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  • Leading WAN Edge Infrastructure Vendor Comparison

    WAN edge infrastructure now incorporates a widening set of network functions, including secure routers, firewalls, SD-WAN, WAN path control and WAN optimization, along with traditional routing functionality. If you are rethinking your WAN edge (and we believe you should be), this report is a must-read.

  • Re-Architecting the WAN Edge

    Explore the results of a Frost & Sullivan survey about the state of SD-WAN adoption to learn about the top trends that are shaping enterprise networks today.

  • SD-WAN Market Spotlight

    This IDC research report highlights the importance of network transformation and explores how a full-featured SD-WAN can help businesses address the requirements of digital-first technologies like cloud apps.

  • How SD-WAN is Impacting Global Enterprise WAN Strategies

    In this Frost & Sullivan e-book, learn about the top trends shaping global SD-WAN adoption, the impact of digital transformation on enterprise networks, SD-WAN vendor selection criteria, and more.

  • Managed SD-WAN: Best Practices Analysis

    This Frost and Sullivan report examines the trend towards managed SD-WAN services (vs. a self-managed approach) and takes a closer look at one particular SD-WAN vendor. Learn about Silver Peak and find out how their managed SD-WAN offering has evolved in a rapidly growing market.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Replace your Router

    This e-book outlines the top 10 reasons to replace your branch routers with an app-driven SD-WAN edge. Find out how to update traffic management for SaaS and IaaS so that you can deliver high branch network performance.

  • SD-WAN Has Arrived

    Tap into this guide to learn about a variety of perspectives on SD-WAN, including how it stacks up to traditional router-based WANs, a C-level view of SD-WAN, SD-WAN branch office models, and more.

  • SD-WAN: Fortifying Security across the WAN

    SD-WAN may be becoming the network design of choice for geographically distributed enterprises, but it comes with its own set of security challenges. Find out how you can achieve the flexibility and agility of SD-WAN while still maintaining a strong network security posture.

  • The Top 10 Reasons to Replace Your Branch Router with SD-WAN

    This e-book explores the viability of SD-WAN technology for helping you direct cloud app traffic on your network more efficiently, reliably, and securely. Discover 10 reasons to consider replacing your branch routers with an app-driven SD-WAN edge.

  • 2018 Trends in SD-WAN

    Access this webcast to uncover 9 SD-WAN predictions for 2018.

  • 2018 Trends in SD-WAN

    Access this e-book to uncover 9 SD-WAN predictions for 2018.

  • The SD-WAN Report: Episode 1

    In this video, gain a better understanding of what software-defined means for your WAN, key SD-WAN trends in the market and how it's put to use for the Las Vegas Harley-Davidson.

  • Architecting an Application-Driven WAN Edge

    Discover how to move beyond traditional router-centric architectures to an advanced application-driven SD-WAN.

  • Orchestration of App-Driven Security Policies

    Take a look at this webcast to discover how to orchestrate security policies within applications.

  • The 3 Signs you are Getting Routered

    In this video, uncover the 3 ways your organization is getting routered into endless hardware refresh cycles.

  • Unity EdgeConnect: How to Deliver WAN Optimization On Demand

    Discover how the WAN optimization feature in the SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect platform can help enterprises optimize on an app-by-app and branch-by-branch basis. Then, find out how to reduce costs and enhance app performance and user experience through latency mitigation and deduplication.

  • Unity EdgeConnect: How to Establish Optimal Routing for SaaS Apps

    Discover how the SaaS optimization feature in the SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect platform can help distributed enterprises optimize reachability and performance of SaaS apps. Then, find out how to establish optimal routing based on lowest latency for reaching specific SaaS apps.

  • How SD-WAN Accelerates Network Performance and Secures SaaS Apps

    Gain valuable insights into SD-WAN features that help ensure optimal user experience by automatically and dynamically mapping IP addresses to branches in order to steer traffic to its destination using the best path.

  • Unity EdgConnect: SD-WAN Strategy Overview

    SD-WAN managed services offers many benefits for IT network pros, including enhanced user-experience and business operational efficiencies. In this video, gain a better understanding of how to overcome SD-WAN deployment challenges as you migrate towards a high-performing WAN solution.

  • The Maturing of SD-WAN

    Learn about the role of the branch router in an SD-WAN environment. Then, explore the advancements in application identification and how service chaining of network functions extend SD-WAN's value.

  • Check Point and Silver Peak Securing the Internet for SD-WAN

    Explore how to use SD-WAN to enable enterprise WAN networks to be built using broadband Internet service along with MPLS as the underlying transport, and find out how you can integrate security throughout your SD-WAN.

  • How to Implement an SD-WAN Solution Without Compromising Security

    In this resource, gain insights on how to build a high-performing SD-WAN that provides secure direct Internet access to any website or cloud application from branch and remote office locations.

  • Integrated Security Solution for SD-WAN

    This solution brief offers an integrated security approach for SD-WAN in order to achieve end-to-end security for broadband and hybrid WANs.

  • Palo Alto Network and Silver Peak

    As the migration to cloud-hosted applications continues to accelerate, enterprise IT organizations must re-evaluate wide area networking requirements. In this resource, gain insights into how to easily and securely deploy new branch locations through use cases.

  • Leading WAN Edge Infrastructure Vendor Comparison

    With new app architectures and hybrid cloud deployments changing the WAN edge rapidly, this Gartner Magic Quadrant report is designed to help infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders identify vendors that best fit their requirements – both current and upcoming.

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