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  • Solving the Complexity of Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

    Relying heavily on cloud environments can introduce all kinds of monitoring problems – and especially so once hybrid cloud architectures are thrown into the mix. Jump into this webinar to learn about modern solutions to multi-cloud monitoring conundrums.

  • Three Separate, but Connected OpsBridge Success Stories

    Tune into this webinar to learn how three very distinct companies each achieved success through a single IT operations platform, earning access to features like heightened operational visibility, autonomous capabilities, and more.

  • Understanding Multi-Cloud Monitoring: Ensure Success the First Time

    Noted cloud computing influencer and analyst David Linthicum walks through the new realities that multi-cloud computing environments are ushering in – and gives tips on how to find monitoring tools that can ensure cloud management responsibilities don't fall between the cracks.

  • Hybrid Cloud Adoption Poses New Challenges for Monitoring Solutions

    Click into this fact sheet to get a snapshot of the hybrid cloud monitoring challenges that organizations like yours are tackling head-on.

  • Obtaining ROI from Operations Bridge

    Learn how to define, measure, and report on the ROI capabilities of your Operations Bridge platform – and how to ensure your department is taking full advantage of all its tricks.

  • Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

    Gartner predicts that by 2020, 60% of security vendors will claim machine-learning capabilities, an increase from fewer than 10% today. In this Magic Quadrant report, discover an analysis of 12 Application Security Testing vendors to see which ones stack up.

  • Fast and cost effective app security clearance with Fortify on Demand

    Learn how Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT), a medical technology corporation, was able to deliver a cost effective and flexible application security testing solution.

  • Mitigate Security Risks and Embrace the Cloud: Voltage SecureData for Cloud

    In this white paper, learn how you can build security into the fabric of your organization so you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud while proactively protecting the interactions among your users, applications, and data.

  • 2018 State of Security Operations:Report of the Capabilities and Maturity of Cyber Defense Organizations Worldwide

    Micro Focus Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting (SIOC) has assessed the capabilities and maturity of 144 discreet SOCs since 2008. In this 5th Annual State of Security Operations report, review insights into what makes some of the most advanced cyberdefense centers around the globe successful.

  • Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT)

    Learn how Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT), a medical technology corporation, was able to deliver a cost effective and flexible application security testing using Micro Focus Application Security.

  • Market Guide for Data Masking

    Security and risk management leaders should use data masking to desensitize or protect sensitive data. Privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, in particular, continue to drive strong interest in this technology market. In this white paper, discover key findings from Gartner's research and review recommendations for all organizations.

  • Secure App Development: Success Story

    Tune into this webcast to learn about a security tool that was designed for developers and allows developers to jump into the tool at any point to create a secure software development lifecycle program.

  • Securing Innovation

    Businesses must adopt new technologies, innovate with new products, and find new partners to expand their business. But, all of these activities increase security risk. If these risks are not addressed, they can cause damage to the company. In this white paper, learn how Micro Focus security tools can help secure your data.

  • Power of the Threat Detection Trinity

    Today, SOCs face mounting challenges as the advanced threat landscape continues to evolve. Compounding the challenge of advanced threats is the explosion of data and lack of skilled security personnel. In this white paper, learn how you can best combine real-time correlation, insider threat analysis and hunting to protect against cyberthreats.

  • How 1 Hospital Transformed Network Security

    When network performance fell at a major North American hospital, it was a sign that years of IT security neglect had led to serious problems. The hospital had developed a reputation as a soft target and experienced daily network attacks. Read this case study to learn how this hospital began addressing threats before they become a problem.

  • Change Healthcare

    Applications developed by Change Healthcare are used to process millions of healthcare transactions. Therefore, it is essential for the organization to ensure all data is secure. In this case study, learn how Fortify on Demand and Micro Focus Fortify WebInspect provided an affordable and effective means of finding and fixing vulnerabilities.

  • Data Protection and PCI Scope Reduction for Today's Businesses

    Tokenization is a method of data protection and audit scope reduction recommended by the PCI DSS Security Standards Council. However, merchants and service providers who have implemented it have encountered problems. In this white paper, learn about the SecureData platform with Secure Stateless Tokenization.

  • Build Application Security into the Entire SDLC

    84% of security breaches exploit vulnerabilities at the application layer. And, software security is still an afterthought for developers. In this white paper, discover how Fortify Security Assistant empowers developers to take responsibility for their own code by finding and fixing application security defects during the coding process.

  • Top 12 Enterprise Service Management Vendors Head-to-Head

    In this Forrester analysis, find out how the top 12 enterprise service management vendors stack up – and which are leading the pack.

  • Move up to Enterprise Developer for zEnterprise

    Access this crucial paper to get an in-depth look at a tool that brings contemporary capabilities to mainframe application development, enabling faster change and delivery of new business functions without mainframe resources.

  • A step change in development efficiency

    This critical white paper explains how an enterprise developer solution can help development teams improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IBM zEnterprise environments, streamlining the mainframe application development process.

  • Unlock the key to mainframe success

    Access this presentation transcript to learn more about some of the inherent risk associated with IT strategy. Find out how your organization can reduce TCO and other expenses by listening to this podcast now. Are your mainframes enough? Ease your concerns now by listening for the facts.

  • How to reduce your mainframe costs by 50%

    In this presentation transcript, you can learn how you can save money on application modernization. Explore some of the different platforms in the market today and find which solution is best for your unique business needs.

  • Micro Focus Visual COBOL

    Watch this videocast to learn how it is bringing the productivity of modern, industry-leading integrated development environments (IDEs) to COBOL, including the ability to deploy key business-critical COBOL applications to Windows 7, .NET, JVM and the cloud.

  • Get Much More for Much Less with COBOL

    Read this brief paper to learn about five features that your infrastructure must have in order to be agile enough to respond to change and easily adapt to accommodate new development technologies including foresight, heritage, portability, fitness-for-purpose, and readability.

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