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  • 2022 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report

    According to a recent study, over the course of 5 years, removing admin rights could have mitigated, on average, 75% of critical vulnerabilities. This report presents an analysis of the vulnerability landscape in Microsoft’s ecosystem, focusing specifically on how admin rights present a major risk. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Buyer’s Guide for Complete Privileged Access Management (PAM)

    Privilege presents a dilemma for security teams, as it improves security by limiting high-level access to only those who need it, but at the same time presents a highly coveted entry point for hackers if compromised. This e-book serves as a buyer’s guide for PAM, going into how it works and analyzing the current market. Read on to learn more.

  • Cybersecurity Control Checklist

    In order to improve your organization’s security operation, you need to understand it. Access the white paper now and use this sample security assessment questionnaire to evaluate your organization’s current security controls and find and any weak points that need to be addressed.

  • A Zero Trust Approach To Secure Remote Access

    When applying the granularity of privileged access management (PAM), including secure remote access, a zero-trust approach ensures all access is appropriate, managed, and documented. Read this white paper to learn why.

  • Cybersecurity Insurance Checklist

    The blistering pace and expanding scope of cyberthreats and ransomware attacks is forcing cyber insurance companies to steeply increase their rates and premiums, and even drop coverage for high-risk organizations. Download this resource to learn how you can benefit evaluating a cybersecurity insurance checklist.


    In the era of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, providing effective and secure access to each user and device can be a difficult task. Read this e-guide to learn more about today’s cloud security challenges, unlock 7 cloud security best practices and discover how to boost protection through a modern PAM platform.

  • PowerBroker Password Safe: Security, Compliance, Productivity

    Uncover how PowerBroker Password Safe can help you secure access to privileged accounts, effectively preventing intentional or accidental harm and malicious activity that can be devastating to your business.

  • Building a Secure and Compliant Windows Desktop

    Removing administrator rights from end users when they log into their desktop is the Holy Grail of desktop security, but its implementation has been difficult. Read this white paper to discover the benefits of removing admin rights.

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