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  • Data Access Governance - Supercharged With AI

    Data access governance is the relatively straightforward task of making sure that only the people who need to access sensitive business information can do so. Watch this video to learn more about the importance of data access governance and discover how you can identify, monitor, and protect sensitive business data with greater ease.

  • Digital Transformation...or Data Exasperation?

    By aligning data governance with business outcomes and your company’s data culture, you can ensure you’re facilitating proper data access even as you secure critical data. Watch this webinar to learn how data discovery, governance, and protection can be augmented with tools like AI, allowing you to protect your data as you drive greater value.

  • High Tech Company Secures Millions of Business Sensitive Documents

    Securing business data in a collaborative environment is difficult but extremely necessary, particularly when potentially sharing source code and product roadmaps with external parties. Access this short case study to learn how Semantic Intelligence™ can help you automatically find, understand, and protect critical files in a variety of formats.

  • Fund Implements Information Barriers To Comply With Regulations

    For large financial organizations, segregating access controls between teams is essential to meeting security goals and satisfying compliance requirements. Access this case study to learn how Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence™ technology helped one small information security team analyze and protect over 6 million files and remediate risk.

  • Remote Work and Implications for IT and Data Security

    Delivered by Karthik Krishnan, CEO of Concentric AI, this webinar talks about work-from-home challenges and its data security implications.

  • Concentric AI Risk Assessment Technology

    Access this short video to learn how Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence solution uses deep learning to assess risk across millions of files, allowing you to identify and protect your unstructured data in an automated and efficient manner.

  • Concentric AI Demo: Using Semantic Intelligence™ for Remote Work Risk Mitigation

    Tune in to this short demo to learn how Concentric AI’s Semantic Intelligence™ helps you find risk in unstructured files in complex work from home environments, quickly and efficiently.

  • Concentric AI Corporate Introduction

    Concentric was founded to clarify data via context and allow organizations to automate key data management tasks. Tune into this short video to listen to Concentric CEO Karthik Krishnan share more about Concentric's central ethos and learn how their solution is simplifying and improving data management—and use.

  • Company Nurse Protects Workers’ Compensation Data

    Access this short case study to learn how Company Nurse was able protect sensitive worker compensation data, restrict access privileges, and correct file oversharing across a complex data ecosystem via a semantic intelligence solution that autonomously rated all their unstructured data for risk and allowed quick action.

  • Concentric AI Video Datasheet

    Watch this short video to learn how Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence solution can help you better identify and secure unstructured data, whether it takes the form of a report, financial documents, spreadsheet, or something else.

  • Data Access and Activity Governance

    Concentric’s powerful deep learning technology can help you improve data access and govern activity more thoroughly by providing context for your crucial data. Read on to learn how you can identify business–critical data, understand how it’s used, and identify risk without complex rules or unreliable classification.

  • Privacy Data Risk Monitoring and Protection

    Check out this short product sheet to learn how Concentric’s powerful deep learning technology automatically finds personally identifiable information data and gives you an unparalleled contextual understanding of each document, allowing you to easily manage this data, respond to audits, and mitigate compliance risk.

  • Semantic Intelligence™ Solution with Risk Distance™ Analysis

    Semantic Intelligence allows you to deploy deep learning solutions capable of discovering, categorizing, and securing both structured and unstructured data. Access this white paper to learn how Concentric Semantic Intelligence works across hybrid cloud environments in a variety of use cases to ensure data compliance and protection.

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