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  • The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Sprawl

    In this 3-part guide, learn about the ongoing battle against virtual machine sprawl and measures that can be taken when you've found an abandoned VM in your system. Access now to also learn about available automation tools that can be used to streamline virtualization duties and address VM provisioning and deprovisioning.

  • Take a Load Off, Admin

    In this guide, find out specific goals and key processes to address before implementing an automated server virtualization platform. Access now to learn about the benefits of automation in 3 main areas: compliance, provisioning and configuration.

  • Is cloud bursting the best solution for compute capacity overload?

    Before implementing the hybrid cloud model, consider cloud compatibility and whether your business' apps will function across private and public clouds.

  • Optimizing Virtualization Performance, Chap 3

    Optimizing virtualization performance requires a strategy for sizing machines, easing bottlenecks, and benchmarking effectiveness.Chapter meta summary: Planning ahead with server benchmarking and utilizing documentation tools will go a long way to figuring out what went wrong when a server or data center crashes.

  • Getting Familiar With Virtual Volumes

    In a virtualized environment, legacy storage can slow down your business. With flexible and efficient storage, as well as increased granularity, VMware Virtual Volumes may prove helpful.

  • Where Containers Fit in an IT Infrastructure

    In the battle between container virtualization and hypervisors, the battle doesn't matter. Hypervisors and virtualization containers can complement each other. The real battle is balancing the strengths of one against the weaknesses of the other. Access this e-guide to learn how.

  • How to Find and Fix Storage I/O Bottlenecks

    An I/O bottleneck can diminish virtualization performance. In many cases, the problem will be found in the storage system.

  • Should You Let Software Define Your Data Center?

    In this exclusive handbook, IT expert Dan Kusnetzky cuts into the hype surrounding the software-defined data center, and suggests ways IT decision makers can evaluate whether the SDDC is the right path forward.

  • Proper Provisioning Gives VMs Peak Power

    IT admins often forget to account for virtual machine provisioning of resources, and the risk of overprovisioning. Understanding VM provisioning can make your business more efficient and potentially result in savings. This handbook takes a deeper look at why overprovisioning happens and how to diagnose it properly. Read on to learn more.

  • What to Know: Licensing in a Virtualized World

    With more businesses shifting to a virtualized environment, understanding VM licensing, Oracle virtualization licensing and VMware licensing cost is a must for admins.

  • Getting Your Cloud Ambitions Off the Ground

    To create an effective hybrid IT environment, an organization will need to smartly blend virtualization and cloud computing technologies. This handbook explores strategies for incorporating virtualization in cloud computing initiatives.

  • Optimizing Virtualization Performance

    Optimizing virtualization performance requires a strategy for sizing machines, easing bottlenecks, and benchmarking effectiveness.

  • A Convergence of Pros and Cons

    Simplicity and pre-configured components are key attributes of a hyper-converged product. But is HCI right for your business? This handbook explores the advantages and disadvantages of hyper-converged infrastructure.

  • Flash: It's More Than Speed

    In this expert-eguide, discover the true cost of all-flash arrays, and how when managed properly, they can help you make handling large workloads a breeze. Read on to discover how flash-enhanced virtual architecture can accommodate more VM's per physical host, reduce latency, and more.

  • Virtualization Without The Hypervisor

    Sensing a threat to their virtualization supremacy, VMware and Microsoft are formulating container strategies that they hope will fend off challenges from cloud-era upstarts.

  • Virtualization and Storage: No Longer Mutually Exclusive

    This handbook examines the emergence of virtualization-aware storage and its promised improvements to virtualized data centers. You will also find a discussion of the features you encounter and deployment methods, as well as outline use cases and benefits that should be evaluated along the way.

  • The Prescriptive Nature of Converged Infrastructure

    This expert resource outlines the types of building blocks that are available for constructing a powerful, new-age data center infrastructure. Read on to learn about reference architectures, converged infrastructures, and hyper-converged infrastructures, as well as how and when to use each type.

  • The Prescriptive Nature of Converged Infrastructure

    Access this expert e-book chapter to discover the types of building blocks available for virtualization infrastructures – including reference architectures, converged infrastructures, and hyper-converged infrastructures. Find out when to use each type and the benefits of each type.

  • Prepping a Data Center for Hybrid Cloud

    In this exclusive e-book, IT expert Dan Kusnetzky outlines the most critical considerations for planning a hybrid cloud computing project – from the costs, to the service options, to the inevitable skepticism that awaits a cloud initiative.

  • Keeping Up With Flash

    This expert guide is a clear and helpful resource providing all the information you need to know about flash storage.

  • Storage Redefined

    Software-defined storage joins the virtualization discussion, and it could play a key role in future-proofing an infrastructure.


    A data center's effectiveness can be bolstered with tools that properly assist in virtualization management and capacity planning.

  • Delivering on Virtualization's Promise

    This three-part guide provides expert guidance on virtualization strategies, along with tactical advice on making sure your virtualized environment is working at an optimum level.

  • A Virtual-First Strategy for Applications

    This handbook examine the key benefits and important of virtualizing key applications. Access now to learn about the obstacles an IT team might expect to encounter from implementation and management perspectives.

  • Purchasing Servers in a Virtualized World

    Consult the following expert e-guide to learn how to select the right virtualization system for your business.

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