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  • Information Insight for GDPR Readiness

    The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the world's most important regulation involving individuals' information. Organizations must comply with its regulations in order to guard against risk. In this white paper, learn how information management and governance software can help organizations.

  • Don't Retire Legacy Applications Without a Strategy

    Migrating legacy applications without a proper data management strategy is a costly and risky affair. Structured Data Manager provides a complete platform for databases supporting PeopleSoft Enterprise environments. Read this product for more information on how to retire legacy apps and preserve data.

  • Invest in the Future of Your Data Management Now

    Reactive approaches to data management strategies are typically more costly and difficult to implement. Find out now if Structured Data Manager will work for you.

  • International Criminal Court

    In this Micro Focus success story, discover how a 10-man-team out of the Netherlands successfully managed, migrated, and secured over 500GB of records with the help of Micro Focus.

  • Reduce Risk and Save Time with Automated Content Classification

    Micro Focus Content Manager is designed to address the problem of big data classification. Read this product brief to explore how corporations can reduce risks associated with big data management and save time with automated content classification.

  • Reduce Risk and Protect Privacy Across Enterprise Systems

    A staggering amount of organizations are storing sensitive business data in inactive file shares, creating an increased risk of data loss. With data breaches on the rise, poorly protected data makes your business an easy target. Discover the advantages of a secure content management system. Reduce the cost and complexity of securing your data.

  • 2018 Analysis of File Analytics Providers

    Forrester Research shares their 31-criteria evaluation of 11 file analytics providers in this report, demonstrating which offer the most effective platforms to help you manage files at scale, assess the sensitivity of existing corporate content, and put dormant data back to work. Download the full report.

  • Northern Ireland Civil Service: Success Story

    The Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) successfully reorganized and migrated 50 million documents amid mass organizational change. Discover how Micro Focus® Content Manager made this transition possible.

  • Why GDPR is your Opportunity to Clean House and Improve Efficiency

    GDPR is transforming the way enterprises manage data, and organizations stand to receive hefty penalties if they do not comply. Read this white paper for advice on how to stay ahead of the curve and flip this into a positive opportunity.

  • Identify and Automatically Declare Valuable Information for Better Governance

    Insufficient enterprise content management (ECM) systems are putting businesses at risk of collapse. In this document, discover how Micro Focus ControlPoint protects businesses from an array of legal complications through the implementation of its content management system (CMS).

  • Quantifying the Value of Micro Focus ControlPoint File Analysis Software

    This ESG paper provides a detailed evaluation of Micro Focus ControlPoint File Analysis Software, designed to automate unstructured data management and classification. Find out how it can curate data across active and inactive systems, automate records declaration, and optimize storage media.

  • East Gippsland Water: A Success Story

    East Gippsland Water faced a data management problem. With an increase in data and nowhere to put it, East Gippsland needed to find a way to store their sensitive documents. Through the implementation of ControlPoint, this Australian water corporation was able to streamline its services and decrease its data footprint by 30%.

  • The Real Business Drivers of Data Compliance

    Although fines and reputational damage are frequently stated as instigators of action to adopt GDPR, this white paper reveals a broader set of rationales for engagement. Learn more about the advantages of GDPR in terms of compliance, operational efficiency and revenue.

  • Camden Council: A Success Story

    22,000 meters of inaccessible documents left the Camden Council with an ultimatum: foot an £11-million bill or modernize. The employment of an electronic document management system (EDMS) allowed the Council to successfully upload and access their documents, streamline their operations, and relieve them of an £11-million burden.

  • Control Structured Data with Intelligent Archiving

    Download this paper to take control of your inactive structured data with an intelligent archiving platform that automatically moves, validates, and relocates inactive data from your apps—thereby reducing footprint and storage costs.

  • AstraZeneca saves over $44 million using Micro Focus Content Manager

    Would your organization like to simplify the archiving process and accelerate cost savings associated with system decommissioning? Download this study for more information, and for a glimpse at a centralized archiving solution that drives consistent assessment and archiving practices across all media types.

  • Mainframe Data Protection in an Age of Big Data, Mobile, and Cloud Computing

    Today, businesses are implementing a comprehensive security strategy to enhance mainframe data protection even while it enables the secure movement, access and use of data throughout the enterprise. Download this report to learn a mainframe data protection solution designed to protect mission-critical enterprise data end-to-end.

  • Continuous Delivery of Business Value with Micro Focus Fortify

    Download this report to reveal how this software security system is changing the game for development and security teams at leading companies.

  • The State of Application Security in Today's Application Economy

    As companies become active players in the application economy, the implications of security—and the lack thereof—loom over them. Organizations that have never before given thought to security are now concerned about the risk posed by their applications. In this IDG quick poll, uncover considerations for building your application security strategy.

  • Deploying Mainframe Applications to Amazon Web Services

    COBOL and PL/I applications still represent the core business systems for many global organizations. However, these mainframe applications face a new challenge as organizations increasingly move to the cloud. Read this whitepaper on an application modernization solution that delivers tools and processes required to support modernization.

  • 2018 Application Security Research Update

    Find out the state of application security in 2018 in this insightful research report from the Software Security Research team at Micro Focus Fortify.

  • A Service Provider's Guide to IT Service Management Solutions

    This service provider's guide to ITSM is designed to present providers with an understanding of current customer expectations, the issues that should be foremost in mind when assessing potential ITSM solutions, and 5 criteria for selecting the right ITSM. Access your copy here.

  • Top 12 Enterprise Service Management Vendors Head-to-Head

    In this Forrester analysis, find out how the top 12 enterprise service management vendors stack up – and which are leading the pack.

  • Automating Data Center Compliance and Patching

    Check out this quick video to learn how a prominent Greek bank streamlined its patching capabilities using automation, not only increasing security and compliance, but also reducing deployment times by 80%.

  • Compliant IT Operations for Hybrid Cloud, DevOps, and Containers

    In this whitepaper find 4 key requirements for effective and compliant DevOps and container management that will accommodate a scalable and futureproof approach to enterprise IT.

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