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  • How to design and build a data center

    With so much of today's innovation being focused on digital infrastructure, it is crucial that the physical infrastructure upon which our digital world is built, is not forgotten. Read on to learn what experts have to say about building and designing a data center.

  • Select the best server for your data center

    Servers can do a lot in the data center like enabling remote worker productivity, building up new offices and controlling access to company data. Dive into this buyer's guide to sort through the vast options to find the best server, rack or blade for your environment.

  • A data center planning and design guide for IT pros

    IT pros have more data center planning and design options – on-premises, cloud, edge and software-defined computing – than ever before, but still need to allocate financial resources wisely. Learn how to budget for today's evolving data center infrastructure and explore popular configuration options.

  • Encryption, Speed Push the Modern Mainframe into the Future

    Access this expert guide to learn about what the modern mainframe brings to the table, promising end-to-end encryption as well as new capabilities in speed, microservices, and machine learning.

  • Evaluating Converged vs. Hyper-converged Infrastructure Benefits

    Download this definitive e-book on evaluating the benefits of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, from which you'll learn the positives and drawbacks of each, view details on evaluating HCI for high-density data centers, and more.

  • Building and Implementing a True SDDC Platform

    Choosing a software-defined data center platform requires planning and a thorough technology evaluation. In this handbook, find out what it takes to build and implement a software-defined data center platform that works.

  • Ask the right questions before committing to a colocation SLA policy

    Colocation providers offer valuable business continuity services. To avoid disappointment, be sure a service-level agreement sets clear expectations.

  • Your Converged Infrastructure Strategy: It Requires a When and a Why

    This vendor-neutral e-guide helps you evaluate converged infrastructure (CI) and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) for yourself and discusses how implementation CI impacts your IT team. Read on as our experts help you determine when's the proper time to implement CI in your enterprise.

  • How hyper-converged systems change IT management

    In this handbook, learn how you can ready your IT staff and management policies to the new protocols dictated by hyper-converged infrastructure adoption. Discover the important of implementing policy-based management, reshaping how you think about capacity planning, and more.

  • Modern Infrastructure E-zine – January 2017

    The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the key new products in cloud computing and data center technologies. Review what happened in 2016 and a look ahead at what's in store for your data center in 2017.

  • Modern Infrastructure E-zine – November/December 2016

    In this month's Modern Infrastructure e-zine, take a look at the data management market and how you can equip your management infrastructure for the big data trend, how to prevent kernel breakouts and ensure the security of container-based workloads, strategies for simplifying today's data center networks, and more.

  • Making Room in the Data Center for Big Data and IoT: Chapter 3

    A big data initiative or IoT project will strain a network, so plan for how your data center and network infrastructure will handle all of that data.

  • Modern Infrastructure – October 2016

    This month's Modern Infrastructure e-zine examines how two abstraction technologies are being used together and how some open source innovators are even latching onto this best-of-both-worlds idea in an effort to better merge containers and VMs.

  • Modern Infrastructure E-zine – June 2016

    Are containers an open source lifeline? That remains to be seen, as the technology just might offer a saving grace to the OpenStack infrastructure. Find out how containers are impacting Openstack deployment.

  • Modern Infrastructure E-zine: May 2016

    Enterprises must decide whether container orchestration is right for them -- and fast.

  • The Effects of IoT and Big Data on Storage

    Finding the right storage for big data and IoT projects involves careful consideration of use case, file type and other key details.

  • Modern Infrastructure E-zine: Storage for a Containerized World

    The hype around containers may have reached a fever pitch, but enterprise's weighing how many eggs to put in that basket should consider how well (or how poorly) containers meet their data storage needs before they take things any further. This exclusive issue of the Modern Infrastructure E-Zine takes a look at storage for a containerized world.

  • Low-Cost, Low-Fuss Ways to Extend a Data Center's Life

    While putting together a strategy for what to do about an aging IT infrastructure, make some small-scale data center improvements to extend the life of that existing facility.

  • Modern Infrastructure E-zine April 2016

    Read the latest Modern Infrastructure e-zine to get an exclusive look at this month's feature article, illustrating how DHL expects to develop innovative services for evolving supply chains with their new Asia Pacific Innovation Center. Additionally, read on to discover how cloud providers forge partnerships and alliances in Asean, and more.

  • Modern Infrastructure ANZ April 2016

    Read this month's Modern Infrastructure e-zine to view an exclusive interview with Digital Transformation Office CEO Paul Shetler, and learn how he's leveraging Australia's high-stakes transformation imperative into better citizen services.

  • Figure Out if Your Data Center Measures Up

    Data center infrastructure management tools provide insight into an organization's facility and IT resources. The challenge is selecting a tool that's easy to use. This handbook explains how DCIM tools can be useful to both IT and facilities teams for gathering data and condensing it into useable information.

  • Modern Infrastructure E-Zine – March 2016

    In this edition of Modern Infrastructure, senior technology editor Stephen Bigelow discusses the advantages and disadvantages of implementing microsegmentation solutions. Learn more about this new security technology and gain insight into today's trends on cloud backup, disaster recovery, and more.

  • Effectively Mixing On-Premises and Cloud Resources

    Hybrid cloud best practices are evolving as organizations learn how to effectively blend on-premises IT with the cloud. This handbook explores the security issues, costs and the best uses for these hybrid cloud environments.

  • A Colocation Agreement You Can Live With

    This handbook delves into the elements that make for a good working relationship between a business and its chosen colocation provider by discussing four key areas to keep in mind when negotiating, reviewing, and signing a colocation SLA.

  • Modern Infrastructure: Pushing Cloud to the Limit

    How do you determine if it is better for your infrastructure to stay on-premises or move to the cloud? This exclusive issue of the Modern Infrastructure e-zine takes a look at this question and details when and where the cloud works and whether you should consider keeping your infrastructure on-premises.

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