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  • SAP Low Code No Code Game Changer Webinar

    By building applications and automating with low-code/no-code solutions, your enterprise can augment and support your finance, human resources, customer experience, and procurement solutions with ease. But why choose SAP's low-code/no-code tools? Watch this webinar to see why customers are calling SAP's low-code/no-code tools "game changers".

  • Preparing Your Business for a Bright Digital Future

    Access this white paper to learn how to deliver effortless, self-served, and mobile buying experiences by leveraging the right tools, ultimately empowering partners to get the most value out of their relationship with your brand.

  • CX Agility in CPG: Fuel Business Growth and Maximize CX Results

    Access this report to learn about the role of agile CX programs in helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) organizations keep up with changes in consumer needs while adapting to changing business conditions & discover how 5 key building blocks can help you establish a top-notch agile CX program that drives growth.

  • CX Agility for B2B Companies: Drive Customer Satisfaction and Business Growth

    Access this report to learn about the role of agile CX programs in helping B2B firms keep up with shifts in buyer behavior and discover 5 key building blocks needed to cultivate a top-notch CX program.

  • CX Agility in Retail: how to Maximize Shopper Loyalty and Spend

    Access this report to learn about the role of agile CX programs in helping retailers keep up with changes in consumer preferences and changing business conditions & learn how 5 key building blocks that can help retailers of all sizes build and maintain a top-notch agile CX program.

  • How The Office Of Finance Drives Digital Resiliency

    Digital resiliency has become a priority for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. This IDC Q&A white paper details how CFOs and the office of finance in general are driving digital resilience. Access it here.

  • Fp&A’s Role In Business Transformation

    70% of new financial planning and analysis projects will become extended planning and analysis (xP&A) projects by 2024, according to Gartner. But what is xP&A? This white paper dives into more detail, discussing how xP&A formed, key requirements of xP&A, and how to implement it in your company. Access it here.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Sap Integration Suite

    SAP Integration Suite is an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) tool that connects and automates business. This Total Economic Impact Report from Forrester examines the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying SAP Integration Suite. Access the report here.

  • The Retail Trends Playbook

    Explore this retail trends playbook to learn how successful retailers are using technologies, integrating customer data, updating cultures, and adapting strategies to make their omnichannel retail experience more intuitive, more effective and, ultimately, more profitable into 2022 and beyond.

  • The bigger picture: Driving business growth through excellence in customer service

    Explore this new report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by SAP, to learn how the customer service function is supporting wider business objectives and how companies are transforming their internal operations to build customer service functions that drive growth.

  • CX Agility: 5 Key Building Blocks to Maximize Marketing Effectiveness

    Despite advances in how today’s marketers can personalize customer engagements, 73% of firms still struggle to adapt their activities to changing business conditions and buyer behavior. Access this survey report to learn about 5 essential building blocks that enable marketers to establish and maintain the pillars of CX agility.

  • Trust is Imperative in the Customer Experience Era

    Access this white paper to learn how you can coordinate your people, processes, and technology to exceed consumer expectations and nurture long-term, trust-based relationships.

  • Achieve Agility In Planning And Execution

    The only constant in business is change. Because this is true senior executives must have contingency plans in place to quickly deliver answers to any “what-if” questions. Access this white paper to learn more about how to create contingency plans with predictive analytics.

  • Enterprise, Data, And Application Integration Trends Research

    83% of organizations consider enterprise integration a top-5 business priority over the next 12-24 months, according to this ESG report on integration. Organizations are also 2x more likely to store new integrated data on-premises vs. the public cloud. Access the ESG report here to explore the current state of enterprise and data integration.

  • CX Agility in Customer Data: 5 Key Building Blocks for Hyper-Personalized Interactions

    Customer experience (CX) has become one of the few remaining differentiators firms can rely on for long-term competition, but mastering the utilization of customer information can be challenging. Check out this analyst report for a look at the five key activities firms must use to ensure CX agility through connected customer data.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAP Sales Cloud And SAP Service Cloud

    Balancing between large-scale retention and individual personalization overwhelms antiquated sales tools. SAP offers modern cloud-based solutions that drive salesforce automation, helping organizations build customer-focused approaches that maximize revenue. Take a look through this analyst report for a deep dive into SAP's total economic impact.

  • SAP Video 2

    According to IDC, companies know they must transform to a modern ERP system to handle the unexpected changes of the future, but the question remains: How? Access this infographic to discover key stats on essential success factors that collectively compel businesses to engage in a modern cloud ERP migration.

  • SAP Video

    Read this collection of case studies to learn how SAP customers around the world are reshaping processes, reimagining business models, and driving transformational change using SAP’s intelligent ERP and technologies.

  • Become Customer Centric and Accelerate Business Outcomes Emarsys Customer Engagement Solution

    Explore this white paper to learn about the challenges companies face when working towards delivering consistent, personalized experiences & discover the value of the Emarsys Customer Engagement Solution from SAP.

  • A Collection of Data-Driven Customer Experience Stories How Leading Companies Boost Conversion and Loyalty Using Customer Data Solutions from SAP®

    Explore this collection of success stories to learn how customer data solutions from SAP are helping 11 businesses achieve bold technological and strategic goals, while earning the trust and loyalty of the customers they serve.

  • SAP BTP for Sustainability

    When you can see every source in your supply chain, you can see who protects both people and planet. Access this resource to discover how the Business Technology Platform from SAP offers analytics and integration capabilities that can help your business make a positive impact across critical socioeconomic and environmental challenges.

  • Top 7 Reasons to Use SAP Business Technology Platform with SAP S/4HANA® Cloud

    Access this infographic to learn how you can ease and speed your business transformation, wherever you are in your digitalization journey, with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and SAP S/4HANA Cloud as part of the RISE with SAP package.

  • CX Insights: B2B Commerce

    Explore this CX insights e-book from SAP to access perspectives from industry leaders, and discover why trusted customer data and omnichannel engagement capabilities are vital to empowering employees and delighting your customers.

  • Turn Unknown Online Visitors into Known, Loyal Customers

    Read on to discover how, with SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions for B2C, you can create a flexible and highly secure “front door” to your digital properties that can help your teams drive increased engagement, better experiences, and higher revenue.

  • 8 Key Capabilities to Help Simplify Process Automation

    The SAP Process Automation solution allows business users and technologists to become citizen developers, using low-code and no-code solutions to drive automation value where it’s most needed. Read on to learn how SAP can help you adapt, improve, and accelerate your business processes via automation.

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