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  • SAP Video

    How can your organization become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise? In this webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of how SAP Signavio can help you stay ahead of the competition by quickly realigning your business and innovating faster. Tune in to learn how you can maximize the efficiency of your business processes.

  • Unlock Business Resilience by Focusing on Process Transformation

    What are leading companies doing differently to prepare for – and win – in an uncertain future? This infographic explores the most common barriers to innovation in today’s dynamic market environments and how companies overcome those barriers by demonstrating behaviors that make them more resilient and future proof. Read on to learn more.

  • A Comprehensive Guide To Process Mining How To Make Better Decisions Faster

    Understanding what works and what doesn’t within your business is critical. You need to have the ability to uncover little variations, challenges, and workarounds within your operations in order to make better-informed decisions. Today, this can be done with process mining. Access this guide to discover more.

  • Clean Data in Cloud Analytics Removes The Divide Between User and Data

    In this expert e-guide, learn how cloud analytics removes the barrier between business workers and important data. Discover why you should use only quality data in your cloud analytics, and how software platform company ServiceChannel eased the burden on their IT department by deploying a cloud BI platform.

  • How Embedded BI Programs Turn Analytics Into Action Fast

    In this expert e-guide, you'll discover 10 best practices for implementing a fast new BI platform or improving your existing one. Then, learn the story of how Urban Airship Inc. developed an embedded analytics program of their own.

  • Are Cloud ERP Benefits all they're Cracked up to Be?

    In this e-guide, experts weigh in on the cloud versus traditional ERP debate with pros and cons for each one. Access now and you'll also learn one CIO's take on why it's time to put ERP in the cloud, and what steps you need to get there.

  • How to Tell if Hybrid or Cloud ERP is Right for You

    In this e-guide, one IT strategy manager explores factors that help determine if a cloud ERP system may be a better fit for your organization. Learn how to consider issues like size, resources and mobility in your cloud ERP journey. Read on and you'll also uncover the pros and cons of a hybrid ERP model.

  • Which SAP HANA Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for You?

    Many CIOs are considering migrating some or all of their business applications to cloud platforms powered by SAP HANA. Discover expert tips on how to thoughtfully move business applications to cloud platforms such as SAP public cloud, SAP private cloud, and more.

  • SAP HANA 101: Cloud, On-Premise and New Offerings Explained

    In this guide, learn from experts how SAP HANA tools have improved from their predecessors, and uncover a compelling argument for deploying SAP HANA in the cloud versus on premises.

  • Using HANA for Digital Transformation

    The ability to process rapid-firing reams of IoT data can help you make it in our mobile-, social-, and cloud-driven era. In this guide, learn from experts how you (and how certain tools) can provide a smooth, effective digital transformation for maximum benefits.

  • Expanding the Use of SAP for IoT, Big Data, and ERP Functions

    Learn what experts are saying about SAP's positioning in the IoT market, and what that means for your current ERP and big data infrastructure. You'll also discover ways SAP S/4HANA has transitioned from financials to other core ERP functions.

  • SAP HANA Cloud Offerings: Understanding Your Options

    How will SAP HANA perform in the cloud, on-premises in its own data center, or in hybrid environments? Learn the intricacies of choosing a HANA cloud provider, and how one in-memory platform is emerging as a leader in the SAP landscape.

  • The Paddle you Need When You're up Cloud-Based Streams

    Analytics are progressively more difficult to implement and use, but return an array of bountiful business benefits. In this guide, discover details on descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics tools iterated by experts. Also learn about Manchester City F.C.'s success with a cloud-based SAP HANA platform to support its growth.

  • What to Know Before you Implement, Source, and Procure SAP HANA

    If your SAP HANA journey has left you in the dark, these five implementation tips from experts featured in this guide will light your way. Also discover key considerations for S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement.

  • Learn About SAP HANA Cloud Options and HANA Cloud Integration

    With its sheer number of cloud initiatives, setting SAP aloft can be confusing and complex. Explore what experts are saying about SAP cloud services, SAP HANA cloud integration middleware, and why putting ERP in the cloud is inevitable.

  • Real-Time Insights to Forge Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

    Uncover the key features of the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence application, so you can form valuable relationships with your customers.

  • Competitive Differentiation Through Innovation In Business Intelligence

    Did you know that enterprises typically only use 10% of their data for analytics and decision-making? Is your business letting so much of its data go unused? To get the most value out of corporate data assets, forward-thinking organizations are looking for the right tools -- namely business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications.

  • Big Data and Personal Data Lead to the Internet's Most Surprising Consumer Products

    In this report from the MIT Technology Review, discover 10 must-read articles about the relationship between personal data and big data. Find out how companies are leveraging customer information and the pros and cons of releasing personal data via the Web or otherwise.

  • Get Rapid Insights From Your Marketing Data

    Many marketing teams struggle with the inability to access the data they need quickly and easily. Watch this video to learn about a data visualization software that can help you gather, analyze, and present marketing data to solve your most pressing business questions.

  • Looking under the hood: Answers to top questions CIOs ask cloud-based HR vendors

    Not every HR cloud application is made equal, but how can you identify the right software-as-a-service (SaaS) HR strategy? This resource counts down seven questions that savvy CIOs and business leaders need to ask HR SaaS application vendors in order to find success.

  • Making Business Relevant Information Instantly Available to More Users

    Executives, managers, and business users need the ability to quickly discover, collect, analyze, and share relevant information and they need to be able to answer their own questions as they have them. Read this quick report to learn more about a solution that addresses just these needs.

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