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  • Build a modern foundation for RAN

    As mobile data usage grows rapidly, service providers must modernize their radio access networks (RANs) to capitalize on digital business opportunities. Red Hat and Intel offer an integrated, cloud-native RAN solution to help you deploy, operate, and optimize your network more efficiently. Learn more in the product overview.

  • Work toward sustainability with help from Red Hat and Intel

    As they meet growing network demands, telecommunications (telco) service providers must also prioritize sustainability. In this overview, find out how Red Hat and Intel have partnered to support telcos’ sustainability efforts.

  • Reducing consumption and meeting sustainability goals

    Intel, Ericsson, and Red Hat partner to drive sustainability initiatives in telco networks. By optimizing hardware, software, and power management, they aim to reduce energy consumption by over 20% without compromising network performance. Learn more in the full white paper.

  • Top 5 Ways To Implement MLOps Successfully In Your Organization

    Implementing a successful machine learning operation is more complicated than just simply downloading an app and getting started. To do it properly, there are security, workflow, and flexibility factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that your developers, ops managers, and data scientists are productive. Read on to learn more.

  • Cloud-Native Meets Hybrid Cloud: A Strategy Guide

    The importance of IT systems is already clear. What isn’t as well known is the struggle IT teams face in trying to keep systems functional and secure while also finding ways to evolve current architecture to accommodate for innovation and improvements to business offerings. Read on to learn about an architecture that solves this challenge.

  • Top Considerations For Building A Modern Edge Infrastructure

    No matter the industry, businesses rely on the network edge as its main source of data collection. Whether it’s operational data, or user-generated data collected by your employees, it holds tremendous value. However, if your edge does not share the same management tools as your data center, you run the risk of creating silos. Read on to see why.

  • Effortlessly Accelerate Your AI Applications And Workflows On Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform With 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

    This white paper by Intel details how 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors can accelerate AI applications and workflows on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Read the white paper.

  • State Of Kubernetes Security Report 2023

    Each year, an in-depth survey is conducted on hundreds of DevOps, engineering, and security professionals regarding security challenges when it comes to Kubernetes and cloud-native adoption. On top of learning the exciting survey results, you’ll learn about specific security incidents and how you can avoid them. Read on to learn more.

  • Red Hat Improves Manufacturing Operations, Scale, and Innovation with an Industrial Edge Platform

    As organizations continue to innovate, the complexity of manufacturing processes and product designs have only increased. Because of this, manufacturers must keep up with changing demands while also keeping costs down. Now, there is a modern approach to solve for this. Read on to learn more about an industrial edge platform that changes the game.

  • Innovate And Transform With A Modern Application Platform

    This Red Hat e-book explains transforming applications for agility and efficiency, covering trends like cloud-native development, AI/ML integration, and legacy app replatforming. The e-book dives into how OpenShift provides a platform to build, deploy, and manage apps with consistency and security. Read the e-book here.

  • Why Enterprise Linux Is Becoming More Relevant For Hybrid Cloud

    This IDC report highlights 5 key reasons why Enterprise Linux is becoming more relevant for hybrid cloud. Tap into the report to unlock these insights, which are informed by the IDC survey responses of cloud buyers last year.

  • The Power Of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Along with describing how Red Hat’s platform works, this e-book—The Power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux—outlines what a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription provides. Read on to discover 6 benefits of leveraging the platform, including visibility into new technologies, enhanced security and more.

  • Kubernetes Patterns Reusable Elements For Designing Cloud Native Applications

    This exhaustive O'Reilly e-book aims to help developers discover and learn about the most common patterns for creating cloud-native applications with Kubernetes. Read the book now, or save it for reference material in a pinch.

  • Accelerate Your Application Modernization

    Red Hat and Intel are simplifying scaling workloads with joint solutions featuring Intel Xeon processors and Red Hat OpenShift Plus. These solutions support hybrid cloud, NFV, and 5G monetization, with validated performance for typical configurations. Explore the full infographic for more on the Red Hat-Intel partnership.

  • The Benefits Of Building A Software Factory With Red Hat OpenShift

    This white paper provides an overview of using Red Hat OpenShift to build a software factory for accelerated software delivery. Read the paper here.

  • Top 5 Ways Developers And Data Scientists Can Collaborate

    Learn how to build effective AI apps through collaborating with data scientists. This Red Hat white paper provides a 5-step checklist for developers to understand data science workflows, find common ground, learn model tools, keep using familiar dev tools, and remember models are part of apps. Read now to improve your AI app development.

  • Maximize The Value Of Your Data

    The amount of data stored globally is expected to grow to 8.9 zettabytes by 2024. This infographic details how you can turn your data into a valuable business asset with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. See the full infographic here.

  • Machining The Future At The Industrial Edge

    Intel and Red Hat are collaborating on an open, secure industrial edge platform to facilitate soft PLC deployment and management at scale. This solution aims to simplify industrial automation modernization, optimizing efficiency, cost savings, and speed for manufacturers. Read on to learn how an industrial edge platform can benefit manufacturing.

  • 4 Ways To Accelerate IT/OT Integration With Red Hat And Intel

    Use this checklist to understand 4 ways a new approach to IT/OT integration can transform your business strategy.

  • Accelerate Your Journey To Cloud-Native Digital Banking

    This infographic details how you can accelerate your journey to cloud-native digital banking by utilizing Red Hat’s Center of Excellence for Financial Services. Learn more!

  • Create A Consistent And Flexible IT Foundation With Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Over 50% of net new enterprise workloads from 2020 to 2022 were deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Businesses trust Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with IDC reporting a 540% 3-year ROI using RHEL. Browse this infographic to learn about what Red Hat can do for your organization.

  • How Enterprises Approach Legacy Application Modernization

    This report asked IT decision makers, back-end developers, and software architects about their application modernization priorities, challenges, and plans, and how they define success. Dive into the report to discover the top 10 findings on the state of application modernization.

  • Build An Efficient IT Foundation For Modern Business Success

    This Red Hat white paper outlines a five-step approach to modernize your IT infrastructure. The first step? Standardize your IT for consistency. Discover the next 4 steps in this white paper.

  • 8 Ways A Standard Operating Environment Improves IT Efficiency

    Red Hat offers an 8-step checklist for IT to boost efficiency through a standard operating environment (SOE). Benefits include reduced complexity, heightened agility, bridging skills gaps, and operational efficiency. The steps involve setting up a standardization strategy, automating tasks, and enhancing security. Read the checklist here.

  • Prepare For Cloud-Native Innovation With Red Hat

    Adopting containers isn’t a straightforward process, and organizations struggle with a lack of internal expertise, migrating apps to containers, and managing container security. Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift can help. Delve into this e-book for help in simplifying your container journey.

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