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  • Deploying Zero-Trust Networks in the Era of COVID-19

    If you are looking for insights into the adoption of zero-trust, extending protection and uses of it, this multifaceted e-book is here to help! It explores how the undercurrents of COVID-19 has affected security, highlights the importance of a zero-trust approach, and discusses how WatchGuard can help deliver the security you need.


    Without decryption, you will have no view into data type, application, policy adherence, file type, or data exfiltration attempts via HTTPS. Become informed and prepared by checking out this multifaceted e-book. It informs you about various attacks, provides tips, and goes over the essential features of a modern firewall and more.

  • RISK-BASED AUTHENTICATION: A Critical Element to Any Zero-Trust Deployment

    Access this e-book to read about the powerful connection between zero-trust adoption and risk policies, and how multi-factor authentication sits at the core of these approaches by bringing the technology to protect user identities and Cloud applications.

  • Understanding Cyber Attacks

    All attackers hit endpoints to gain access to an organization’s valuable assets. Understanding and implementing the well-known cyber-attack lifecycle model, called the Cyber Kill Chain (CKC), allows you to drastically increase the defensibility of your environment by catching and stopping threats at each phase of the attack’s lifecycle.


    In the US, 42% of employees are working from home full-time. As a result, managing distributed workforces has become a priority for organizational leaders. Remote deployment and lack of centralization have both created security and compliance risks. To regain control, view this e-book about the top organizational challenges and their solutions.

  • A free Demonstration of Panda Cloud Systems Management

    Watch this demo for a cloud-based remote monitoring and management solution that can help you gain full visibility and proactively detect problems within your IT environment to improve overall operational efficiency.

  • How to Make Your Business More Flexible & Cost Effective?

    Access this informative paper to learn about a cloud-based network management solution that provides greater control and visibility of your IT environment, detecting problems proactively and increasing efficiency and performance.

  • Panda Cloud Systems Management: Partners and Administrator's Guide

    This crucial resource takes an in-depth look at a cloud-based remote device monitoring and management solution that offers high-quality service while promoting task automation to increase efficiency.

  • Panda Cloud Systems Management: Reports Datasheet

    This crucial paper examines a cloud-based IT management solution that provides detailed and measurable reports to justify time spent and show all of the actions you have taking remotely preventing and managing problems.

  • Panda Cloud Systems Management: Remote Support Datasheet

    This exclusive white paper discusses a cloud-based device management solution that lets IT remotely connect to devices, even if they are switched off, and run diagnostics to resolve issues transparently for users.

  • Panda Cloud Systems Management: Monitor Datasheet

    This informative paper discusses a cloud-based IT management solution that anticipates problems proactively, monitoring device activity through mediums such as alerts, dashboards and tickets so you can deal with incidents before they cause problems.

  • Panda Cloud Systems Management: Management Datasheet

    Access this informative resource to learn about a cloud-based IT management solution that can automate maintenance tasks centrally, saving time and money while improving security, efficiency and productivity.

  • Panda Security and Delta Wines - Case Study

    Read about a wine trading company which was able to use a remote monitoring and management tool to perform diagnoses and resolve incidents non-intrusively and on-demand, helping to get through the approximately 2500 updates that had previously piled up.

  • Case Study: Accurro Limited and Panda Security

    Find out how a building automation and network maintenance organization brought a cloud-based security management tool into its security strategy to encompass full IT support and streamline the management of their security environment.

  • Panda Security and Minopex - Case Study

    Learn how a mining organization was able to integrate a cloud systems management tool into their existing security solutions to streamline audits, make diagnoses and resolve incidents wherever they are and whenever they arise.

  • Case Study: Panda Security and Aloq, IT reseller

    Read about an IT reseller organization which was able to use a cloud systems management solution in order to automate tasks and streamline IT management, saving time and ensuring a high-quality end user experience.

  • Managed Office Protection: Switching from AV to SaaS

    Antivirus products require too much time and effort for small and mid-sized companies. Security as a Service (SaaS) means delivering traditional security applications as an Internet-based service to customers. Now you can focus on your core business, switch from Antivirus to Security as a Service and start enjoying the benefits of SaaS.

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