds

    This expert e-book discusses the 3 fundamentals of effective hybrid cloud management—security, account management/billing, and resource provisioning. Read on to learn industry tricks and tips to keep in mind during the building process, as well as strategies for monitoring application performance.

  • The State of Azure

    In this handbook, our cloud pundits explore whether Azure is a strong cloud option, delve into its new features, and discuss if it's a viable alternative to AWS.

  • Deploying Cloud Storage Resources

    Ensuring an effective cost-capacity balance is difficult for organizations that are looking to move their data and applications to the cloud.

  • End of the Road for App Integration Agony

    In this three-part guide, experts outline how you can move past common application and data integration issues when considering the cloud. Read on to learn 9 questions for integrating in the cloud, ways to make cloud app integration smoother, and more.

  • Want More Cloud Control? Try a Hybrid Approach

    In this edition of Modern Infrastructure, Alex Barrett explores the push toward hybrid cloud deployments and how you can take advantage of this trend.

  • In Cloud Storage, Options Abound

    Examine cloud-based storage in terms of cost, manageability, security and latency/availability.

  • Unraveling the Mysteries of the Open Source Cloud

    In this handbook, experts Tom Nolle, Trevor Jones, and Jim O'Reilly look at open source's place in the cloud, the various platforms currently in use, and where they can make a difference in an organization.

  • Best practices for hybrid cloud management

    This e-guide will provide you with a roadmap to help you piece together the hybrid cloud management puzzle. Learn about the keys to a solid hybrid cloud management strategy, how to avoid hybrid cloud security hurdles, cross-platform tools to use, and much more.

  • Cloud app management -- from migration to monitoring

    In this e-guide, discover which apps are right for the cloud and the keys to cloud application migration. Also, get an insider's look into the latest cloud application trends that you can capitalize on.

  • Traditional vs. Cloud Management Tactics

    In this e-guide, you'll discover the differences between traditional management tactics and cloud management strategies. Access now and also learn how to integrate another layer of performance data into the central system to deal with the complexity of cloud.

  • How should our team manage data stored in the cloud?

    This informative e-guide reveals expert tips for cloud managers to ensure that the provider's management tools mesh well with your enterprise's needs. Learn why you should look for management features beyond security controls for effective cloud storage.

  • Protecting This House: IT's Role in Cloud Security

    Having a clear-cut cloud governance strategy helps ease administrative issues for IT and allows organizations to proactively protect their data.

  • In the Cloud, Big Data's a Big Deal

    The public cloud puts big data analytics within reach for even small organizations.

  • Modern Infrastructure: Cloud migration confidential

    Building a cloud migration strategy depends on preparation and a solid knowledge of the applications that are heading to the cloud.

  • Setting the Record Straight on Crazy Cloud Computing

    In this visual PhotoStory, from, explore misconceptions about cloud computing and learn how IT professionals can overcome discomfort and confusion in the cloud space.

  • Getting Over the Cloud Adoption Hurdle

    Access this exclusive handbook, brought to you by our cloud experts, to help you overcome cloud adoption hurdles. Inside you'll examine what areas you'll want to factor into your cloud planning, key cloud risk areas, and how cloud insurance has changed over the years and why it's worth taking a second look at.

  • Chapter 1: What is Private Cloud?

    Download part one in this four-part expert series to access an outline of the basics in private cloud computing detailing the key characteristics, long-term vision and c-level elevator pitch for the private cloud.

  • Modern Infrastructure – July/August 2014

    Government spying and more mundane security concerns have businesses worrying about cloud data sovereignty.

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