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  • Adding Value with Embedded Analytics

    With embedded analytics, visualizations and BI can be placed directly into applications that are already in use throughout an organization. Read this white paper for information about Tableau's capabilities and compatibilities with a variety of systems and applications, and why you may want to invest in embedded analytics for your organization.

  • 7 Criteria to Consider When Embedding BI

    If your company intends to take full advantage of its analytics initiative (internally and externally), deployable dashboards with integrated visual analytics are a must. But - do you build or buy your embedded BI solution? For 7 major consideration points in this debate - read this white paper.

  • Turn Data Into Products

    "Data is the new oil" - a popular slogan among senior analysts. Many companies have already acted on the big data craze of several years ago - and these same companies are the perfect candidates for "oil extraction." Data monetization isn't an exclusive market however, read this white paper to learn how you can transform your data into products.

  • Data Monetization – Use Cases, Implementation and Added Value

    Some of the world's biggest and most successful leading companies are currently driving huge portions profit from user data. This survey-based study by BARC offers insights into how a selection of companies are approaching data monetization. Keep reading for a more complete list of topics and a detailed discussion of results.

  • Get on the Fast Track with Tableau: A Starter Guide for Sales Ops

    Whether you're new to Tableau, or looking for sales-specific business intelligence - this guide will get you on the fast track to obtaining actionable insights that will lead to improved sales performance.

  • 7 Tips to Succeed with Big Data

    Big data has the potential to outlast the companies that choose to ignore it. Here are 7 tips for using big data to your organization's long term benefit.

  • 4 Reasons Your Metadata is Broken

    Self-service analytics trends are catching on. But, with so many people using data to support so many kinds of decisions, it's critical that your data is governed correctly - this is where metadata comes in. Read this white paper for 4 reasons your current metadata system may be broken.

  • 6 Strategies for Transitioning to the Cloud

    Moving to the cloud isn't an all-or-nothing affair, hybrid-cloud infrastructures bring multitudes of benefits as well. You have to decide what works best for your organizational needs. Read this white paper for 6 considerations before transitioning your data and apps to a cloud architecture.

  • Why Visual Analytics?

    Data visualization and visual analytics are both key aspects of data exploration. But, why? Read this white paper to learn what questions visual analytics can answer for your organization.

  • Which Chart or Graph is Right for You?

    A good BI and visualization tool enables you to combine related charts, add maps and filters, etc. which lead to immediate business insights. Read this white paper for best practices in conducting meaningful visual analysis and tips for choosing the most effective visualizations.

  • The Power of R and Visual Analytics

    If you take the power and analytics capabilities of R and partner it with the data visualization capabilities of a strong BI tool - you end up with democratized insights that everyone can draw from, use and share. Read this white paper to learn more about what data visualization and BI tools can do for your organizational analytics strategy.

  • A Modern Approach to BI Platform Evaluation

    Josh Parenteau (Market Intelligence Director, Tableau) and Michael Hetrick (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau) will discuss the major differences between traditional BI and modern BI platforms in-depth in this webinar. Watch it here.

  • Implementing a Governance Framework

    Watch this webinar with Kevin Taylor (Solutions Consultant) and Michael Hetrick (Senior Product Marketing Manager) as they explain in-depth how to ensure trustworthy data in your organization.

  • 5 Best Practices for Telling Great Stories with Data

    A good story brings life to data and facts. A good story can make it easier to remember key points and to produce clear, actionable predictions about what the future may hold. Read this white paper for 5 steps to turning your data into a story that creates change.

  • Design's Hidden Influence

    Visualization plays a huge part in the intuitive comprehension of data - and design plays a part of successful visualization. Read this white paper for a look into the psychological aspects of data visualization and design for more efficient targeting of both internal and external audiences.

  • Smart Analytics: From Data to Decisions

    In this webinar, explore how smart analytics can improve your business process and digitally transform your organization. Hear from business intelligence industry experts, and decide if Tableau's analytical opportunities are right for you.

  • Building Useful and Beautiful Maps

    Since maps are familiar, using them as visualizations immediately orients your workforce to data and its relevance. Read this white paper to learn how to expertly integrate spatial data, custom regions, background maps, and more into your dashboard analytics.

  • Dashboards for Insight and Impact

    Watch this webinar with Steve Wexler (Founder, Data Revelations), Andy Cotgreave (Technical Evangelist, Tableau) and Jeffrey Shaffer (VP of IT and Analytics at Unifund and Recovery Decision Science) for an in-depth discussion about making the best of your dashboard visualizations.

  • 10 Ways to Add Value to Your Dashboards with Maps

    Maps can add context to your analytical visualizations - making comprehension even more intuitive. Read this white paper for 10 ways to add value to your dashboards with maps.

  • Designing Great Visualizations

    Visualizations have been an integral part of human understanding since just about the dawning of consciousness. Read this white paper to learn about the importance of data visualization and how it can benefit the analytics capabilities of your workplace.

  • 7 Best Practices for Mobile Business Intelligence

    Mobile business intelligence (BI) is about putting data and analytics wherever work is being done. Read this white paper for 7 best practices for mobile BI.

  • 2019 Business Intelligence Trends

    Gartner research indicates that by 2020, 85% of CIOs will be piloting artificial intelligence programs through a combination of buy, build and outsource efforts. Read this white paper for more information on how tech trends like AI, NLP, analytics BI tools, etc. will be altering the coming years.

  • Building Blocks of a Modern Analytics Platform

    Read this white paper to explore the fundamental building blocks of integrating a modern analytics platform into your business structure.

  • How to Build a Culture of Self-Service Analytics – And Why You Should

    A culture of analytics enables organizations to better leverage their 2 biggest assets, their people and their data. In this white paper, discover the 5 steps necessary to build an analytics culture, and explore how embracing an analytics culture can help organizations realize the potential of their insights, and understand their data.

  • Driving Enterprise Transformation with Modern Data & Analytics

    Becoming data-driven takes multiple steps. After you've invested in new technology, you still need to implement this new means of decision-making into the very behavioral fabric of your organization's operations. Read this white paper for advice on properly structuring your company for data-driven success.

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