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  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v4 Demo

    Tune into this demo from Veeam to learn how to create a backup job for Office 365 data, restore using Veeam Explorers, and add object storage as a backup target.

  • 2020 CIO Cloud Data Management Initiatives

    By now, all businesses realize that adopting the right technologies and staying on top of the tech curve is a key component of success. But digital transformation is a process that is fraught with difficulties, and figuring out how to navigate that process is key. Read on to learn what cloud data management and solutions you should be considering.

  • Making an Impact with Cloud Data Management

    Data unlocks great potential and value in businesses, but only when it’s deployed properly. Cloud data management solutions help businesses counter data sprawl, deal with data growth, and keep data at the center of their business plan. Check out these different case studies and testimonials to see if Veeam Cloud Data Management is right for you.

  • Unleash the Power of NAS Backup

    The following webinar highlights the benefits of Veeam’s NAS backup and compares the solution to others in the market. Tune in to learn more and to view this solution’s key features, like file-level backup capabilities aimed at protecting your file shares, and additional use cases.

  • Protect Your Data Simply with Nutanix Mine and Veeam

    Tune into this webinar to learn how to address the common issues in point solution backups and how the Nutanix Mine with Veeam can simplify your data protection plans and unify backup.

  • Debunking the Top Myths About Unsupported Linux for Embedded Development

    Linux offers powerful advantages for embedded developers, but you also need to avoid some common misperceptions to succeed.

  • Maximize backup performance with Veeam Backup & Replication and NetApp EF- and E-Series Storage

    This guide details how to accelerate VM backup by integrating Veeam backup software and NetApp solid state storage.

  • 10 Best Practices for VM Backup

    Access this webcast from Veeam to learn the factors affecting VM backups, off-site data protection strategies, how to ensure data is recoverable and secure, and why every business should have a backup strategy to guarantee virtual machines are properly protected and recoverable.

  • 3 Ultimate Strategies for Ransomware Prevention

    Organizations need to explore all the options that exist to prevent, locate, disarm, and mitigate ransomware risks. Watch this webcast from Veeam to discover essential ransomware defense strategies you can implement and also view 3 comprehensive backup software offerings that can help you with that process.

  • Product Demo Session - Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows and Linux

    Have you ever wondered how Veeam Agents work together with Veeam Backup & Replication to protect workloads beyond VMs? Watch this video for three demos covering Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows, Veeam Agent for Linux, and Veeam Backup & Replication.

  • Veeam and Nutanix: Simplify Data Protection and Secondary Storage

    Access this ESG white paper to view an integrated, pre-packaged hyperconverged appliance and software solution offering organizations a simpler way to unify on-site/ off-site data protection and recovery.

  • Active Directory: Best Practices for Administration and Backup

    Microsoft Active Directory is the foundation for every Microsoft-orientated networking environment but even foundations need structural support like backup. Watch this webinar to benefit from several Active Directory backup best practices which include protecting and automatically expiring passwords, leveraging the Protected Users group, and more.

  • O365 Backup for Dummies

    By educating yourself on elements like business continuity, data protection, and data loss, you and your organization can stay ahead of digital threats. Check out this 6-chapter e-book to find out how to manage and safeguard your Office 365 data, understand data loss in the cloud, and choose a third-party backup solution to fit your needs.

  • Physical Servers Backup with Veeam: Best Practices and Configuration

    However, when looking for a physical backup solution, it is often difficult to provide comprehensive protection with just one product. Explore this e-book to learn the multiple options to consider when researching physical server backup and recovery and to view a potential solution that offers central agent management and deployment.

  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

    With a ground-up Office 365 backup solution that offers both a short- and long- term protection, organizations can avoid data loss and increase their availability across any cloud and platform. Dive into this e-book to learn more about this solution and to view the 7 benefits it offers.

  • HPE and Veeam Greenlake Video

    With a consumption-based data protection solution, your organization can speed up time to market, improve resource management, and ensure you always have capacity ahead of demand. View this webcast to learn 5 quantifiable improvements realized after folks switched to a single pane of glass data management solution such as this one.

  • The Changing Role of Backup and Secondary Storage

    Designing an enterprise backup system is a complex process where customers need to gather requirements, evaluate multiple solutions, and do their homework to acquire the expertise to deploy it themselves. Read this white paper to learn how HCI can alleviate the strains of traditional, multi-vendor backup environments.

  • 25 Ways to Restore from Office 365 Backups

    Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is a comprehensive solution keeping your data safe across Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. Dive into this dat sheet to learn 25 unique ways Veeam Backup can achieve such holistic coverage.

  • Veeam + HPE Nimble Storage: Five-Year ROI of 278%

    IDC interviewed organizations supporting their data backup and recovery environments with Veeam Cloud Data Management software combined with HPE Nimble Storage to see how it performed. Read this IDC white paper to learn the 8 benefits of this combined solution and see the results that customers experienced.

  • Veeam + Nutanix = Simplifying Availability

    Hybrid cloud is a key choice for organizations looking for quick recovery and endless scalability. Explore this white paper to learn how hybrid cloud data protection and backup work and view 10 benefits you can gain by using this approach in your enterprise.

  • Veeam + HPE Nimble Storage: 5 Year ROI Snapshot

    With Veeam and HPE Nimble Storage, users have access to robust storage infrastructures at a reduced cost, giving them more time to focus on innovation and business projects. Access this datasheet to jump into the 3 key results of introducing Veaam and HPE Nimble Storage solutions into your environment.

  • The Biggest IT Challenge in 2020 Is Coming from the Board Room

    Understanding what causes business unit and IT disconnects helps make sure your organization has defined expectations and ultimately improves their backup strategy. Watch this webcast to learn about the industry trends that are causing this data protection gap and how those expectations are driving 2020 challenges and strategy.

  • Five Key Factors to Consider for HCI Data Protection

    With the growing implementation of HCI, companies are realizing the importance of protecting their stored data and Veeam is there to provide "data protection, data recoverability, data availability, and data management".

  • Modernize Your Data Center with Veeam Availability for Nutanix AHV

    Tune into this video to get a first-hand look at the features and functionality of a backup tool that gives admins the ability to perform snapshot jobs, execute restores and recoveries, see job errors, and more for apps and data running on Nutanix AHV: Veeam Availability.

  • Veeam Enterprise Availability for SAP HANA

    This comprehensive guide explains how to restore SAP HANA with Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform. Download it here for more on installation, configuration, and performing physical and virtual restores.

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