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  • Cyber Security and Compliance Guide for Financial Services

    Financial services is one of the highest-risk industries in the world, both in cybersecurity and compliance. With one of the highest costs-per-record-breached in industry, FS must take steps to ensure they compliantly keep systems secure. Read this e-book, Cyber Security and Compliance Guide for Financial Services, to learn how.

  • 15 Ways Your Website is Under Attack

    Web applications are under constant attack, but understanding these types of attacks will help you prevent fraud, data theft and online automated abuse – it can even provide a roadmap on how to protect your business. Download this e-book to learn 15 ways in which your website is attacked, many of them verified by OWASP.

  • Open Banking – Reshaping Financial Services

    Across the financial services industry, the concept of open banking is expected to reshape the competitive landscape and customer experience. But what exactly is open banking, how will it affect users, and how will it look across different geographic regions? Read this white paper to find out.

  • The Anatomy of Account Takeover Attacks

    Account takeover attacks are a growing type of identity theft plaguing today’s organizations. This e-book, The Anatomy of Account Takeover Attacks, provides a comprehensive look at account takeover attacks, including OWASP’s definition and an overview of methodology, variants, common tactics, and more.

  • How Imperva DDoS Protects at Scale

    Today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks can serve as a serious hinderance to your customers’ ability to access your site and apps – which can have significant financial and reputational impacts. Read this white paper to learn about the key features and capabilities Imperva’s DDoS security tool.

  • Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls

    In this Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls (WAF) report, unlock an expert analysis of the WAF market as a whole and discover Gartner’s comprehensive evaluation and comparison of today’s leading WAF vendors and offerings – read on to unlock the full report.

  • 14 Questions to Ask Your Application Security Vendor

    Application environments vary wildly from one organization to the next, so organizations need to make certain that their application security posture is custom fit to their unique needs, challenges and regulatory requirements. Read this e-book to unlock the 14 key questions you should be asking your application security vendor(s).

  • Protecting Financial Institutions from DDoS Attacks

    In a recent survey, IT pros indicated that DDoS is the top threat to their network. And while organizations implement more effective DDoS security safeguards, cybercriminals can still outsmart the latest mitigation techniques. View this white paper to learn what DDoS threats mean for finance, and see best practices for mitigating DDoS attacks.

  • Database and Big Data Security

    This report provides an overview of database and big data security market along with guidance and recommendations for finding the sensitive data protection and governance products that best meet your requirements. Read this 75-page report to enhance your understanding of the market and discover how to find a solution best-fit to your needs.

  • Five Steps To Ensuring Secure And Compliant Aws Rds

    While database-as-a-service (DBaaS) program, like AWS RDS, offer unmatched capabilities in terms of access and storage capacity, users often feel that compliance and security can be challenging. Read this white paper to unlock the 5 essential steps your organization should to take to ensure secure and compliant AWS RDS.

  • Meeting Data Security Challenges In The Age Of Digital Transformation

    Digital transformations have added complications to the already-challenging task of protecting critical or sensitive data. In order to protect your most valuable commodity, you need to understand its attack surface – read this Imperva whitepaper to learn more about today’s data security challenges and best practices.

  • Data Privacy Tool Kit

    Get a closer look at CCPA, steps for securing data to comply with GDPR, and 5 secure steps to NYDFS compliance, all inside the 2021 Data Privacy Toolkit.

  • Web Application Firewalls Are Worth the Investment for Enterprises

    This resource explains how Web application firewalls help security leaders to better protect Web applications in their organizations.

  • How to Leverage Free Tools to Secure Web Apps

    Expert Michael Cobb sheds light on the true benefits of a zero-cost, open source Web application security scanning tool.

  • Software Security for Web Developers: Providing a Helping Hand

    This expert e-guide from sheds light on how fostering harmony between security and software development teams can ensure application protection early on.

  • Your Personal Web Attack Survival Guide

    This white paper explains the latest hactivist and cybercriminal methods of attack, and presents a 7-step guide you can use to safeguard your website from attack.

  • Cutting the Cost of Application Security

    This white paper presents a cost breakdown of a Web application firewall solution versus the potential costs of remediation after a successful Web attack. Click now to see why this solution is worth the investment.

  • The Future of Web Security: 10 Things Every Web Application Firewall Should Provide

    This guide takes a look at 10 things that every web application firewall should provide.

  • Understanding Web-Based Crime-Fighting Techniques To Protect Your Critical Data

    In this e-guide, brought to you by, you will gain an understanding of the risks to your data and strategies to protect your systems within the limits of your resources.

  • Imperva's Web Application Attack Report

    Imperva’s Application Defense Center (ADC), as part of its ongoing Hacker Intelligence Initiative, studied web application attacks across 40 applications over a six month period. View this report to explore key findings and gain recommendations to help you better prioritize vulnerability remediation and web application projects.

  • Imperva’s Web Application Attack Report

    Imperva’s Application Defense Center studied web application attacks across 30 applications, monitoring more than 10 million individual attacks targeted over a period of six months. This report offers key findings of their study and recommendations to help you better prioritize vulnerability remediation and web application projects.

  • Death and Taxes...and Hackers

    View this video to learn about a tax scheme that is sweeping through the internet, and how to avoid falling victim to it.

  • Botnets at the Gate: Stopping Botnets and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

    This paper attempts to lift the veil on botnets and the cyber-criminals behind them. It analyzes the history, growth, and economics behind botnets. It then investigates one of the most common attacks executed by botnets: the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

  • Database Security Audit and Protect Critical Databases

    Databases store extraordinarily valuable and confidential data. An increasing number of compliance regulations compel organizations to audit access to this sensitive data and protect it from attack and abuse.

  • Top-10 Guide for Protecting Sensitive Data from Malicious Insiders

    Insider threats, both careless and malicious, abound. This fact is amplified during difficult economic times. With a plethora of digitized information, and vehicles for turning credit card data, personally identifiable information and intellectual property into cash, goods, and other services, risks have increased.

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