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  • Deploying Zero-Trust Networks in the Era of COVID-19

    If you are looking for insights into the adoption of zero-trust, extending protection and uses of it, this multifaceted e-book is here to help! It explores how the undercurrents of COVID-19 has affected security, highlights the importance of a zero-trust approach, and discusses how WatchGuard can help deliver the security you need.


    Without decryption, you will have no view into data type, application, policy adherence, file type, or data exfiltration attempts via HTTPS. Become informed and prepared by checking out this multifaceted e-book. It informs you about various attacks, provides tips, and goes over the essential features of a modern firewall and more.

  • RISK-BASED AUTHENTICATION: A Critical Element to Any Zero-Trust Deployment

    Access this e-book to read about the powerful connection between zero-trust adoption and risk policies, and how multi-factor authentication sits at the core of these approaches by bringing the technology to protect user identities and Cloud applications.

  • Understanding Cyber Attacks

    All attackers hit endpoints to gain access to an organization’s valuable assets. Understanding and implementing the well-known cyber-attack lifecycle model, called the Cyber Kill Chain (CKC), allows you to drastically increase the defensibility of your environment by catching and stopping threats at each phase of the attack’s lifecycle.

  • Cybersecurity Built for Your Business, Budget and Staff

    In the US, 42% of employees are working from home full-time. As a result, managing distributed workforces has become a priority for organizational leaders. Remote deployment and lack of centralization have both created security and compliance risks. To regain control, view this e-book about the top organizational challenges and their solutions.

  • Would You Bet Your Business On the Strength of Every Employee’s Password?

    Password misuse and reuse present way too big a risk for password ‘use’ in general. Plus, passwords are not hard to obtain if you have the right hacking skill set – and they’re sought after, running for about $160 apiece on the dark web. If you’re searching for an alternative to passwords, check out this e-book on two-factor authentication.

  • Learning from COVID-19: Security and Continuity Planning

    As organizations search for ways to improve network performance in the wake of almost-ubiquitous remote work, security threats loom larger and larger. But IT professionals cannot face this challenge alone – they need a set of guidelines to manage security and continuity planning. Read this in-depth e-book to learn some of these guidelines.

  • Know Your Security Model: Traditional vs. Contextual Protection

    This e-book will cut through the fog that surrounds the term "next-gen endpoint security," exploring the differences between traditional and next-generation cybersecurity protection models, and how Panda's unique protection model employs the best of both to be an industry leading solution.

  • Deciphering Cybersecurity Data: What It Means and How to Use It

    This e-book will provide insight into common cybersecurity data points, how to deliver greater value to your clients using that data, and ways to increase your overall security posture as well as your profitability using the Panda Advanced Reporting tool.

  • Virtual Patching: Eliminate the Risk by Eliminating the Time Gap

    This e-book explores many elements of modern vulnerability management, with a special focus on virtual patching, and why a combination of traditional and virtual patching might be the answer to many of the challenges that this area of endpoint security poses.

  • Panda Security Threat Insights Report 2020

    In 2020, protecting endpoints against known threats is no longer enough. IT environments must be protected against the unknown as well. After all, once a spotlight is thrown on a cyber threat, new ones will attempt to sneak by in the shadows.

  • PandaLabs Annual Report 2018

    As technology continues to advance, cybercriminals are leveraging new capabilities into more sophisticated cyberattacks. PandaLabs, Panda Security's anti-malware laboratory, tracks threat data in real time and has compiled it into a report. Download the report for highlights of 2018's cybersecurity trends, as well as emerging threats for 2019.

  • Panda Labs Annual Report: Cybersecurity Predictions

    Download this report to see how cybersecurity has evolved since 2017 with cybercrime, attacks, and threats. See how future security trends and threat hunting can help your organization reduce the risk of a vicious attack.

  • Avoiding APTs: Defending your Critical Infrastructure

    Cybersecurity technology is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the latest threats, including APTs. In this e-book, learn about APTs, the impacts they can have on critical infrastructure and ways you can proactively protect your organization.

  • The Cyber-Pandemic: IT Attacks in the Healthcare Sector

    The healthcare industry is moving to store all information electronically which is, without a doubt, beneficial for patients and caregivers. However, this has generated serious security problems for the healthcare industry. In this white paper, learn about attacks to the healthcare industry and how these attacks can be avoided in the future.

  • Patch Management: Your Biggest Ally in the War Against Cybercrime

    The majority of attacks and exploits today take advantage of outdated systems and third-party applications, exploiting known vulnerabilities. In this white paper, learn about the dangers of vulnerabilities, including the new BlueKeep vulnerability, and ways you can keep your organization safe.

  • The Practical Security Guide to Prevent Cyber Extortion

    What do you do if you are a victim of cyber extortion? Download The Practical Security Guide to Prevent Cyber Extortion for 5 recommendations on how to keep your company safe.

  • Employee Habits that Can Put Your Company at Risk

    While maintaining secure devices and networks is critical to an organization's cybersecurity, it's not the only thing companies should focus on. When it comes to keeping an organization secure, employees are often the weakest link. Download this white paper to learn how employees are threatening your company and ways to prevent it.

  • Cryptojacking: A Hidden Cost

    Cryptojacking is one of the newest threats to cybersecurity in the last two years. Easy to carry out and difficult to detect, these attacks involve cybercriminals taking control of a third-party device's CPU to mine valuable cryptocurrencies. Download this white paper to learn more about the threat and how to protect your devices.

  • The Hotel Hijackers

    Between booking rooms in person and online and making electronic payments at shops and restaurants, the hacking possibilities at hotels are endless. Tap into this report to learn about how 8 different hotels handled cyber-attacks, and how you can use cybersecurity services to avoid an attack.

  • Understanding Cyberattacks

    It is critical to understand the cyber-kill chain for identifying threats throughout the different stages of an attack lifecycle. There are 7 basic steps to the cyber-kill chain. Download this white paper to discover details on all of them to halt cyberattacks in their tracks.

  • No Kidnapping, No Ransom

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to protect your company from the increasing cyber threat of ransomware, which has cost around $5 billion in 2017 alone. Download this white paper and discover 7 ways to avoid these ransomware attacks.

  • Cybersecurity Compliance: Guide to Data Protection Regulatory Compliance

    Violation of GDPR and PCI DSS could cause a lot of damage to your organization--ranging from hefty fines to a loss of confidence from customers, contractors and employees. Learn about Panda Security's advanced cybersecurity platform and managed services, which are designed to protect your data and maintain compliance.

  • Securing Critical Infrastructure: Hacking Prevention in Different Industries

    In the digital age, everyone is constantly connected. But that also means that everyone and every industry—ranging from oil pipelines to airport telephone systems—are susceptible to hackers. Download this white paper to learn about the damage hacking does to different industries, as well as what steps you can take to prevent an attack.

  • A free Demonstration of Panda Cloud Systems Management

    Watch this demo for a cloud-based remote monitoring and management solution that can help you gain full visibility and proactively detect problems within your IT environment to improve overall operational efficiency.

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