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  • Zscaler and Skybox Integration Demo

    See how easy it is to collect and analyze Zscaler Cloud Firewall data in Skybox to improve compliance, change tracking, access analysis and troubleshooting across your hybrid network environment.

  • 2020 Vulnerability and Threat Trends

    Enterprise growth is a double-edged sword – the more complex and distributed a business environment becomes, the larger the attack surface becomes. In this report, explore vulnerability and threat trends across 2020, including emerging threat vectors, disruptive attack methods, vulnerable operating systems, and more.

  • 2019 Cloud Trends Report

    As organizations continue to embrace the benefits of cloud technologies, they must also be mindful of the additional threats and vulnerabilities that can occur as a result of their transformation. In this report, analyze key trends and challenges related to cloud tools, infrastructures and security across 2019.

  • Skybox for Cloud: Extending and Unifying Security Management in Hybrid Networks

    Hybrid and multi–cloud deployments are opening up new cybersecurity challenges where inconsistent levels of visibility, misconfigurations and deployment of uncertified policies are all becoming more prevalent. In this white paper, learn more about these cloud security challenges and see how Skybox can help.

  • Skybox Security Solutions

    As cyberattacks continue to plague organizations through a growing number of vectors, cybersecurity needs become increasingly unique for each network. Read on to unlock this guide, which highlights the key features of each of Skybox Security’s offerings.

  • Smart Automation for Security Policy Management

    Gartner predicts that by the end of 2020 as many as 99% of firewall breaches will be a result of misconfigurations rather than software issues. To address misconfigurations, security teams are turning to analytics-driven automation tools. Read on to learn more about their capabilities & how they can help meet your security needs.

  • Skybox Security Overview

    This short video highlights the key capabilities of the Skybox Security Suite, which offers functionalities that range from vulnerability and threat management to firewall and security policy management. Learn more about the suite now, and see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

    Traditional vulnerability management was a bit like whack-a-mole: It relied on actively monitoring an environment for threats, then moving in to patch them as soon as they popped up. But what if you had the context to know where the ‘moles’ were most like pop up, and when? Read on to learn about this unique approach.

  • Hybrid IT-OT Security Management

    OT and IT environments have historically been managed and secured separately to focus on the unique vulnerabilities that plague each environment. However, a unified approach that combines IT and OT environments positions organizations to identify and combat threats most effectively. Read on to learn more about this hybrid approach.

  • Presentation Transcript: Beyond the PCI "Check list" -- A Path to Achieve Higher Levels of IT Security and Compliance

    PCI DSS is an opportunity for security professionals to leverage compliance initiatives to improve security and risk management. This presentation transcript illustrates how organizations must go beyond “checklist” compliance to improve security and IT efficiency -- through automation, prioritization, and focused attention on the critical issues.

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