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  • Marching Toward Modern

    Data modernization initiatives often happen piecemeal and haphazardly, meaning that organizations are exposed to the risks of an inconsistent data strategy. Read on to learn 5 steps to build a data management modernization strategy that keeps your data accessible, secure, and high quality.

  • Accelerating Data Modernization with Azure

    Next-gen data operations require next-gen data technologies and strategies and Azure is an ideal platform for this modernization to take place. Download this white paper to better understand the strategies, philosophies, and technologies your organization needs to expand analytics abilities, reduce technical debt, embrace AI, and more.

  • Five Essential Steps to Successful Data Modernization

    While everyone knows that data modernization is essential given the pace of data generation and IT innovation, organizations and leaders are less certain about when and how to launch their ideal modernization project. Access this e-book, courtesy of OneNeck IT, to learn their 5 essential steps to data modernization, complete with best practices.

  • The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Managed IT Services

    The value that managed IT services ultimately deliver can vary significantly from provider to provider. Save a copy of this 20-page eBook to access an in-depth overview of managed IT services and to learn what attributes to look for in potential providers.

  • The Private Cloud Fit

    In this Private Cloud Playbook, OneNeck breaks down all your questions about hyperconverged infrastructure, private cloud security, and common use cases for private cloud. Find the answers here.

  • 6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider

    As your business preps for the cloud, 3 questions tend to pop up: What applications should you move to the cloud first? What infrastructure needs to remain on-premises? And which additional offerings can help you gain the competitive edge you’re looking for? Luckily, this guide can help you find some answers. Get started here.

  • Choosing the Right Microsoft 365 for Business

    In this white paper, take a deep dive into considerations for switching over to Microsoft 365 for Business, plus, four challenges of adopting and migrating over to Microsoft 365 and how to address them in your organization.

  • Out of the Data Center & Into the Cloud

    While most companies have already migrated to the cloud, they’re certainly not done thinking about the cloud. The customizable, scalable, and fluid nature of the cloud demands that companies dedicate resources to optimizing their cloud platform. Read the attached e-Book to learn how your company should be moving forward in the cloud.


    The Center for Internet Security (CIS) developed a standardized approach and set of best practices for businesses to use to identify their specific security requirements and develop a security strategy. This approach is known as the CIS Controls approach. Download this white paper to unlock the industry expertise outlined in the CIS Controls.

  • A Framework for Cybersecurity and Compliance

    In this white paper, discover an outline of how you can methodically assess and structure enterprise security to protect your data and address compliance mandates such as HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX, as well as NIST SP-800-171 if appropriate, by applying a NIST-based approach to your IT environment.

  • Buyers Guide: Selecting a Best-in-class Multi-cloud Provider

    Over 80% of organizations used a multi-cloud strategy last year. Multi-cloud is quickly becoming indispensable – and for good reason. Open this white paper to learn the three biggest challenges with multi-cloud management, and a tool that can help you overcome them.

  • Digital Transformation - Beyond the Buzzword

    What does digital transformation entail for those IT teams working in the trenches of business tech? Dive inside this white paper to learn some the common challenges that accompany digital transformation – and conversely, the challenges that actualized digital transformation goals can help solve.

  • Considerations When Selecting A Data Center Provider

    Save a copy of this eBook to learn key considerations to use when weighing potential data center providers – and find out how to pinpoint the perfect provider based on your organization’s unique requirements.

  • SD-WAN Hype or Reality?

    Read this white paper for all the need-to-know details you should review when considering SD-WAN.

  • Who Owns Cloud Security?

    As cybersecurity risks become more numerous, sophisticated and expensive, businesses are scrambling to fortify their defenses and running into an important question: Who actually owns cloud security? Download this white paper to find out.

  • Forget Speeds And Feeds - Outsourcing Today Is All About Your Business

    Enterprise Resource Planning has numerous deployment options that involve varying levels of company involvement, efficiency, completeness and cost. Read this white paper that details successful outsourcing models for ERP.

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