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  • Detect and Defeat Modern Cyber Attacks - Episode 2

    Cybersecurity threats have become more sophisticated and malicious in their strategies by trying to disguise malicious traffic, or spoofing, as human traffic. Watch episode 2 of the Detect and Defeat Modern Cyber Attacks webinar series to learn how to stay ahead of motivated attackers.

  • Detect and Defeat Modern Cyber Attacks - Episode 3

    Today’s cybersecurity threats have become more sophisticated and malicious in their strategies, which can have a great impact on your brand’s reputation and survival. Watch episode 3 of the Detect and Defeat Modern Cyber Attacks webinar series for expert insights into the current cyberthreat landscape.

  • Detect and Defeat Modern Cyber Attacks - Episode 1

    Today’s cyberthreats can have devastating impacts on your organization’s reputation, legal standing and bottom line. Watch episode 1 of the Detect and Defeat Modern Cyber Attacks series for a closer look at today’s threat landscape and how you can adapt.

  • Open Banking: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

    Open banking has become a revolution in the banking world because of this area of giving consumers much more access to their data. As a result, there has been an explosion of innovation in security and technology. Watch the virtual seminar to learn about 5 key topics.

  • 5G Volterra Global Network Cloud Brief

    In this solution brief, take a closer look at the key features and potential benefits of F5 Volterra’s solutions for cloud networking, designed to address challenges related to network security, visibility and reliability.

  • SOAS 2021 Telecom Report

    2021 has been an eventful year for application strategies across the telecom industry. Read this research report for a closer look at this year’s network and application strategy trends – which includes API management, AI, edge computing and more.

  • 5G Volterra Edge Cloud Solution Brief

    Centralized architectures, like most current cloud offerings, fail to provide distributed edge environments with the service delivery they need. Read this e-guide to learn more about edge cloud and how it addresses the drawbacks of centralized cloud architectures.

  • How to Build an Enterprise API Strategy

    Does your organization have a solid API strategy in place? In this expert guide, learn why businesses are leveraging APIs, explore use cases for APIs in the enterprise, understand the challenges of managing APIs (and why having an API strategy is important) and discover 5 steps to building a successful API strategy.

  • DevSecOps: Trends & Boosting Application Security

    DevSecOps is a movement to improve data and application security that was well underway pre-pandemic, but one that the cascade of crises will both accelerate and reshape. With this e-guide, fully understand DevSecOps trends and the importance of the DevSecOps application security movement.

  • Modern Application Security

    Download this brief to learn about NGINX App Protect and how it can help your business ensure that both DevOps and SecOps can operate efficiently to ring applications to market at speed without compromising security

  • Speed vs Security, Protecting modern apps and APIs at the pace of modern business-25D88F

    This whitepaper looks at the changing nature of business applications and the ways in which traditional security approaches must change in order to keep up.

  • The Secret to modern application security-25D88F

    Modern apps and APIs grant businesses increased agility – but they have a downside when it comes to security. The rapid deployment of these modern apps can cause increased vulnerability, but with the right technology, speed and security can go hand in hand. Download this e-book to learn how App Protect by NGNIX can help.

  • Prevent dowtime and breaches by securing your modern apps and APis-25D88F

    Today, nearly 85% of new workloads are deployed in containers, and 83% of internet traffic is made up of API calls. Applications have become more flexible, but they’ve also become more vulnerable, and enterprises need to find ways to secure them. Access this infographic to learn how you can link DevOps and SecOps.

  • How to protect against OWASP top 10 and beyond

    According to F5 Labs, web app attacks are the #1 single source entry point of successful data breaches. Additionally, the fallout from application attacks come with high costs – and it’s their insecure software that makes them so vulnerable. Download this e-book to learn how to protect from the top 10 threats web app threats as defined by OWASP.

  • Apps are essential, so your WAF must be effective

    You can’t run a business today without applications. However, applications are a primary target for attackers. Therefore, it’s more critical than ever to secure and safeguard your applications with the right web application firewall (WAF). Access this e-book to learn why an organization should choose a WAF.

  • WAF for Dummies

    43% of all breaches involved web applications, according to Verizon's 2020 report. A web application firewall (WAF) prevents successful attacks against your web applications. With this eBook, learn how to recognize essential WAF capabilities, integrate your application architectures, and fully understand WAF deployment options.

  • Managing Digital Transformation Risk in Financial Services

    With digital banking becoming a growing trend across financial institutions (with no signs of going away), embracing digital transformation turns into a critical practice for staying competitive. Read this research report to learn more about managing digital transformation risks and cybersecurity challenges in the financial service industry.


    In the Financial Services edition of the State of Application Services, explore how the industry is executing on digital transformation projects, including how organizations are utilizing multi-cloud strategies and API gateways, and more. Discover the key findings here.


    Today’s financial services organizations are facing the increasingly difficult task of balancing customer convenience with cybersecurity. Read this e-book to learn more about the current threats in the financial industry and discover how to strike a balance between UX and protection.

  • Financial Fraud Rising: Key Strategies to Combat Sophisticated ATO Attacks

    The global pandemic has shifted the way commerce is transacted. The online and mobile channels for banks and retailers alike are seeing sharp increases in transaction volume. This increases the attack surface. In this white paper, learn about the myriad of challenges risk executives face as they seek to address the escalating threat environment.

  • Shape Security Defends 8 of the Top 12 US Banks

    Join Dan Woods, a VP at Shape Security with more than 2 decades of cybersecurity experience at the FBI and CIA, as he discusses the changing cybersecurity landscape for the financial services industry, highlights the impact of FinTechs, digital banking, and more. Watch now to get started.

  • Defeating Application Fraud

    Applications are the most frequently targeted vector for today’s fraudsters and cybercriminals. Watch this webinar to join the Global Head of AI at F5 Networks, Shuman Ghosemajumder, as he discusses application security threat trends, the weaponization of AI, and more.

  • Breaking the Cycle of Online Fraud

    Enterprise direct fraud losses are climbing – according to Juniper Research, these losses are projected to reach $48B per year by 2023. To make matters worse, current fraud tools require extensive configuration, generate uncertain risk scores and hamper user experience. View this webinar to learn a new AI-driven anti-fraud approach.

  • Learn How Cybercriminals Defeat CAPTCHA

    In this webinar, join Dan Woods – a VP from Shape Security – as he provides a comprehensive explanation (with a demonstration) as to the shortcomings of CAPTCHA and why it shouldn’t be used to protect web and mobile applications. Watch now to get started.

  • Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection

    This Gartner e-guide offers a comprehensive and expert deep dive into the online fraud detection market, providing an overview of the market, an analysis of current and future trends, Gartner’s strategic recommendations, and more – read on to unlock the full e-guide.

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