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  • The Complete Guide to Enterprise User Management

    User management enables admins to provision or remove user access based on need and role. However, large user bases and different levels of permissions make it a huge task to keep track of and manage access. This white paper aims to help solve those challenges with this complete guide to enterprise user management. Open now to take a look.

  • 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Jira Service Management Premium

    Tune in to this informative video to learn 5 key reasons to consider making the jump to Jira Service Management Premium—including access to increased automation features, advanced system health monitoring, deployment gating, and more.

  • 3 key benefits of cloud for admins

    For admins, cloud migrations come with a few key benefits, including the elimination of infrastructure maintenance, speed to deliver a capability, and ease of keeping software up to date. This guide examines each benefit, offering insider tips and tricks so you can ensure you’re getting the most out of each cloud perk. Save the guide here.

  • Incident Management Tour Video Standard Upsell

    Swift, easy, and lasting resolution of incidents is a key part of having a functional IT service architecture. Watch this brief tour to see how Jira Service Management empowers service desk agents with better, integrated visibility, incident escalation, faster resolution times, automation, and more.

  • Forrester Proven Drivers Unlocking High-Velocity ITSM

    A survey by Forrester found that during the time of COVID, high performing, high velocity I&O organizations are obsessed with speed, collaboration, and autonomy. Read on to discover more key insights uncovered by Forrester and learn how you can better power your success with proven methodologies.

  • How Products can Foster Team Effectiveness

    Check out this blog post to learn 3 questions you should ask in order to evaluate the products you deploy across your enterprise.

  • Three Trends Transforming The Service Desk

    There are many factors driving the transformation of the IT service desk. Two of these trends are enterprise service management (ESM) and intelligent service management. This report from Forrester uncovers some key takeaways revealed from these trends and what improving service desks in your organization involves. Read now to get up to date.

  • Top 10 Trends That Will Shape Modern Infrastructure and Operations

    This report from Forrester covers the top 10 trends that will shape the I&O role in the future and sums up what strategies the modern I&O team should start using and which ones are past their prime. Open now to dive in.

  • Modernize Your Software

    Upgrading software is one thing organizations can do to overcome the challenges they will face at scale which include performance, user management and security. Open up this blog post to take a look at 3 more risks organizations may be taking if they do not modernize their software.

  • In the age of cloud, it’s easier than ever to reap the benefits of remote work

    Remote work is here to stay—but attempting to support remote work with an on-prem setup is a complicated tangle of self-hosted VPNs and virtual machines, and some data that’s only accessible on site. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, are already accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Read the guide here to learn more.

  • Key indicators of scale

    When most organizations think of scaling, they typically look towards the more ambitious, external drivers such as M&A or new market entry. However, there are already many key indicators that can be found within the walls of an organization. Open this white paper to see what those indicators are, plus, next steps.

  • Tips And Tricks On Safeguarding Your Data In The Cloud

    This webinar, Tips And Tricks On Safeguarding Your Data In The Cloud, highlights the top cyberthreats, compliance challenges, and industry best practices as they related to protecting your cloud-native data – watch now to get started.

  • The Future of ITSM is Agile: Practical Guide for Working with ITIL 4

    Open up this 40 page eBook to jumpstart your organization’s agile journey with ITIL 4, including how to build a high-velocity service team and top practice areas for transforming the ways IT teams work. Plus, best practices for bringing agile and DevOps into ITSM.

  • The Complete Guide to ITSM

    There are many challenges IT teams are dealing with in the face of digital transformation. This 100 page eBook aims to help with these challenges and then some, sharing key best practices on how to reimagine core ITSM platforms. Open now to explore IT business management, problem management, asset management and much more.

  • Twitter Case Study

    Originally, Twitter was using email for internal service requests, but had no easy way to track, manage or route requests to the appropriate agent. Read up on this case study to see how one leading vendor was able to help Twitter implement a customer portal platform to reduce email support and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • How People, Practices and Technology Drive Success for High-Performing Organizations

    In this infographic from a Forrester study, take a look at how to unlock high-velocity ITSM and learn what separates high and low performers in an organization. Open now to get started.

  • Atlassian’s Data Center: Customer Feedback

    Curious about Atlassian’s latest Data Center software? Open up this case study to take a closer look at Atlassian’s Data Center features and hear from the customers who implemented it in their organization.

  • Four Enterprise Priorities and How Software can Help

    This white paper covers some recommendations for choosing the right software to boost the ways teams work together to deliver business goals. Open now to learn more.

  • HBR: How to Gain Speed and Flexibility Through a Product-Centric Approach

    Open up this pulse survey from Harvard Business Review to dig into the key benefits, challenges, and considerations of shifting to a more agile, product-delivery model in your organization, all by the numbers.

  • How To Build a Strategy for Scale in a High Security Environment

    The scope of what needs to be secured is growing and so are the challenges of scaling security and control in agency environments. Open up this blog post to take a look at a few strategies to successfully scale environments while adhering to industry-recommended governance practices.

  • Catching up on cloud: the latest on how our platform meets enterprise needs

    When choosing the best deployment option, every enterprise has their own list of requirements, from compliance to effective change management. In this article, learn how Atlassian’s cloud platform currently stacks up across these core requirements when compared to other third-party hosting providers. Read the article here.

  • 4 Blockers to Enterprise Effectiveness Infographic

    While it may be easy to spot an effective team, it’s not always as easy to explain what makes it effective. Instead, it may be easier to identify what can prevent the team from being successful and remove those challenges. Open up this infographic to identify 4 potential blockers to enterprise effectiveness and how to avoid them.

  • Get to Know Atlasssian Cloud Enterprise Webinar

    Looking forward, two major concerns surround every cloud strategy: Scalablity and security. In this webinar, Atlassian’s Dave Meyer and Aditya Ghule discuss how to access global scale, enterprise-grade security and powerful admin controls all in the cloud. Tune in here.

  • An introduction to cloud migration

    There have been a good number of cloud pioneers before you that have some sound—and practical—advice. In this introductory guide to cloud migration, explore the 6 phases of migration, popular (and successful) migration strategies, the skills you want your migration team to have, and much more. Save the guide here—and good luck!

  • Cloud Enterprise Launch Blog

    To help organizations meet the standardization challenge, cloud products are now offering customers the ability to not only standardize on one cloud platform that can scale on demand, but also set up multiple instances to support specific team needs. Learn how these changes help teams maintain autonomy, compliance, and more in this guide.

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