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  • MDL Technology protects SMBs with Webroot MDR

    Access this case study to learn how Webroot helped MDL stay ahead of cybercrimes by adding continuous monitoring, real-time threat detection and active response.

  • An MDR Best Practices Guide for MSPs: Making the case for Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

    Tap into this guide to learn how MDR allows you to elevate your cybersecurity service offering cost-effectively to a level where the detection of and response to threats matches the speed at which threats are evolving.

  • Is your security engineered to beat social engineering?

    To protect your business from social engineering, it’s important to focus on the “social” part of your organization: your workforce. Learn why hybrid workforces are targeted and why you should invest in multi-tiered protection in this infographic.

  • Five Reasons: Why MSPs Choose Webroot MDR powered by Blackpoint

    To secure their clients from cyberattacks, managed services providers (MSPs) are in real need of a managed detection and response (MDR) setup that’s purpose-built for the MSP business model and infrastructure. Access this infographic to view one such solution: Webroot MDR powered by Blackpoint.

  • Disrupt the hacker timeline now

    View this infographic for a snapshot look of a solution—Blackpoint Cyber’s managed detection and response (MDR) platform, designed for MSP workflows—you can use to disrupt hackers.

  • 24/7 Fully Managed SOC Protecting MSPs

    MSPs are targets of attackers who see you as the perfect access point to a wealth of networks and industries. Learn how to level-up your cybersecurity strategy by enhancing your MSP’s SOC with proven managed detection and response (MDR) approaches.

  • UK Charity Preserves Data and Productivity with Carbonite

    While Microsoft offers a variety of capabilities, its native backup functions can be insufficient to secure all of an organization’s data. Read this case study to understand how you can enhance your backup and recovery capabilities for Microsoft 365 by leveraging Carbonite Backup to keep your data secure while meeting compliance needs.

  • Mastering Security Awareness Training from Buy-in to Build-out

    85% of data breaches involve a human element, while only 3% involve a vulnerability exploitation. Webroot Security Awareness Training’s mix of phishing simulations and course-based learning is meant to address this disconnect. Read this white paper to learn how superior security training can greatly limit data breeches.

  • Survey Shows Phishing Attacks Are Up and Few Are Spared

    Organizations reported an average of 28 phishing attacks over the last 12 months. Hackers are increasing their use of phishing attacks as it allows them to bypass many technological barriers by targeting human actors. Read this white paper to learn more about the rise in phishing attacks.

  • Agile workload migrations with Carbonite® Migrate

    Moving data and workloads seems inevitable – but with migration comes challenges around data quality, security and scalability. Tap into this infographic to learn how Carbonite can help your organization plan and execute a successful migration with infrastructure capability, streamlined migration planning and near-zero downtime or data loss.

  • Eight Tips for Mastering Migration

    Organizations are constantly looking into new products that offer speed and savings, but moving critical data to new systems is not a simple task. Read this whitepaper to learn 8 tips about performing a successful migration, regardless of what platform you are using or moving to.

  • 7 Reasons Every Business Needs SaaS Backup

    SaaS platforms are effective solutions for storing data in the modern digital era. However, many organizations overlook the fact that securing that data is a shared responsibility. Read this e-book to learn about factors that can lead to SaaS data vulnerability and loss and 7 reasons why every business needs SaaS backup.

  • Why It’s Critical for Businesses to Implement a Cyber Resilience Framework

    Cyber resilience, the ability to maintain business operations in the face of unending and evolving cyber threats, can be an intimidating topic for any business, but it doesn't need to be. Take a look at this IDC analyst report to learn the essential steps to form a powerful cyber resilience framework.

  • Nastiest Malware 2021

    Don’t let malware haunt you any longer. This infographic provides an entertaining overview of the 6 most dangerous types of malware on the internet. Access the infographic to learn about these scary viruses, and what you can do to protect yourself and your business from their wicked intentions.

  • Generating Profit And Advanced Threat Intelligence

    As hackers continue to improve and find new ways to commit cybercrimes, it is important that cybersecurity also improves in order to meet the increasing threat. AI and ML are powerful resources that could prove indispensable in the defense against cybercrime. Read on to learn more about how AI and ML are changing cybersecurity.

  • Keep Critical Systems Online, all the Time with Carbonite® Availability

    Modern organizations agree that data is at the heart of their industry, but few properly secure this tenet— 60% of small businesses facing data breaches close their doors after a mere six months. Look through this infographic to see how Carbonite can keep your business from facing critical downtime.

  • 2022 BrightCloud® Threat Report

    Cyber threats are becoming increasingly difficult to detect. Cybercriminals are also becoming experts in deception. To learn more and empower your cyber know-how, read the 2022 BrightCloud Threat Report.

  • Your Business Runs on DATA of Organizations Agree That Data Should Be At the Heart of Everything They Do.1

    By the end of 2021, some estimate there will be a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. And your organization won't be spared. Don’t let your data be your weakest link—protect it! Look through this infographic for the essentials of effective data protection, and see OpenText’s Carbonite suite of data protection products can help.

  • Survey Shows Phishing Attacks Are Up and Few Are Spared

    According to an IDG Market Pulse survey of 300 IT executives, companies reported an average of 28 phishing attacks each in the past 12 months despite valiant efforts at education and protection. Access this report to unlock further research findings and learn how a multilayered approach to cybersecurity can guard your organization from pushing.

  • Webroot Video 2

    In the past couple years, well-known enterprises such as Apple, Garmin, SolarWinds and other global companies have fallen victim to ransomware attacks from cyber criminals holding sensitive data hostage. Watch this webinar to learn about the evolution of ransomware, cryptocurrency and more.

  • Webroot Video 1

    Today’s cloud-first world has unlocked the doors to the traditional network perimeter and has grown the attack surface exponentially. Watch this episode of How Ransomware Sneaks In to learn how today’s cyberattacks occur regardless of a businesses’ size, how endpoint users are the key holders to threat attacks and more.

  • Webroot Video 4

    Watch this webinar to learn how many businesses and individuals believe they’re too small or insignificant to catch the eye of ransomware actors – and why that’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the targeting process.

  • Webroot Video 3

    While there may be no single point of entry for defending against all attacks, in the final episode of the Ransomware 2021: Resilience Against Ransomware, explore how a suite of cyber resilience solutions can even the odds if (and when) a security layer is penetrated by ransomware actors. Tune in to learn more.

  • Fact Or Fiction Perceptions And Misconceptions On Ai And Machine Learning In Cybersecurity

    While global confusion around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies continues, adoption keeps rising. Download this infographic to discover key survey results of enterprises and consumer about how knowledgeable they are about these topics.

  • How Secure Is Your Cloud Data? With Employees Working Remotely At Higher Rates, Business Data Is Increasingly At Risk.

    In a recent survey, 83% of respondents said flexible work policies will remain in the foreseeable future – so it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. Download now to learn how Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365 protects the entire suite of Microsoft 365 apps.

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