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  • Under the Hoodie 2019

    Due to the sensitive nature of its findings, penetration testing is a relatively unknown, yet critical, piece of the information security puzzle. This study by Rapid7 was an effort to demystify what goes on in a typical pen test by examining 180 engagements to break down what clients and practitioners should expect to see.

  • Key Features in Building a Security Operations Center

    Whether a SOC is internally staffed or provided externally, building a security operations center means including some key technical capabilities engineered to cover the full lifecycle of a cybersecurity incident. Download this e-guide to learn about the must-have features when building a SOC.

  • Catching Modern Threats: InsightIDR Detection Methodologies

    Modern threat detection is a 2-pronged approach: to protect an organization against loss, an IT security team needs to be able to detect the 2 types of threats (common and targeted), and deal with them accordingly. This solution guide highlights the key benefits and features of InsightIDR’s cloud SIEM for modern threat detection.

  • Quarterly Threats: Research Report

    View this security research report for Rapid7’s key findings of security incidents from Q3 of 2019 and recommendations on how to proceed in 2020.

  • The Four Pillars of Modern Vulnerability Management

    In this white paper, discover a comprehensive approach to reducing vulnerabilities across your ecosystem.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

    As the security landscape has evolved, SIEMs have evolved as well. However, many organizations struggle to deploy a new SIEM, achieve rapid success, and deliver a return on investment. In this white paper, learn how to evaluate SIEM platforms. Also, discover the top 3 capabilities every SIEM should provide.

  • Prepare for Battle: Building an Incident Response Plan

    Laying a foundation for threat response allows IT organizations and their partners to respond to incidents as effectively and efficiently as possible. Creating and testing an incident response (IR) plan gives you that foundation. In this e-book, explore 4 steps to building and testing a successful IR plan.

  • Evaluating Vulnerability Assessment Solutions

    Exploiting weaknesses to infect systems is a common first step for security attacks and breaches. Finding and fixing these vulnerabilities is a proactive defensive measure essential to any security program. In this white paper, explore 4 essential steps to execute an effective proof of concept for a vulnerability assessment tool.

  • Best Practices to Protect the Cardholder Data Environment and Achieve PCI Compliance

    Cyber-attacks that target customer and financial information are becoming more popular and businesses need to protect their data. Prevent attackers from taking advantage of the gaps in your security plan by creating a comprehensive information security policy.

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