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  • Understanding Today's SOAR Market and Offerings

    One of the fastest growing security trends right now is the adoption of security orchestration and automation systems to help teams accomplish more, at a faster pace, and with greater accuracy. Download this buyer's guide for an understanding of today's SOAR market and offerings.

  • Quarterly Threat Report - Q3

    Learn how cyber incidents and threats have evolved over the past year in this quarterly report.

  • Security Automation Best Practices

    To help your team be successful with testing, implementing and scaling automation, download this e-book for 4 security automation best practices.

  • The ROI of Security Orchestration and Automation

    Security orchestration and automation can make teams faster and more efficient. But, how do you measure that? Download this white paper to evaluate the return on your investments in security orchestration and automation.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

    Whether your organization is currently SIEM-less, or you're exasperated by your current SIEM, trying to find the right SIEM solution can be overwhelming. Download this guide for practical advice on choosing your first (or next) SIEM.

  • 3 Components of an Effective Anti-Phishing Strategy

    According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, phishing attacks are the number one threat to businesses today as email and social engineering are the most common methods of attack. Read on to learn how a comprehensive anti-phishing program can be built with just 3 foundational elements.

  • It's Time to Elevate your Detection Program

    When you entrust a partner to monitor your network for malicious behavior, they should elevate your program—across people, process, and technology. Here's an overview of how that can be accomplished, and where MSSPs and other managed detection and response (MDR) services fall short.

  • Managed Detection and Response Tool

    Here is a quick overview of Rapid7's managed detection and response (MDR) tool evaluated across each security investigation stage – detect, validate, investigate, remediate and proactive hunt.

  • 7 Best Practices for Cybersecurity

    Access this e-book to learn 7 best practices for cybersecurity.

  • Prepare for Battle: Building an Incident Response Plan

    In this four-part e-book, learn how to build and test an incident response (IR) plan as an incident response plan serves as your master blueprint when navigating the challenges of serious security threats.

  • Quarterly Threat Report

    In this 2018 Q2 review, get a clear picture of the threat landscape within your unique industry, how these threats have changed, and what to expect for the rest of the year.

  • Quarterly Threat Report

    This 2018 Q1 report covers 3 main areas of concern for the modern enterprise security team. By breaking down the security trends through 2018 Q1, organizations can better redefine their security strategy to help protect their end users and business reputation.

  • The Australian Privacy Amendment Explored

    Australia's new privacy amendment, which was set into place in 2016, requires many companies to report any data breach to the government. This resource outlines a proactive approach that can help you get on top of this, and any other data privacy laws.

  • GDPR Compliance: How to Comply with 3 Key Articles

    While it will take a collection of services and tools to get into full compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), security is a key piece. In this white paper, learn about a service which can help you prepare to meet 3 of the GDPR's articles so that you are ready to face this new law on every level of your IT environment.

  • Exploring Incident Response Sevices

    In this white paper, learn how Rapid7's Incident Response Services can help your organization prepare for and manage a breach. Read on to find how tabletop exercises, compromise assessments, readiness evaluations and more can help keep your data safe.

  • Discover a Fully Managed Detection and Response System

    Inside this resource, learn how to simplify the procurement of security tools and staff with a suite of managed detection and response services. Read on to find out how you can gain user behavior analytics, threat intelligence based on data from over 5,000 users, and more.

  • What You Need to Know About the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    In this 1-page white paper, learn some key changes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will bring about, get the answers to 4 commonly asked questions on GDPR compliance, and find some tips on how you can prepare as the deadline approaches.

  • The CISO's Guide to Virtualization Security

    Security incidents that occur in a virtual environment can cause significant, sometimes crippling damage to businesses. It's essential that security professionals outline their efforts and making securing virtual infrastructure a priority.

  • Best Practices to Protect the Cardholder Data Environment and Achieve PCI Compliance

    Cyber-attacks that target customer and financial information are becoming more popular and businesses need to protect their data. Prevent attackers from taking advantage of the gaps in your security plan by creating a comprehensive information security policy.

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