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  • Everything you need to know about NVMe storage

    Use this handbook to learn more about where NVMe development began, and predict where it's heading in the future, including how it will improve any form of nonvolatile memory, improve Ethernet connections, and more.

  • Storage in the age of convergence and cloud

    This issue of 'Storage' magazine looks at enterprise-class storage options in the age of data convergence, flash storage and cloud-based disaster recovery.

  • Planning is paramount for a private cloud environment

    If you're thinking about building your own private cloud environment, planning ahead is integral. In this handbook, learn helpful steps towards easy private cloud implementation, 10 platform tips to help make launching your environment painless, and more.

  • Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Flash?

    Download this issue of Storage Magazine to overcome the hurdles to an all-flash data center, as well as get vendor-neutral advice on suitable alternatives like cloud and high-capacity HDDs. You'll also access articles detailing how to fight ransomware with object storage, and more.

  • All-flash Storage Arrays: Are They Killing Hybrids?

    Where there are instances when either all-flash or hybrid arrays work well—that is where the battle for dominance occurs. In this issue of Storage Handbook, our experts deconstruct the hybrid vs. AFA debate, digging into cost, network connectivity, and which arrays are more pertinent for primary storage workloads.

  • Storage Purchase Priorities 2017

    'Storage' magazine's April issue looks at IT spending trends, top data storage options, examines hyper-convergence technology and explores smarter storage.

  • Storage Magazine, October 2015, Vol. 14, No. 8

    Storage magazine's October issue examines flash storage technology, takes a closer look at how the vSphere 6 release impacts storage and explores data capacity challenges.

  • Flash, Flashier and Flashiest: The State of Solid State in 2017

    All-flash arrays have virtually eliminated flash storage performance issues—for now. But apps and user expectations are catching up. Will innovations in SSD technology keep solid-state ahead of the curve? Download this month's issue of Storage Magazine to find out and to differentiate each type based on best use case.

  • The best storage products of 2016

    Take a step back and look at the big picture of how storage technology developed in 2016 in this expert-ezine. Learn the winners of the 15th annual storage products of the year award, how flash will (or won't) change the DR landscape in 2017, and more.

  • Take a Deep Dive into the Software-defined Storage Market

    Download this handbook to discover how to extract the most value from the software-defined storage market—and obtain the best ROI from your virtual storage—with this deep dive into SDS technologies, including hypervisor-based SDS, object SDS, and more.

  • Twelve Storage Companies to Watch in 2017

    Storage Magazine's January issue shares the 2017 outlook for 12 enterprise data storage vendors and offers a how-to guide to build a private storage cloud. Read on now to navigate the challenges and opportunities the future of data center storage presents.

  • Hot Data Storage Technologies for 2017

    Storage magazine's December issue explores data storage market technology trends for 2017 and offers a step-by-step guide to a better cloud DR plan.

  • NVM Express, NAND Flash Energize Storage Vendors

    Take a closer look at how NVM Express and NAND flash memory are among the emerging drive technologies and standards put forth by flash vendors.

  • Devising a Plan to Implement Hybrid Cloud Storage

    While it's become a popular alternative to jumping feet-first into a cloud environment, hybrid cloud isn't always the easiest thing to implement. Access this handbook to help you integrate your IT shop and the cloud with as few hiccups as possible, confronting common hybrid cloud mistakes, and more.

  • Everything You Need to Know about Snapshots

    Download this issue of Storage Magazine to ensure the up-to-date protection and rapid recovery of data by complementing backups with snapshots, and read additional articles such as: hyper-convergence, a boon for data protection?

  • VMware VVOLs Change the Game for VM Storage

    VMware vSphere 6 brought good news for storage administrators, notably the introduction of VVOLs. VVOLs do for virtual storage what VMware vSAN did for direct-attached storage, allowing granular storage provisioning and management at the virtual machine level.

  • The Value of Emerging Data-Aware Storage: An October 2016 E-zine

    In this October 2016 issue of Storage Magazine, you will key into a new and emerging class of data-aware storage that's deigned to add value to your investment by "knowing" all about the data it stores. Discover how these systems deliver sophisticated, automated storage data management, and more.

  • Storage E-Zine September 2016: Managing the Information That Drives the Enterprise

    Storage magazine's September issue looks at copy management systems, examines flash storage caching and shares Quality Awards survey results for data backup apps.

  • Flash Cache, Tiers or Both? Consider the Workload

    Knowing when to use flash storage caching, tiering or both depends on the applications where it will be used, the demands of those applications and your budgetary constraints.

  • Best bets for modernizing legacy storage systems

    Managing data capacity is a never-ending challenge, but you may not need a new data storage infrastructure. Modernizing legacy storage systems isn't impossible... or even difficult.

  • Scale-Out NAS vs. Object Storage

    This issue of storage magazine explores the strengths and weaknesses of scale-out NAS and object storage, offering expert advice on how to choose the right option for your enterprise's needs. Also discover tips to improve your storage efficiency, a breakdown of enterprise file sync and share deployment models, and more.

  • Storage in a Container: Dealing with Docker

    In this issue of Storage Magazine, explore the results from the latest storage purchase survey and gain insight into the adoption of developing storage categories such as hyper-converged systems, object-based storage and all-flash arrays. You will also learn more about Docker's storage platform, hyper-converged secondary storage, and more.

  • The Advantages of Hadoop Storage Systems

    Vendors like EMC, IBM, NetApp and SanDisk offer Hadoop alternatives via data center-grade storage systems with built-in data protection, integrity, security and governance.

  • HDFS Options for Your Big Data Environment

    As data grows, it brings challenges. Big data problems include the ability to manage it. Real-time analytics, object storage and Hadoop can help, but here's what you need to know.

  • Bling Inside – Servers Get Flashy with Solid State

    In this issue of Storage magazine, discover how to effectively inject new life into DAS and revive legacy storage architectures with server-side solid-state. Read on to access an article exploring state of the art of tape, and discover why it still has a solid place in enterprises as an archive tier.

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