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  • How Confident Are You That You Have Total Asset Visibility?

    WannaCry underlined the fact that, where network discovery is concerned, some visibility is effectively no visibility. Find out how you can get total asset visibility—and why it's so important—in this brief white paper.

  • AI: The Perfect Partner for the Future of Cyber Defense

    Read this white paper to learn how to encourage a collaborative effort between machine learning capabilities and human decision-making—specifically with cyber defense.

  • Secure SD-WAN: Security by Design

    Download this white paper to explore how to secure your SD-WAN services, starting with security by design.

  • Protecting What Matters Most

    In this article, discover Chet Patel, Global transformation and commercial officer at British Telecommunications reveal common discussions he has with customers about the importance of security.

  • Discovering the Unknown Unknowns

    Digital transformation and moving to the cloud can be difficult for customers but exciting for hackers. Although major providers seek to maintain security, enterprise requirements are complex. In this article, learn why organizations should continuously review their estate to ensure that changes or policies don't have undesired consequences.

  • Are Your People Sharing Too Much Information?

    What is published on the internet may be there forever, and in the wrong hands this open source intelligence could be used against you. In this article, explore 3 steps organizations can take to help prevent sensitive company data form being unintentionally shared.

  • Will I Save Money on my Global WAN if I Move to SD-WAN?

    A critical question that a lot of enterprises ask is, "Will SD-WAN help us save money while improving the network?" Unfortunately, the answer to that question is very complicated. Read on to find out what factors shape the financial impact of SD-WAN on your network.

  • Lessons Learned from Business Cases for SD-WAN

    In this article, learn about a structured approach to SD-WAN, understand your business need, and analyze the benefits to help you make an informed decision for your roadmap to network transformation based on a solid SD-WAN business case.

  • 2019 Networking Trends to Watch

    This Ovum Research report gives an update on each of the predominant network trends like SD-WAN, cloud, and NFV. Learn about the networking trends to watch throughout the rest of 2019.

  • Learn More About the Networking Virtualisation Journey

    Networks are going through a period of dramatic transformation, but it is the next phase of networks which will be truly transformational. Instead of boxes, virtualized versions of a range of different services can be deployed on edge devices or from the cloud. In this article, learn more about the virtualization journey.

  • Securing Dynamic Networks

    Networks are changing as new 'internet native' applications and services drive demand for more bandwidth, performance and flexibility. This paper provides a summary of the key security considerations in the hybrid network landscape, as well as some suggestions as to how the challenges can be overcome.

  • Build the Infrastructure Your Business Needs to Thrive

    This white paper helps you survey your options – from SD-WAN to NFV and beyond – and explores how to overcome 3 network evolution challenges. Find out how you can identify the ideal time and way to adopt new network technologies and transform your network at a global scale.

  • The Real Way to Future-Proof Your Network

    Read this brief article to learn about the ongoing network evolution, beyond the boundaries of SD-WAN, that is already happening with the emergence of network virtualization, orchestration, cloud, and APIs.

  • SD-WAN vs. MPLS: Which is More Secure?

    Read this article to hear from vice president of networking for British Telecommunications, Keith Langridge on why he thinks a MPLS network is more secure than SD-WAN, and find out how you can get secure, high-performance connectivity between critical sites.

  • Balance the Risk and Reward of the Cloud Exec Summary

    In this quick article, discover how companies across the globe are tackling the latest cloud challenges – including multi-cloud management, advanced cloud security threats, and more.

  • Mastering Multi-Cloud Management

    Whether its user experience, security, or network challenges, find out what it takes to take your multi-cloud strategy by the horns.

  • 4 Steps to Creating the Ideal Cloud-Ready Network

    Businesses today are accelerating, responding to the need to be more agile and react faster. As a result, the cloud is appealing to many organizations, a way to boost flexibility, innovation, and availability. Discover 4 steps to building a cloud-ready network.

  • Balance the Risks and Rewards of the Cloud eBook

    In this detailed guide, learn about three of the most common challenges associated with a move to the cloud, and how to solve them – including making the correct technology choices, adjusting network capabilities, and more

  • The Age of the Multi-Cloud is Here

    It's impossible to deny the cloud's influence on all aspects of business, and yet, 49% of organizations are delaying cloud deployment due to a cybersecurity skills gap. Find out how to take a holistic approach to cloud security so you can effectively protect your whole environment and reduce risks.

  • Don't Let Security Cloud your Views on Digital Transformation

    Discover what you need to know to dispel the myths around how to move to the cloud securely.

  • Five Tips on How to Master Multi-Cloud Management

    In this quick guide, read through five tips for assembling a cloud management strategy that can strike a balance between innovation and control.

  • Balancing Security and Digital Transformation

    This e-brief examines security across three domains—cloud, compliance, and cyber threats—and makes recommendations that can help CISOs and their companies make security integral to the business. Read on to learn more.

  • Helping Noble Group to Secure its Global Network

    The Noble Group, a Hong Kong-based global banking company needed to maintain their highest standards of network security. Since their whole business revolved around real-time, online global trading, it was crucial to have a secure and dependable network. Read on to learn about the security services they implemented.

  • Building Nation-Level Defenses to Fight Cybercrime

    Download this resource learn about a defensive strategy to protect your organization's assets and fight cybercrime, today.

  • How We Stay Ahead of a Changing Threat Landscape

    The security threat landscape is confusing and changing rapidly – there's so much out there, how do you understand where the true risks are? In this article, learn about how British Telecommunications is responding to the changing threat landscape and how you can apply this to your organization.

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