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  • Understanding the Risks of SAP's Vision for Cloud and S/4HANA

    Take a moment to listen in as Rimini Street breaks down the risks of SAP’s vision for cloud and S/4HANA in this webcast.

  • Database Hidden Truths and Market Trends

    Why are traditional, commercial DBs declining in popularity? Watch this webinar to learn why some think the ROI on commercial databases and their support is declining and learn how to leverage emerging database support alternatives, like open source.

  • Rimini Street Support for JD Edwards

    While today’s JD Edwards systems are more reliable than they were in the past, businesses are still paying the same amount for less support. Rimini Street allows businesses to replace traditional SLAs with support customized for their particular use case. Read this short white paper to learn how your business can optimize your JD Edwards support.

  • Rimini Street Support For Peoplesoft

    If you’re struggling to justify the high cost of Oracle annual support, you’re not alone. Preferring to extend the life of their current PeopleSoft release, many organizations are reducing costs by moving to independent support, like Rimini Street. Learn about Rimini Street’s support offerings and how you can get started in this data sheet.

  • What Path Are You On With Oracle Peoplesoft?

    Access this data sheet to learn the different paths with Oracle PeopleSoft and see how Rimini Street can make sure you’re on the right one.

  • Gartner Predicts 2020

    Gartner predicts great things for the third-party enterprise software support industry, with actual inquiry volumes pointing to the acknowledgement of third-party support as an established offering. Read more of their predictions in this blog post.

  • Rimini Street Support For SAP Business Suite

    Rimini Street replaces SAP support for SAP Business Suite products—delivering significant annual cost savings and the flexibility to upgrade or move to the cloud when there’s clear business value. Learn about their offering and key benefits you could achieve in this data sheet.

  • The Mandatory Evolution of ERP Software

    ERP software has come a long way since it was first invented in the 1900s. Explore the evolution of ERP, and how deployment models have changed in this infographic.

  • Peoplesoft Customers Funding New Growth And Innovation

    See how 8 companies were able to take back control of their ERP spending with the help of Rimini Street in this eBook.

  • Oracle EBS Customers Funding New Growth And Innovation

    Maintenance and support for Oracle EBS is one of the largest annual spends for many organizations. See how 8 companies were able to take back control of their Oracle EBS spending with the help of Rimini Street in this eBook.

  • Navigating The Future Of ERP

    Customers face a critical inflection as SAP pushes its client base to the new S/4HANA platform. Download this white paper to review key considerations that can help you navigate the future of ERP—whether you’re moving to S/4HANA or not.

  • Rimini Street Support for Oracle Database

    Database users, like businesses who rely on Oracle DBs, are always looking for ways to improve performance, increase savings, and improve database stability. Read this white paper to learn how Rimini Street’s support is one way you can improve the ROI of your Oracle database investment.

  • Your JD Edwards Roadmap Options

    When it comes to JD Edwards software, your team has more options and paths to innovation than you might realize. This guide compares using JD Edwards Software on Oracle support and using JD Edwards Software on Rimini Street support. Explore the pros and cons of each support system here.

  • Demand a Change to the Endless Loop of Outdated Support Models

    Download this infographic to discover Rimini Street’s solution that offers unified support for 87 separate ERP-related systems.

  • Rimini Street Support for SAP HANA Database

    SAP HANA Database support can be problematic for companies that are looking for fewer updates, simplified DBA requirements, and better ROI. For these businesses, third party support might have the answers they’re looking for. Read on to see how Rimini Street supports SAP HANA Database in a customizable and flexible way.

  • Examining SAP’s Cloud Strategy Functional Support Services

    SAP’s recent focus has been their cloud portfolio and their S4/HANA line of products. Some companies may be surprised by what they find when they upgrade their SAP licenses. Read on to learn more about SAP’s cloud portfolio, their specific solutions, SAP’s support offerings, and pros and cons of these products.

  • Getting the Most from Your Oracle Database Support

    According to Rimini Street, Oracle is the leading database among SAP customers for good reason—it’s a mature, established product with few issues and proven value. Read on to learn how companies looking to minimize Oracle DB TCO, improve scalability and performance, and virtualize these databases are approaching their Oracle licenses.

  • Stuck Waiting at a Red Light With SAP S/4HANA?

    Is moving to S/4HANA right for you? Or would it mean unnecessary cost, risk and disruption without a reasonable assurance of value? Read this eBook to review key considerations for moving to SAP S/4HANA, as well as alternative methods to total migration.

  • Evaluating S/4HANA: Considerations For SAP Customers

    At SAP S/4HANA’s current stage of development, the downside risks—in terms of missing functionality and the costs and hazards of re-implementation—appear high.Download this white paper to review some of the top considerations for moving to SAP S/4HANA—with a breakdown of pros and cons.

  • Rimini Street Advanced Database Security

    Many DB professionals find that traditional database security patching methods are slow, complex, and ineffective. Read this datasheet to learn how Rimini Street Advanced Database Security offers virtual database patching, accelerating patches, eliminating the need for costly regression resting, and stopping zero-day exploits before they happen.

  • The Real Costs and Risks of Oracle ERP and Oracle Cloud

    According to Rimini Street, many Oracle ERP customers are still caught in the cycle of paying high annual maintenance fees of up to 22% and keeping pace with Oracle’s schedule of updates necessary to retain full support. Learn how third-party support can help your organization manage the costs and risks of Oracle ERP and Oracle Cloud in this guide.

  • Assessing an SAP-Rimini Street Strategy

    As SAP migration deadlines approach, you must consider if your business will make these critical decisions on SAP’s timeline or at your own pace. Rimini found that moving to third-party support from Rimini Street enabled businesses to lift the time pressure off their decision and maximize value from their existing SAP investment. Learn more here.

  • Third-party support goes mainstream

    Originating as a way to contain costs, third-party support has since been adopted as a tool for strategic portfolio management. Third-party support enables companies to eliminate license maintenance fees—and it’s because of these benefits that third-party support is now going mainstream. Learn more here.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Customers Prefer Current Proven ERP

    Recently, Rimini Street conducted a survey to understand Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) licensee perspectives and strategies. Review their findings in this eBook.

  • Rimini Street Support for BusinessObjects

    Because BusinessObjects’ products are mature and stable, many customers are starting to wonder if they need to constantly pay for new licensing and support. Read this white paper to learn why some companies are choosing to forgo renewal and build on their current BusinessObjects release—and see massive savings, without sacrificing BI performance.

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