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  • Leading A Lean Portfolio

    In this paper, you’ll learn about the five important shifts that portfolio managers must make as they move to a lean approach to planning, funding, and tracking product development work. Read the full paper now.

  • Taking a zero trust approach to IAM in Atlassian Cloud

    Discover in this e-book how you can extend your company-wide IAM policies and build a proactive defense strategy to protect your users and data in Atlassian Cloud.

  • The Definitive Guide To OKRs

    This guide provides tips for leaders on setting impactful OKRs, scoring to track progress, and adjusting goals as needed. It warns against pitfalls like too many objectives, rigid cascading, and linking pay to OKRs. Dive into the guide.

  • California’s Department of Health Care Services Modernized and saved Millions with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

    See in this case study how California’s Department of Health Care Services modernized and standardized with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise to boost speed, service, and savings.

  • Keeping Enterprises Connected The Power Of Admin Visibility And Control

    In this solution brief, get an overview of recent investments in visibility and control across Atlassian Administration, and how Cloud Enterprise offers advanced functionality for admins to keep their growing organizations ahead of the curve.

  • Understanding Zero Trust Security

    Centralizing access management with strong authentication policies is crucial for cloud data security. Adopting a "zero trust" model by limiting user access and monitoring risks enhances protection. Implement this scalable framework to improve your security posture. For zero trust security guidance, read the full white paper.

  • Taking A Zero Trust Approach To IAM In Atlassian Cloud

    Businesses must proactively address IAM for cloud apps to enable secure collaboration. This white paper explores extending enterprise IAM to Atlassian Cloud. With Atlassian Access, admins can enforce policies, manage users, and audit across products. Read the white paper to learn how global companies scaled IAM in the cloud.

  • The Paved Path To Balancing Security And Innovation

    To enable innovation, build security controls into infrastructure and automate guardrails; split environments; educate teams. Atlassian CISO shares how to scale security and boost innovation with visibility, partnerships and a ‘secure by default’ approach. Read the white paper to learn how Atlassian balances security and innovation.

  • The Challenges Of Data Protection In A Multi-Cloud World

    Enterprises are in the midst of a data boom. With the fast pace of data creation along with new ways of working and the rapid adoption of multi-cloud environments however, your risk exposure has increased. Browse this infographic to learn how you can address the challenges of data protection in a multi-cloud world.

  • The Business Of Zero Trust Security

    In this report, discover Zero Trust fundamentals for C-level executives, Zero Trust’s business benefits and competitive advantages, and learn why every business leader should be a Zero Trust champion.

  • Atlassian Cloud Data Protection

    Managing data is challenging but critical. Atlassian details their cloud data protection across infrastructure, access management, compliance, and their Marketplace. Learn how Atlassian secures data and empowers organizations to meet complex regulatory requirements. Read the full eBook to ensure your data is safeguarded.

  • Atlassian Cloud Is The Solution For High Performance, High Security, High Availability, And The Newest Features.

    Mercedes-Benz shifted 30K users to Atlassian Cloud to cut costs and enhance features. The move to a serverless Modern Collaboration Platform freed resources for strategic work. Discover how partnership and communication enabled a smooth transition, and the advantages of self-service, automation, and availability in this case study.

  • Outcome-Driven Teams Measuring The Value Your Customers Experience

    In order to realize your businesses goals, architecting a strategy is not enough. This e-book looks at how leaders and teams establish a vision and coordinate to deliver that vision, as well as how adaptable and sustainable work and is transforming customer and employee experience. Read on to learn more.

  • T23 - Commonwealth Bank

    Migrating your computing infrastructure from on-premises to the hybrid cloud is a competitive must, but it can be challenging to implement correctly and within budget. Discover how Commonwealth Bank of Australia successfully migrated to the cloud with Atlassian Cloud in this case study.

  • Jira Align Demo Center

    Growing organizations not only need to ensure they have the software and processes needed to manage their projects, but that these same systems can scale as the company continues to expand. Access this landing page to gain access to 6 in-depth demonstrations of Jira at work in a number of use cases. Read on to learn more.

  • Atlassian Cloud Data Protection

    In most industries, the most important asset to an organization is data. The problem is that data is becoming more challenging to protect and secure, and this is no different in the cloud. If your data isn’t protected correctly, the cost of a breach can take down an entire organization. So, what are the challenges? Read on to find out more.

  • JIRA 4.1.2

    IT Problem: JIRA provides issue tracking and project tracking for software development teams to improve code quality and the speed of development. Combining a clean interface for organising issues with customisable workflows, JIRA is the perfect fit for your team.

  • Bamboo 1.2

    This IT download provides software known as Atlassian Bamboo which utilizes continuous integration to automate the process of building, integrating and testing software code, providing managers with greater insight into the development process.

  • JIRA 3.11

    This IT download provides a project management tool known as Atlassian JIRA which is designed to improve the functionality and flexibility of legacy systems.

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