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  • App development and delivery 101

    In the digital economy, applications are more critical to the business than ever before. Ensuring your applications are developed in the right way can have a major impact on the competitiveness and ultimate success of your company. Access this white paper to explore why you should equip your teams for cloud-native development.

  • Transform your applications

    Applications are at the core of modern business. Which is why keeping your apps up to date is essential for increased customer satisfaction and engagement. This white paper explains how organizations are transforming their existing applications to meet this demand through cloud-native environments. Access it here.

  • Save costs and achieve more with Red Hat OpenShift managed services

    Half of enterprises today are deploying Kubernetes in production—but integrating Kubernetes into complex IT environments yourself can still be difficult and time consuming. In this brief, explore how you can deploy Kubernetes more easily with Red Hat OpenShift managed services. Click here to download the brief.

  • What’s Driving Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)?

    Point-to-point integration already is being transformed into event-driven architecture (EDA), as organizations of all kinds look to capitalize on real-time data and its disruptive potential. This Intellyx e-book will walk you through the current state of EDA and explore how it’s impacting a variety of business cases. Access your copy to learn more.

  • 2021 cloud-native development outlook

    63% of IT leaders say that the adoption of DevOps is the most important enabler of cloud-native development – according to the following cloud-native development report. Findings include that the level of cloud-native adoption is directly proportional to software delivery performance. Access the report here.

  • 6 DevSecOps best practices for developers

    This checklist provides 6 DevSecOps best practices for developers, including how to mitigate application dependency risks while unifying code and configuration management. Access the checklist in this white paper.

  • Why The Operating System Matters

    Open this e-book to learn how your operating system can be the foundation that solidifies and unifies your IT infrastructure and whatever environments it encompasses.

  • Migrate and Manage Your SAP Environment with Microsoft and Red Hat for Increased Agility, Performance and Scale.

    According to the IDC, organizations using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform saw significant, observable improvements in the agility, productivity and scalability of their SAP environments. Read this solution overview to learn more about the potential benefits of migrating and managing your SAP applications with Microsoft and Red Hat.

  • Build an SAP Landscape for Digital Transformation

    Red Hat and Microsoft are here to help your organization modernize your SAP landscape, making sure your SAP infrastructure is ready to compete and thrive in tomorrow’s market. Download the white paper and learn about how Linux and Azure can help you do so.

  • How to Measure and Improve Digital Transformation ROI

    Demonstrating a compelling ROI on digital transformation initiatives is vital to securing business support and ongoing funding for additional projects. This eGuide offers up 9 tips that will help you measure and improve your digital transformation ROI, as well as 4 examples of digital transformation success in business. Download now to get started.

  • What’s Slowing Down your Digital Transformation?

    Understanding the challenges and barriers that organizations commonly face when adopting digital transformation—and how others have overcome them— can help you identify what may be slowing down your organization’s progress. Download this paper to get perspectives from IT experts as they answer 8 questions about digital transformation.

  • Five Elements to Succeed as a Digital Business

    This IDC white paper examines five key elements that businesses must consider if they want to become a successful digital organization. Access it here.

  • Maintaining Momentum on Digital Transformation: CIOs Share Strategies to Sustain Speed

    This new research from Harvard Business Review identifies four focus areas for CIOs and IT leaders as they work toward enabling greater flexibility, resilience, and momentum for digital transformation. Download this report to uncover what these areas are, and how you can prepare for the year ahead.

  • Culture Matters The IT Executive's Guide to Building open Teams

    In the wake of global changes, organizations are realizing why the ability to adapt and innovate is critical to their survival. Today's IT leaders need to be culturally competent as much as they are technically competent. Read on to learn how you can become a more open and inclusive leader.

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