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  • The Total Economic Impact of Sage People

    View this Total Economic Impact study from Forrester to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with a Sage People software deployment.

  • The 10-Step Guide to Building a Compelling Business Case for an HR System

    In this guide, understand the benefits of an HR systems and learn how to create a compelling business case for investment in HR technology. Uncover 8 persuasive reasons for an HR investment, and glean insight into securing your future HR software.

  • Should You Upgrade to an Enterprise Management Solution?

    In order to keep up with the ever changing landscape, you may have to upgrade your legacy ERP system. If you're still not sure whether you need a new way to manage your business, read this whitepaper to discover 4 reasons why you should consider an upgrade for your business.

  • What is ERP's Role in Digital Business Transformation

    In the past, ERP implementations were notorious for not meeting evolving business demands— focused on automating already inefficient processes and only providing incremental improvements to business processes. In this white-paper discover 5 tips to implement a successful digital business transformation strategy, and more.

  • Move Beyond ERP with Enterprise Management

    Dive into this white paper to learn about Sage Software's enterprise management software, which is designed to provide a scalable, future-proof platform that can accommodate the growth and evolution of your business.

  • Enterprise Management: A New Approach to ERP

    Read this white paper to get an in-depth look at Sage Software's new ERP technology, Enterprise Management, and how it can help you better cope with changing business needs.

  • Food and Beverage Traceability

    Due to legislation, government agencies have gained more power to intervene with a food and beverage manufacturer's operations and consumers are able to react more quickly if they are unsatisfied through communications technology. Read this e-book to learn more about how your organization could implement these supply chain tips during a recall.

  • Improving the Global Health of HR at Worldwide Clinical Trials

    Download this case study to learn about Sage Business Cloud People, and how it successfully modernized the HR department of 1 healthcare company. Also explore how they helped Worldwide Clinical Trials achieve a 20% reduction in time spent on administrative work.

  • Take a Fresh Approach to Recruitment, Benefits and Performance

    Manufacturer Theisen Supply, Inc. wanted to improve employee relations and boost productivity by modernizing 3 key areas: recruitment, benefits and performance. Download this case study to learn why Theisen chose to install Sage Business Cloud People, and explore how the software helped HR become a paperless department.

  • Why Your Workforce Isn't Working

    Positive workforce experience can make a big difference in the level of employee productivity. Download this research report to explore findings from Sage Software's survey on workforce experience and productivity.

  • Turning People Data into People Insights

    57% of HR directors cite a lack of analytics and workforce visibility as growth inhibitors, according to research from Insight Avenue. Explore how a cloud-based HCM platform can provide analysis of "people data."

  • Case Study: Cloud HR and SolarWinds

    As a rapidly growing company – 12 acquisitions in recent years – SolarWinds faced an HR problem. Explore how SolarWinds turned to a cloud-based HCM platform that they could deploy within 90 days, and see how the move resulted in some unexpected benefits.

  • Know the Skills Your Workforce Needs

    There's a global skills crisis, and HR directors are struggling to attract and retain top talent. Explore how a cloud-based human capital management platform can help you learn more about what skills your workforce needs.

  • GDPR for HR

    By their very nature, HR teams are key custodians of personal data that companies hold about their employees, starting with a person exploring job opportunities as a candidate. Tap into this 6-step guide for HR teams to prepare for GDPR.

  • Becoming a People Company: The Way to Unlock Fast Track Growth

    In this report, explore the growth challenges facing business and HR leaders, and how businesses can work harder to meet the demands of the evolving workforce.

  • People Science: 5 Vital Steps to Greater Workforce Visibility

    In this resource, discover 5 steps to using people science to improve visibility of your workforce.

  • How to Determine if Cloud ERP Software is Right for You

    Most businesses wait until the pain points grow too large before accepting the need for an ERP system. In this guide, expert IT strategist Adam Boyce helps you determine if cloud ERP software can successfully future-proof your business and explores the differences between on-premise and cloud ERP software.

  • Financial Software Today: Public, Private, Hybrid or... Spreadsheets?

    In this expert guide, research firm Saugatuck Technology's senior VP Bruce Guptill reveals how you can evaluate cloud-based financial software based on the capabilities you need. Also uncover the pitfalls of Excel and why more companies are moving financial processes from spreadsheets to specialized software.

  • How Supply Chain Partners can Enhance Analytics by Sharing Data

    In this e-guide, we examine how sharing data between supply chain partners radically increases their chances of success when predicting customer demand. Find out how to boost data management from logistics to capacity planning, uncover tips for gathering supplemental data, and discover how CRM tools can improve supply chain management.

  • How To Balance Inventory And Spending With Lean Manufacturing

    CFO's often want to reduce inventory to save money, this however can lead to problematic inventory shortages. Explore strategies for keeping your finance and manufacturing teams happily balanced in this expert e-guide. Go inside to discover what CFO's should know about inventory and inventory returns, how to avoid costly overproduction, and more.

  • Overcoming ERP Software Issues and Strategies for Picking a New System

    Traditionally, small- and mid-sized businesses have been slow-moving with adopting ERP cloud services. But that may be changing. Uncover how ERP cloud services are reaching a new level of maturity, tips for overcoming the challenges of complex ERP technology, and how midmarket companies should choose a new ERP system.

  • Grow Forward With Faster, Simpler, and Flexible ERP

    Discover how one ERP system can help you reduce operating costs and boost sales.

  • ERP and BI in the SMB

    Find out how Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are enhancing the capabilities of ERP, so businesses can make better decisions faster while decreasing the complexity of their environment.

  • When is ERP Consolidation the Right Move

    This e-guide reviews the factors involved in an ERP consolidation plan and compares the benefits of single, two and multi-tier ERP systems.

  • Making the Leap from SMB to Midmarket Manufacturing

    This E-Guide focuses on selecting the right midmarket ERP software for your growing business and offers advice for the best way to go about upgrading an old ERP system from an SMB model to a larger one that can scale appropriately.

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