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  • HCL ZIE for Transformation

    HCL ZIE for Transformation extends mission-critical terminal applications to the web, mobile, or as standard SOAP or RESTful web services—without touching the existing application. Find out more here.

  • Delivering a world class experience

    More and more, customers are buying based on the experience instead of product selection. This external shift demands an internal change as well, as companies rethink what parts of their products and services they’re prioritizing. Find out how HCL Commerce makes agile commerce at scale a reality, with a special emphasis on experience.

  • Application Paranoia

    In episode 9 of Application Paranoia, the hosts discuss how “open” the devices we use really are at an application level, explain why prepared statements are better than executing queries, and interview a security director of application security at a large multinational organization.Access it here.

  • Seven Must-Have Endpoint Management Capabilities

    When endpoint management systems are effectively integrated with security and IT operations tools, they play a major role in proving compliance, stopping threats, consolidating tools, and protecting brands. Read the study to learn the Seven Must-have Endpoint Management Capabilities.

  • 5 Steps to Alleviate Endpoint Management Tool Sprawl

    As organizations are forced to establish long-term remote work strategies, cost-saving initiatives become more important than ever. An effective endpoint management strategy can streamline processes while securing endpoints – at a reduced cost. Read this white paper for 5 ways to alleviate the endpoint management tool sprawl.

  • AppScan for Newbies

    In this edition of AppScan Tuesdays, Eitan Worcel of HCL AppScan will walk you through a demo of their security testing tools with his 17-year-old son. Eitan will walk his son, A true newbie to HCL AppScan, through the process of using the tool to find security vulnerabilities in web applications.

  • Provide flexible, user-friendly tools for enhanced file processing

    Learn about HCL Z Data Tools, user-friendly tools that enable your team to manipulate data stored on z/OS systems interactively without requiring additional programming.

  • 4-step Work From Home Guide

    When a crisis manifests, organizations need to respond quickly or risk insolvency. CISOs and security teams must continue to protect sensitive data while teleworking, and IT and security operations must work together to patch and remediate vulnerabilities. Read this BigFix white paper to learn the 4 core capabilities to support secure telework.

  • Introducing HCL Z and I Emulator for Windows

    In this video, learn about the HCL Z and I Emulator for Windows, a native Windows 64-bit application designed to run on the latest releases of Windows operating systems and meet the needs of end users head on.

  • Fast-start your B2B Commerce with HCL Commerce

    In search for elastic scale, InterToys followed a 16-week implementation program for HCL Commerce on Google Cloud. Then, with the onset of the pandemic, the demand for toys skyrocketed in just 3 weeks. Luckily, with the fast implementation of their E-Commerce platform and the perks of Google Cloud, InterToys was more than prepared.

  • Interactive Application Security Testing

    Check out this white paper for an overview of Interaction Application Security Testing (IAST), its functionality, use cases, advantages, and disadvantages,

  • The Future of Digital Commerce & an API First Strategy

    Your eCommerce platform should adapt to your business strategy—not the other way around. In this video, learn how to leverage your eCommerce platform for the better—and identify the 4 key characteristics of a modern Digital Commerce platform.

  • HCL Software Z Abend Investigator

    Inside, learn about Z Abend Investigator, a problem determination tools for z/OS environments designed to put real-time analysis capabilities into the hands of developers and expedite the recovery process in the event of failures.

  • E-Zine: Enterprise CIO Decisions: Data Centers - Owning vs. Outsourcing

    Many factors are causing CIOs to wonder which is better: colocation, cloud computing or maintaining your own data center. Check out this month’s E-Zine from Enterprise CIO Decisions for expert opinions and advice on these important topics and learn best practices for managing your data center in this unpredictable economy.

  • Best Practices for a Successful Upgrade Project

    Upgrades help businesses to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Yet, upgrades pose their own set of challenges. This white paper lists the best practices that should be followed when upgrading to achieve maximum reliability.

  • SAP Upgrade Assessment: Mitigating Risk of Upgrade Projects

    This white paper examines the challenges and risks associated with SAP Upgrades and analyze how a SAP Upgrade Assessment could be used as a risk mitigation tool.

  • Rightsizing Oracle Upgrade to EBS R12 with a Pre-Assessment Program

    HCL offers pre-assessment services to its customers through its Pre - Assessment Methodology called AssessPRO™ which advices the customer on the benefits to switch over to latest versions of Oracle EBS R12.

  • SAP GRC Access Control Solution

    This white paper discusses how SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Access Control allow organizations to collaboratively define and oversee SoD enforcement, role management and compliant provisioning.

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