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  • GCP Applied Technologies' David Bammel on Rolta - Advizex & HPE

    In this clip, hear from GCP Applied Technologies' CIO David Bammel to find out how the company utilizes Rolta Advizex and HPE as strategic partners – and how they're in it for the long-haul.

  • Increasing Business Value Through IT Automation

    Tune in to find out how IT automation can fuel business growth and performance, and ultimately lay the foundation of future business transformation.

  • VMware Tech Series: Joe Clarke - Workspace One Components

    In this brief clip, find out more about the components that comprise VMware's Workspace One digital workspace platform, including the UEM, VDI, and SaaS elements that make this offering distinct and highly scalable.

  • VMware Tech Series: Mike Ross - Automation Outcomes

    Modernize, automate, transform. According to Cloud Solutions Architect Mike Ross, those are the three steps to digital transformation, but finding an exact starting point can be challenging. Click inside to learn how.

  • VMware Tech Series: Establishing a Software Defined Data Center

    What is the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and what are its key components? Watch this brief video to learn about SDDC and find out how it can help free your organization from the limitations of hardware-based networks—enabling you to run critical apps on fast, agile, and secure virtual networks.

  • VMware Tech Series: Mike Ross - Enterprise Ready Cloud

    In this whiteboard clip, VMware architect Mike Ross reveals the capabilities of the vRealize Suite, and how it can be harnessed to wrap multiple clouds into a single unified environment.

  • Protecting VDI Workloads with VMware NSX

    The relationship between VMware's NSX network virtualization and security platform and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) sounds like a complicated one. But according to Cloud Architect Joe Clarke, it's not as abstract as it seems. Jump into this clip to hear Joe walk through the process of securing VDI workloads with NSX.

  • Modernize, Automate & Transform

    In this quick clip, find out what a successful partnership between proprietary enterprise IT teams and managed IT services can look like – and how it can led to seamless modernization, automation, and transformation.

  • VMware Crash Course: Modern Pod/Block VDI Architectures

    Tune in to this quick video crash course on modern pod and block virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) architectures, explained by Cloud Solutions Architect Joe Clarke. You'll learn what's new with VMware Horizon, and how newer "like-for-scalable" VDI architecture methods really work.

  • How HCI Tackles Common IT Challenges

    In this quick read, find out what traditional IT and organizational challenges are driving enterprises like yours towards hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, ranging from greater data protection needs to enhanced business agility.

  • Secure Digital Workspace - Buyer Check List

    Use this checklist to help choose the right digital workspace for your organization.

  • Secure Digital Workspace - Transforming Business

    Download this infographic to see how you can ensure a digital workspace that meets the demands of mobile employees without compromising security.

  • The Storage Difference in a Secure Digital Workspace

    This white paper outlines how a combination of digital workspace softwareand modern hyperconverged infrastructure can help you achieve continuous availability, even during onboarding or a merger.

  • Your Instant Genius Guide to a Secure Digital Workspace

    Download this guide to explore the issues related to the deployment of a secure digital workspace, and uncover some of the proven best practices that can guide a successful unified workspace adoption.

  • Secure Digital Workspace - Steps to Success

    Click here for the 8 steps to creating a secure digital workspace for your enterprise.

  • The Hybrid Cloud: Meeting The Challenges Of Today's IT Managers

    Hybrid cloud – often touted as the end-all solution for leveraging public and private clouds – isn't without its own shortcomings. Read more to learn how a cloud management solution from VMware can help your business hurdle the complexity, time, and cost burdens that can weigh down your hybrid strategy.

  • Rolta AdvizeX and HPE: Tailored Solutions for Your Business

    Lowering total business costs and increasing availability are the bread and butter that hyperconverged infrastructure brings to the table. In this video, learn about an HCI solution and strategy provider and how they can help your business build a modern and reliable foundation that takes advantage of these benefits.

  • Insight From Elite VCDX Professionals and Why Virtualization Matters

    Only 265 people hold this certification worldwide – marking them as world-class virtualization architects. Tune in to this webcast to learn about the importance of virtualization design and why it matters to your business, straight from a group of these elite VCDX professionals and architects.

  • An Intelligent Response to Rising Threats

    This white paper offers an approach to enhancing your current SIEM approach to improve security and protect against ransomware and malware targeting your enterprise's data.

  • Network Virtualization: The Next Step in Data Center Transformation

    Server virtualization has reduced costs, but it hasn't cut down complexities. The end-goal is actually a software-defined data center (SDDC) and the path is through network virtualization. Read on to learn why SDDC is the future of data center technology and why network virtualization is becoming increasingly vital.

  • Move Mission-Critical Workloads Into the Cloud

    With more enterprises looking to invest the majority of IT budgets in the cloud, you need a cloud platform built to address the unique needs of mission-critical applications including security, compliance, and guaranteed performance and service levels. Read on to learn more.

  • Stretch Your Storage Budget With Dell EMC's Elastic Cloud Storage

    In this white paper, learn why traditional archiving systems aren't able to cope with big data volumes, and the public cloud is still too risky a place to keep valuable or sensitive documents. Then, read 5 ways you can stretch your budget and provide safe, scalable storage with Dell EMC's Elastic Cloud Storage.

  • Digital Transformation Starts Here

    Roughly half of businesses don't know what their industry will look in three years, and 45% of businesses are worried about becoming obsolete over the next three to five years. Find out which three aspects of your IT department need to be transformed to keep your organization alive during the tumult of the next five years.

  • The Hyper-Converged Data Center: From Request to Reality in 30 Minutes

    IT is no longer exclusively responsible for technology governance, as the cloud enables more parts of the business to buy "instant infrastructure." This e-book to learn how to get a grip on cloud, what you can do with anhyper-converged infrastructure-driven data center, and how to get an HCI up and running in half an hour.

  • Cloud Management: Your New IT Focus

    As the cloud grows in adoption, security is no longer the main concern; it's management. This e-guide explains the focus of cloud management, the challenges that you will need to overcome for a successful strategy, what to look for in management platforms, and more.

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