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  • Cybersecurity at a Crossroads:The Insight 2021 Report

    Despite 96% of organizations increasing cybersecurity investment, nearly 80% of IT leaders still lack confidence in their security posture – and 91% of organizations plan to increase spending again in 2021. To learn the biggest challenges driving these trends, download and read Insight’s IDG 2021 Cybersecurity Report.

  • 4 Strategies for Managing a Dispersed Workforce

    Check out this interactive resource to discover 4 key strategies that can help you make the right investments today to set your business and your people up for success in the future.

  • Guide to Managing Ongoing Change

    Every change in your team’s process or technology represents a need for new behaviors, skills, processes, roles and even cultural change. In this guide, explore the benefits and challenges of Adoption and Change Management (ACM), including the 5 key layers of ACM your team should know by heart. Save the guide here.

  • Insight Video 3

    In this webinar, learn how Insight's Cloud Accelerator Workshops can boost productivity and collaboration across your workforce.

  • Insight Video 1

    With the needs of the new workforce quickly evolving, and with threats always advancing, IT faces the challenge of securely and compliantly managing different working environments. Access this webinar to learn recent trends and developments in security and discover how you can face this challenge by utilizing a 3-layered approach.

  • Insight Video 2

    On March 2, it was announced that several zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered in Microsoft Exchange server. In this webinar, Charlotte Davis and Erik Westhovens of Insight will update you on the latest news and provide tools available to protect yourself. Tune in to get started.

  • Imi Standardises Videoconferencing Solution Across 50+ Countries

    Insight had recently helped IMI rapidly enable employees to work remotely by arranging for the necessary equipment to be delivered directly to homes. IMI now needed to equip its meeting rooms with conferencing hardware that was compatible with Microsoft Teams. In this case study, learn how Insight was able to help IMI make this happen.

  • Atlas Case Study

    Open up this case study to see how Atlas Cloud used Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure to expand their cloud-first strategy and gain an advantage over competitors who still offer services from private data centers, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshop

    In order to realize the full benefits of Microsoft 365, Microsoft offers a number of workshops designed to be a deep dive into a specific functionality or capability. Watch this short video for an overview of what’s covered in the cloud, remote work, compliance and security workshops.

  • Harness the Power of Teams to Become a Teams Guru

    When it comes to Microsoft Teams migration, having the right guidance and deployment schedule is key to the success of your adoption. Watch this webinar to review the 5 steps you can follow to ensure a smooth and productive journey.

  • Skype vs. Microsoft Teams

    Skype for Business Online will be retired on July 31, 2021—which means it’s time to start thinking about your migration to a new platform, like Microsoft Teams. Get tips for planning your upgrade to Teams, and check out a pre-migration checklist, in this webinar.

  • Ensure your Workforce's Network is Free from Threat

    Tune into this webinar to hear an industry expert talk about one leading vendor’s virtual desktop platform, including features, implementation, enhanced security and more.

  • Unlocking Business Value with Microsoft 365

    Download this white paper to take a deep dive into Microsoft 365, covering benefits, challenges and how to build the ideal business case for digital transformation in your organization.

  • Insight Empowers The Workforce Of A Major UK Construction Group By Managing Its IT Support

    Dive into this case study to learn how the UK’s largest independent construction and building materials group selected a managed service provider that could ensure their business was running smoothly—and ensuring that employees were not hampered by IT issues.

  • Is IT Failing The Cost Optimisation Challenge?

    During a period of unprecedented cost reduction pressures, IT analysts have identified missed opportunities for spending optimization to the tune of millions of pounds. Discover these IT savings opportunities inside and learn how to start taking advantage of them.

  • Jato Cloud Case Study

    So, you’ve made it to the cloud. Now what? Next comes the hard work of cloud management and cost optimization. In this report, see how businesses can make the most out of their Azure deployment, starting with gaining a comprehensive understanding of their Azure environments and the associated costs.

  • Software Developer Makes a Quick Transition to Remote Work

    Transitioning 100,000 employees to a remote-first work experience overnight seems borderline impossible. Dive into this case study to learn how this large software company conquered today’s remote work paradigm switch with ease.

  • 9 Steps to Success: Introducing Office 365 Into Your Organisation

    Dive into this guide to learn nine best practices for creating a fruitful and easy-to-run change management strategy for Office 365.

  • How to Migrate from Microsoft Skype for Business Online to Teams

    On July 31, 2021, Skype for Business Online will be retired. This means the application will no longer be accessible or supported, putting your workflows and productivity at risk. The good news is that something is ready to take Skype’s place: Microsoft Teams. Download this eBook for step-by-step instructions on how to migrate from Skype to Teams.

  • How to Maximise Your Software Value with a Cost Effective Strategy

    Inside this 8-page guide, explore the efficiency of implementing a software lifecycle management strategy in your business. The guide covers the basics of a software development lifecycle and offers 3 steps to take to maximize your software licensing estate.

  • Unleash your Cloud’s Full Potential with Best Practice and Support

    Even if you followed the best practices when implementing your cloud solution, your usage is what really determines cloud success. Learn how AWS’ cloud governance services can help your business get the best performance, value and security from the cloud—just like you planned.

  • Discover the Governance and Compliance Features of Microsoft Teams

    In this webcast, the speaker dives into the significance of planning for governance, maintaining compliance, and lays out how Insight can help. Access it here.

  • How to Re-establish Your Network and Security Perimeter

    Data protection is being prioritized now more than ever. Organizations are looking for ways to improve their posture and maintain their business integrity by managing investments based on the correct risk profile. But when it comes to security, correctness takes time. Watch this webcast for a pragmatic approach to privacy and security.

  • How to drive effective remote working in your organization

    It’s time to debunk some popular myths about remote working. This webinar explores the realities of remote working by reviewing an effective remote working checklist, addressing common connectivity concerns, and myth busting.

  • Office 365 and Microsoft 365: Security and Management

    In this webinar, join security experts at Insight as they provide an overview of Microsoft 365 and Office 365; highlighting key differences between them, the importance of implementing security and management protocols, and key security tools that exist within the stack. Continue to watch the full webinar.

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