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  • How to Choose the Best Embedded Analytics Solution to Modernize Your Application

    If you're looking to modernize your applications to improve competitiveness in relevant markets, then one of the quickest solutions is to embed insights and analytics to demonstrate immediate value to your customers. Read this white paper for 5 big benefits of embedded analytics, and how other solution providers stack up against Yellowfin.

  • Embedded Analytics Are a True Multiplier to the Value of Your Application

    Download this white paper to learn how the dependence on analytics will impact your business processes, and explore a checklist of what to look for in an embedded analytics provider.

  • Migrating Your BI to the Cloud

    A full view of your business can be made visible with proper use of a BI tool. And to make deployment easy and affordable, you might want to explore BI software options in the cloud. Download this white paper to get info on benefits, capabilities and more.

  • Changing the World of Sports with Analytics

    Sports and analytics go together like peanut butter and jelly. Download this white paper to learn how analytics applies to sports as well as to your individual business and industry.

  • Embedded BI to Impress your Customers

    Explore Yellowfin and see if it has the BI and analytics capabilities to fill the reporting gaps at your business. Yellowfin works on-prem or in the cloud, and integrates into your application. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Embedded Analytics Changes the Game for an Insurance Firm

    As a global fintech organization, UnderwriteMen needed to be able to provide detailed data insights to insurers as part of their reinsurance process. Download this case study to explore the numerous capabilities UnderwriteMe gained when they decided to use an embedded analytics platoform.

  • Case Study: BI Tool Helps Schools and Libraries

    The goal for libraries across Australia, as well as over 360 Ministry of Education schools throughout Singapore, was to analyze and translate data into meaningful insights and stories. This case study reviews the benefits these facilities received when the incorporated a BI tools to analyze data and provide actionable insights.

  • Embedded BI Case Study: Energy Management Software

    To create additional energy savings, UK supplier of carbon and energy management solutions TEAM decided to incorporated AI and machine learning capabilities with a, embedded BI platform. Download this case study to discover the results and learn how your business could benefit from a similar BI platform.

  • A Guide to Embedding Analytics into your Application

    This e-book acts as a guide for software vendors looking to embed analytics into their apps and deliver new insights to their customers. Learn how to integrate and launch your own unique analytic app and find out how you can set objectives for building your analytics offering, fill in skills gaps, perform beta testing, and more.

  • Move from Manual Reporting to Real-Time Automated Analytics

    This case study explores how the full-service market research agency Interrogare implemented an automated SaaS platform that saved them 72 hours' worth of work each month. Learn how they were able to gather more accurate insights, to providing self-service access to real-time data, and more.

  • Yellowfin Business Intelligence 4.0

    Yellowfin lowers the complexity of your reporting environment. Yellowfin has been specifically designed to enable end users to easily create and access reports via a browser.

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