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  • The 2022 Duo Trusted Access Report

    As global conflicts spill into the digital realm, protecting people through to the enterprise is increasingly urgent. In the Duo 2022 Trusted Access Report, learn how organizations are responding with zero-trust strategies and passwordless solutions.

  • Hitachi Adopts SASE to Implement a Zero Trust Model

    If you had to secure a legion of workers in a short timeframe, could you do it? Hitachi did with Duo delivering MFA and zero trust, and Cisco Umbrella blocking threats. Read Cisco’s customer success story on how Hitachi fortified its workforce.

  • Retail Cybersecurity: The Journey to Zero Trust

    Modern retail organizations are moving data to the cloud while still accessing on-premises applications.

  • Why single sign-on (SSO)?

    With Single Sign-On, end users only need a single set of credentials to log into multiple websites and applications, both cloud and on-premises. This makes life easier for users since they don’t have to remember multiple passwords and provides administrators a centralized way to manage all accounts and govern which users have access to them.

  • Does the FTC Safeguards Rule Affect You?

    Does the FTC Safeguards Rule Affect You? What you'll learn: What the FTC Safeguards Rule encompasses, How the new compliance security requirements apply, Tactics for protecting consumer data.

  • Duo Passwordless: Expert Tips and Your Questions Answered

    In this webinar, you will learn how passwordless authentication can benefit organizations of every size, the technical requirements for Duo’s Passwordless solution, the answers to your burning passwordless questions, and more.

  • Cyber Liability Insurance

    Like health insurance, cyber insurance is a line of coverage designed to mitigate losses from cyber incidents. This white paper looks at how cyber insurance can help in the case of a cyber incident, highlighting how security controls such as MFA and endpoint security can bolster the effects of insurance, and lower rates. Read on to learn more.

  • Duo For Australia

    2-pager for Duo tailored explicitly to Australian markets! Mentions & hyperlinks for IRAP certification, Essential 8 and data centers alongside Duo product features. Focuses on challenges of complex IT environments.

  • Duo for Essential 8 Duo Helps Organisations with ACSC Mitigation Strategies.

    This brochure explains how Cisco Secure Access by Duo aligns with the latest maturity model’s recommendations to fit your business’ unique needs. You’ll see how our zero trust strategies can arm each and every access point at your company, dually offering indiscriminate flexibility that helps keep users safe in any setting.

  • Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide

    In this guide, you will learn how to evaluate a solution based on, security impact,strategic business initiatives, total cost of ownership, and resources required. Read on to learn more.

  • Duo For India

    Duo helps organizations secure access to their critical business applications while maintaining data privacy, security and sovereignty through Duo’s local data center in India.

  • Duo For Essential Eight

    This comprehensive brochure explains how Cisco’s Secure Access by Duo fits with customers' unique security needs and aligns with the latest Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) updates to the Essential Eight Maturity Model recommendations. 

  • Cybersecurity For Remote Workers

    With roughly 50% of employees now working outside the office—using tons of vulnerable devices—DNS-layer security is more important than ever to secure remote workers against sophisticated threats. Explore this free e-book to learn what it takes to deliver ransomware protection and domain name service (DNS) protection to workers all over.

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) For Dummies

    How do IT teams securely enable the growing universe of roaming users, devices and SaaS apps without adding complexity? Explore this e-book to learn steps you can take to keep your organization safe as your network evolves, and to discover how these changes are paving the way to the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

  • Qantas Customer Story

    “Threats and exploits can’t get through, and Umbrella gives us confidence because we know that our users are protected when they’re surfing the internet on or off the network.” -Adam Kinsella, Product Owner for Network, Network Security, Qantas

  • Are Secure Web Gateways Outdated?

    This e-book describes how Cisco Umbrella’s secure internet gateway, can help increase flexibility by providing 360-degree security for cloud access and use, ensuring a successful future in the face of sophisticated threats.

  • What Cyberattacks Aren’t You Seeing?

    Security professionals need an easier and more reliable way to improve visibility and security both on and off the network. This e-book looks at the problems that outdated security systems can cause. A new and proactive approach is required to protect people and their devises.

  • A Roadmap To Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

    A SASE architecture is the future of security, combining networking and security functions in the cloud to connect users to the applications and data they need, wherever it is, from wherever they are.

  • How Cloud Security Reduces Threat Risk And Paves The Way To Sase

    A cloud-centric workforce requires new ways of tacking security challenges. This e-book explains how a SASE framework can help you secure the cloud and enable resilient protection for your whole network.

  • Introducing The Zero Trust Edge Model For Security And Network Services

    Traditional security and networking approaches don’t support today’s hybrid and distributed workforce. The solution? A cloud-managed and delivered convergence of networking and security function, which Forrester calls the Zero Trust edge (ZTE) model. Read on to learn more.

  • Cisco global cloud architecture sets the stage for powerful cloud security

    Learn how and why the Cisco global cloud architecture–a robust, global, and battle-hardened infrastructure–directly supports your business and your bottom line.

  • All the benefits of a Secure Web Gateway and more

    The traditional, on-premises Secure Web Gateway (SWG) was designed to block threats, enforce your policies, and deliver secure internet to workers. With a modern SWG, you can get all the threat-blocking performance with none of the complexity. This e-book explains how.

  • Secure Shadow IT

    An astonishing 98% of cloud services are adopted without any IT oversight. In 3 steps to managing shadow IT, you’ll learn how to: Gain full visibility of apps used across your network, analyze the risk involved with each cloud app or service protect your company from data loss, breaches, and other attacks. Read on to learn more.

  • Protecting your enterprise network in every way: Top 5 use cases for Cisco Umbrella

    The workplace has evolved, introducing new and complex IT security, compliance and data protection challenges. To keep your business protected, you need simplify your stack, while evolving it to meet these challenges head-on. Read this e-book to learn how Cisco Umbrella aims to provide effective threat protection across a variety of use cases.

  • The Radicati Group's Corporate Web Security - Market Quadrant 2021

    Radicati Market Quadrants are designed to identify top vendors within specific technology markets. Get this report to learn why Cisco Umbrella is ranked as a Top Player by Radicati and to compare strengths and weaknesses against other web security leaders.

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