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  • The Ultimate Guide to Atlassian Data Center

    In this guide, find out how to make the next step in your Atlassian Server journey with Atlassian Data Center, the self-managed enterprise edition. Get up to speed on Data Center, its features, and how it can support your enterprise as you tackle the ever-present challenge of scalability.

  • Tips for optimizing performance of your Atlassian tools

    Click inside this quick infographic to find optimization tips for identifying improvements or changes you can make to your existing Atlassian instances.

  • Essential Guide to AWS Cloud Migrations

    Open this white paper to learn 7 traits that are absolutely essential for building a cloud-centric operating model within your organization.

  • This is what the future of work in the enterprise looks like

    Explore the Atlassian Team Playbook for step-by-step instructions for new ways of working, addressing trends in regards to organization structure, teams, projects, management, and much more.

  • Digital Business Transformation in Established Organizations: Ride the Third Wave of Enterprise Agility

    In this Gartner report, learn about the three waves of enterprise agility—spanning from 1980 to 2027—and how CIOs must develop an agile digital transformation strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Download and read the report here.

  • 5 core responsibilities every admin should master

    Atlassian admins at scale are experiencing operational disconnect across their organization as users, teams, instances, and complexity all rise. This guide provides an overview of 5 key skills and responsibilities that admins should prioritize to get the job done, from governance to certifications. Download the guide here to learn more.

  • Evaluating Vendor Risk Management

    As organizations continue to adopt cloud services, assessing the security risk of each service through a standardized evaluation process becomes critical to preventing data breaches. This guide is designed to help your organization develop a security risk scoring system to evaluate potential risks. Download the guide to learn more.

  • The Atlassian Guide to Cloud Identity and Access Governance

    In the Atlassian Guide to Cloud Identity and Access Governance, discover the important changes in IAM as organizations have moved to the cloud.

  • Understanding Zero Trust Security

    Inside this white paper, find the current state of workplace security, the basic principles of the Zero-Trust security model, and how you can begin your journey towards a Zero Trust-secure workplace environment.

  • Looker trusts Opsgenie to help deliver their service to 200,000 users every day

    Clear communication is essential in the business world, where problems arise quickly wreak havoc on a company’s service and bottom line. Relying on only Slack to communicate with your employees and customers just doesn’t cut it. Read on to learn how Opsgenie’s alert services helped on of their clients improve communication and minimize downtime.

  • Four Enterprise priorities and how Atlassian tools can help

    When assessing your tech stack during periods of growth, remember that your tools should be adaptable to both your needs in the present and those in the future. Read the tips and tricks for managing growth with enterprise IT systems with Atlassian’s white paper here.

  • Six Must-Haves When Using Slack

    Read this white paper to learn why companies like Opsgenie, PagerDuty, and VictorOps are invested in integrating their incident management applications into Slack—and how their offerings stack up.

  • 7 Tips to Get New Engineers Ready to Be On-Call

    For new engineers, shouldering the shared on-call responsibilities that DevOps encourages can seem like a daunting task. Inside, uncover 7 tips for prepping your newest engineers for their upcoming on-call responsibilities – including configuring notification alerts, tech stack training advice, and more.

  • 5 Stages of Incident Management and How to Improve Them

    Download this guide to learn about the five core stages of the modern incident management process – and why understanding the ins-and-outs of each stage is so important in today's world.

  • The Future of ITSM is Agile

    Dive into this 38-page guide to read up on what's new in the latest amendments to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Plus, find out how to use the new ITIL 4 framework to create a high-velocity service team of your own – while taking cues from the success of agile and DevOps methodologies.

  • Server to Data Center: Keeping Collaboration at Scale

    In this 62-page E-Book, find out everything there is to know about Data Center, the self-hosted/on-prem deployment option from Atlassian built to scale out mission-critical applications like Jira when your single server environments are no longer cutting it.

  • JIRA 4.1.2

    IT Problem: JIRA provides issue tracking and project tracking for software development teams to improve code quality and the speed of development. Combining a clean interface for organising issues with customisable workflows, JIRA is the perfect fit for your team.

  • Bamboo 1.2

    This IT download provides software known as Atlassian Bamboo which utilizes continuous integration to automate the process of building, integrating and testing software code, providing managers with greater insight into the development process.

  • JIRA 3.11

    This IT download provides a project management tool known as Atlassian JIRA which is designed to improve the functionality and flexibility of legacy systems.

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