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  • Embedded Analytics Are a True Multiplier to the Value of Your Application

    Download this white paper to learn how the dependence on analytics will impact your business processes, and explore a checklist of what to look for in an embedded analytics provider.

  • The Rise of Automated Analytics and the Demise of Dashboards

    Many businesses use business intelligence or data analytics platforms. However, businesses are not convinced that BI dashboards are providing them with the insights that they need. Read this research report for the full analysis on the use of BI dashboards and where they are falling short.

  • Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

    Data visualization and dashboards are becoming old news; augmented and advanced analytics are the new sliced bread of business insights. In this Gartner report, check out the list of vendors offering the new-world capabilities of augmented analytics, including Yellowfin, Qlik, Microsoft and others.

  • The Future of Analytics Departments

    There is no doubt that dashboard and data discovery have gotten prettier, easier and faster. But has BI or analytics experienced any sort of fundamental change in the past 20 years? Download this white paper to learn about analytics teams' structures, opportunities for the future of analytics, and much more.

  • Migrating Your BI to the Cloud

    A full view of your business can be made visible with proper use of a BI tool. And to make deployment easy and affordable, you might want to explore BI software options in the cloud. Download this white paper to get info on benefits, capabilities and more.

  • Changing the World of Sports with Analytics

    Sports and analytics go together like peanut butter and jelly. Download this white paper to learn how analytics applies to sports as well as to your individual business and industry.

  • Embedded BI to Impress your Customers

    Explore Yellowfin and see if it has the BI and analytics capabilities to fill the reporting gaps at your business. Yellowfin works on-prem or in the cloud, and integrates into your application. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Embedded Analytics Changes the Game for an Insurance Firm

    As a global fintech organization, UnderwriteMen needed to be able to provide detailed data insights to insurers as part of their reinsurance process. Download this case study to explore the numerous capabilities UnderwriteMe gained when they decided to use an embedded analytics platoform.

  • Agribusiness Case Study: A Business Intelligence Platform

    Ruralco is a leading Australian diversified agribusiness that struggled to access accurate business-wide information in real-time. This case study details Ruralco's decision to implement a BI platform to improve control of business data and enable visual performance reports.

  • Kodak BI Platform Case Study

    With BI and embedded analytics technology, Kodak is able to craft beautiful dashboards that are easily understood by technical and non-technical operators for full production and performance visibility. Find out more by downloading this case study.

  • BI Case study: St. LukesHealth

    St. LukesHealth was expanding and needed to be able to automate mundane processes that ate up too much human time. This case study explores St. LukesHealth's journey to automated payroll processes, improved data quality and more.

  • Cloud BI Case study with Agri-Food Business

    The general manager for sales and marketing at Rivalea found that the agri-food business needed a better and faster understanding of business performance. He decided to test out a BI tool. Download this case study to discover Rivalea's results and more.

  • Making Business Intelligence for the Telecommunications Industry Easy

    The constantly changing and competitive environment of the telco industry calls for a cost-effective and highly scalable BI tool to control and analyze spending and investments. Download this resource to see how a BI tool can help monitor, track, analyze and manage all facets of a business.

  • Peoplecare Case Study

    Peoplecare is a not-for-profit health insurer that had an untapped wealth of data. Download this case study and discover the 6 benefits Peoplecare experienced when they switched to using an analytics and BI tool.

  • Business Intelligence: The Cornerstone for Decision-Making at NHDS

    The National Home Doctor Service (NHDS) operates across 4 separate organizations and needed to consolidate multiple autonomous entities under a cohesive national operational structure. In this case study, discover the ins and outs of NHDS's BI implementation project for tackling this dilemma and the many benefits received as a result.

  • University of Konstanz Uses a BI Platform

    The University of Konstanz had vast amounts of data that was siloed off across various faculties and department. In this case study, learn how the university adopted a BI platform to break down data siloes and improve decision-making capabilities.

  • Leading Insurance Firm Uses Analytics to Improve Performance

    BGL Life's daily data extraction provided minimal information for optimal responsiveness. Discover this case study to see how a BI platform allowed BGL Life to enhance their reporting and reduce the time it takes to do it.

  • Case Study: BI Tool Helps Schools and Libraries

    The goal for libraries across Australia, as well as over 360 Ministry of Education schools throughout Singapore, was to analyze and translate data into meaningful insights and stories. This case study reviews the benefits these facilities received when the incorporated a BI tools to analyze data and provide actionable insights.

  • Embedded BI Case Study: Energy Management Software

    To create additional energy savings, UK supplier of carbon and energy management solutions TEAM decided to incorporated AI and machine learning capabilities with a, embedded BI platform. Download this case study to discover the results and learn how your business could benefit from a similar BI platform.

  • Becoming a Data-Centric Organization

    There are 3 characteristics to a data-driven culture: pervasiveness, processes and skills. Download this resource to learn how to bring these characteristics into your organization, as well as how to persuade stakeholders to adopt a data-driven approach.

  • CDAO Perspectives and Priorities on BI and Analytics

    In what direction is the business intelligence and data science field headed? This resource explores survey results from chief data & analytics officers (CDAO) revealing key BI and analytics trends. Discover the 5 top data analytics project objectives and the top 3 industries implementing projects.

  • BI Trend Monitor 2018

    Explore a study of over 2,700 users, consultants and vendors and discover what they consider the most important trends in BI.

  • A Guide to Embedding Analytics into your Application

    This e-book acts as a guide for software vendors looking to embed analytics into their apps and deliver new insights to their customers. Learn how to integrate and launch your own unique analytic app and find out how you can set objectives for building your analytics offering, fill in skills gaps, perform beta testing, and more.

  • Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority On-Premises Deployments: Vendor Comparison

    This Forrester Research report examines 15 of the top BI platforms with majority on-premise deployments providers. From IBM and TIBCO Software to MicroStrategy and Yellowfin, find out which vendors came out on top and uncover the report's key findings.

  • Data Preparation: Preparing for BI Success

    Discover the increasing importance of ease-of-use in BI tools for data analysts and IT pros, and how this factor is impacting BI user adoption trends. Learn about the importance of key features for data preparation, data visualization, data quality, master data management, and more.

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