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  • Incident Management Tour

    Incident management platforms speed up IT processes, escalating problems to the right person and shortening response times. This quick two minute video covers one company's ITSM platform, and takes you on a tour through the program.

  • 5 Reasons to Invest in Data Centre

    Read through the top five reasons to invest in Atlassian Data Centre—and why other enterprises are already in the process.

  • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Staying Agile in a Changing World

    In May 2020, Atlassian commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey 155 global decision makers about the role that high-bandwidth collaboration plays in aligning innovation across the organization. Explore their findings in this eBook.

  • Optimizing Workflows with Data Center

    Check out this infographic to see examples of real-world organizations optimizing their enterprise workflows—and from their examples, learn how to better position your organization’s own workflows.

  • Best Practices: Cloud Governance

    In this exclusive Forrester report, explore the best practices for cloud governance. The report covers why cloud governance is mandatory, understanding the internal stakeholders of cloud governance, and the models, tools, and best practices for cloud governance. Download and save the report here for safekeeping.

  • Making the Most of Shadow IT

    Tune in to this webinar to learn experts from Atlassian discuss the frameworks and processes that Atlassian's own IT teams use to maintain security protocols while also enabling individual departments to control their own software and tools.

  • Keep A Pulse From Anywhere: How 3 Companies Successfully Scaled A Shared Digital Workspace With Trello

    Download this white paper to learn how 3 organizations—InVision, VMLY&R, and Hugo—use Trello to build and scale strong team processes and work management systems across their companies, and give their distributed teams a connected digital workspace.

  • Now Tech: Collaborative Work Management Tools, Q2 2020

    Access this resource to learn what value application development and delivery professionals should expect from a collaborative work management provider and discover how to choose the right one.

  • Convince Your Boss: How to Get Buy-In for the Tools You Love

    Access this e-book to learn 5 steps to prepare you for a pitch to achieve buy-in with decision makers for useful team based or even company wide tools.

  • The Collaboration Secrets of High-Functioning Remote Organizations

    Collaboration is key—especially when everyone is working remotely for the foreseeable future. Download this guidebook to explore some of the top collaboration secrets from high-functioning remote organizations

  • The Atlassian Guide to Virtual PI Planning

    Access this white paper to learn how digital collaboration tools can help teams share information, facilitate decision-making, and serve as a single source of truth for the entire organization to ensure your PI planning session is a success.

  • The State of Incident Management Report 2020

    Today, most companies have their own versions of incident management processes. But like any business process, it’s clear that some can do it better than others. Inside this report, learn how world-class IT operations and DevOps teams resolve incidents—and see how your organization’s internal processes compare.

  • Security and compliance for the enterprise

    Tune into this discussion with a panel of leaders from Atlassian as they weigh-in on their strategies for shaping and scaling Atlassian’s own security, compliance, and reliability methodologies.

  • 5 ways to drive enterprise efficiency with your tools

    Are your enterprise tools really helping to put out fires—or are they exasperating them? Inside, learn the five components to use to gauge the efficiency of your current enterprise toolkit.

  • How to use Practices to Lead an Effective Enterprise

    It can be tempting for a business leader to fall into the “speed trap,” where an over-fixation on efficiency and better time-to-market eclipses the core ideas behind your business. Read on to learn how businesses can use the right kind of best practices to implement business alignment and provide effective solutions, not just efficient ones.

  • Moving Your Company into the Future with Digital Transformation

    Companies and employees alike are experiencing gaps in efficiency and have finally started to do something about it: Digital transformation. Download this eBook to explore a range of topics surrounding digital transformation and team workflows, as well as expert tips for getting started.

  • 5 reasons to move to the cloud

    Many enterprise workloads do better in the cloud—so much better that even die-hard traditionalists are considering a move to the cloud. In this 46-page guide, explore what Atlassian has identified as the top 5 reasons to move to cloud, interspersed with cloud migration success stories from Domino’s, VSCO, Igloo Software, Fair, and InVision.

  • Work From Anywhere: How Trello’s leadership team built a thriving hybrid work culture at scale

    Transitioning to a hybrid work model can be difficult, which is why Atlassian sat down with experts from Trello. Trello was an early leader in hybrid work, with the first team member to go remote in 2011. Explore the highlights of their conversation, and tips for moving to a hybrid work model in this white paper.

  • How to Scale Your Organization in the Cloud

    Many organizations are scaling their organizations in the cloud—but how exactly do you do that? Find out in this white paper, which delves into the common pitfalls, best practices and considerations for scaling your enterprise in the cloud.

  • The Definitive Guide to OKRs

    Tracking business goals through the use of objectives and key results (OKRs) is a way that businesses can set aggressive targets for themselves and gauge their performance. Read on to learn how OKRs are a natural fit for agile teams who are looking to outperform MBOs, while still keeping in line with business goals in a way KPIs don’t measure.

  • Beyond the basics of scaling agile

    Check out this white paper to learn how to scale agile throughout all levels of your organizations, and best practices to move you along throughout your entire agile journey.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Atlassian Data Center

    In this guide, find out how to make the next step in your Atlassian Server journey with Atlassian Data Center, the self-managed enterprise edition. Get up to speed on Data Center, its features, and how it can support your enterprise as you tackle the ever-present challenge of scalability.

  • The Essential Trello Team Toolkit

    This 37-page E-Book explores how a common tool and platform can centralize productivity and enable simple communication across your organization. Namely, the Essential Trello Team Toolkit helps businesses build better project management practices.

  • Trello Enterprise Engineering

    With so many moving parts and people to keep track of, how can engineering teams stay on track with project goals and deadlines? With Trello Enterprise, engineering teams can go big picture with product roadmap workflows, easily keep stakeholders up-to-date, worry less about security concerns, and more.

  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools

    Gartner has named Jira Align a Leader in Enterprise Agile Planning tools. Jira Align provides large enterprises with the tooling, capabilities, and guidance to effectively align teams and drive better business outcomes. Read the report to learn more.

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