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  • Humanise The Online Experience: Video’s Role In Today’s Ecommerce Marketplace

    According to Brightcove research, 53% of customers engage with a brand after watching one video on social media—and 76% have purchased a product or service as well. In this guide, discover the top types of videos that help drive purchases and learn how can you incorporate video into your e-commerce strategy.

  • Put Video to Work Across Your Organization

    From sales to support, ecommerce, corporate communications, and HR, innovative companies are rolling out video company-wide and seeing serious business growth because of it. Download this guide to explore Brightcove’s top 4 takeaways for total video success.

  • Gain Control, Increase Yield, and Streamline Workflow

    Curated, engaging, and appropriate video content is a proven boost to a publisher’s revenue stream—but only if done right. Read this short white paper to learn how Brightcove can help you better address a range of issues, including workflow management, ad blocker challenges, controlling user data, and much more.

  • How Video Can Trans form Government Internal Communications

    According to a recent study, 67% of employees perform better when you communicate with them visually compared to text alone. The following white paper further explores the obstacles of modern engagement and how video can help streamline internal communications, especially for government entities.

  • The Definitive Guide to Virtual Events

    Download this e-book to learn about the Brightcove Virtual Events Experience and how it can provide you with everything you need to plan and host a virtual event that will meet your brand standards.

  • Bringing the Power Of Video To Internal Communications

    One of the most prominent developments in internal communications is the introduction of video – this allows employees and organizations to feel more engaged and connected, even if they’re stuck at home. Read this whitepaper to learn more about bringing the power of video to internal communications.

  • 5 Steps to Produce Buzzworthy Events

    Unlike audio only, text or static images, live video enables communicators to tell a rich, authentic story that engages the audience regardless of their location. This is why live video has gained popularity – and by reading this guide, you can learn 5 steps to creating unforgettable live events that will have your audiences buzzing.

  • Video Revenue Guide for Publishers

    Video monetization can be challenging for publishers – not from an inventory point of view, but in terms of how many kinds of inventory can be offered to advertisers. Download this guide to learn 15 ways publishers can diversify their revenue streams by leveraging various video monetization concepts.

  • 2020: An Evolutionary Year for Video

    2020 saw major changes in the amount of video people watched, the devices they watched it on and the length of the most watched videos. These changes had substantial effects on how enterprises leveraged video and on the media industry. Access this Brightcove research report to learn trends reflecting these dramatic shifts.

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