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  • Top 5 Tips For Navigating Your Sase Journey

    SASE is projected to see rapid adoption due to its ability to seamlessly and securely connect users to applications from any device, anywhere. Is SASE an upcoming project for your organization? Download this checklist to learn Cisco’s top 5 tips for navigating your journey to a SASE framework.

  • Security Resilience For The Unpredictable

    Companies are investing in resilience, but without a security system as resistant as the rest of the organization, these investments will inevitably fall short. Access the following portfolio overview to learn about the 5 dimensions of security resilience and unlock an overview of Cisco’s diverse array of security offerings.

  • Distributed Cloud Series: Observability From Code To Cloud

    In a recent study, 357 DevOps and IT people said that they felt pressure to accelerate their operations—and that their major hurdle was the proliferation of microservices and APIs. About half of study participants reported that an observability platform/service mesh helped them improve security and manage modern apps…while conferring cost savings.

  • Cisco Secure Firewall: Strength in Unity

    Configuring multiple vendor solutions and making them work together is tricky, meaning your firewall needs to be more than a box—it must unify all security elements to make them more robust, faster, and more efficient. Tune into this brief video to discover how Cisco Secure Firewall fills this need.

  • Delivering Experience: First SASE and SSE

    In the face of disparate network environments, how can organizations boost security? Secure access service edge (SASE) and security service edge (SSE) present viable paths toward accomplishing that goal. Dig into this discussion between Nick Cavalancia and Cisco Systems’ representatives to learn about the security models.

  • Prioritizing SSE to Protect the Modern Digital Business

    As IT environments change, so do security models. In their conversation, ESG’s John Grady and Cisco Systems’ Doug Browne break down one emerging security model: security service edge (SSE). Review this transcript to unlock the SSE deep dive.

  • Cisco Umbrella Delivered Better Cybersecurity and 231% ROI

    Security resilience is all about reducing risk and thriving in uncertainty. In today’s increasingly digital business world, a single security incident can cripple an entire organization. Access this resource to learn more about Cisco Umbrella, including these key findings from a recent Forrester report regarding the economic benefits of Umbrella.

  • 2022 DNS Discoveries

    The domain name system (DNS) is pivotal in connecting websites and getting the most out of applications. But DNS was never meant to secure your web applications.This report looks at the state of DNS security, highlighting the 4 key threats facing DNS and providing strategies for preparing for and mitigating them. Read on to learn more.

  • Cisco Video

    Secure access service edge (SASE) is constantly being discussed, but what exactly does it mean?This video presents a brief introduction to SASE, explaining how it aims to converge networking and security into a single solution, and why it is so important.Tune in now to learn more about SASE.

  • Cisco Secure Hybrid Work Solution

    The FBI found that cybersecurity attacks rose by 3-4x as a result of the transition to remote work. In addition, experts predict that ransomware is expected to be a greater concern with the current hybrid work model. Access this datasheet to delve into the benefits Cisco’s Secure Hybrid Work Solution offers in this context.

  • The Total Economic Impact Of Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (Sig) And Security Service Edge (Sse)

    In this Total Economic Impact ™ study, Forrester Consulting defines the value derived from implementing Cisco Umbrella SIG / SSE and constructs a detailed cost-benefit analysis to help quantify benefits and inform security investment decisions.

  • Drive Security Resilience with Secure Firewall

    This paper introduces the benefits of Cisco Secure Firewall for driving security resilience across your hybrid and multicloud environment. View its benefits and core features here, including actionable intelligence that enables you to prioritize and share critical threat information so you can rapidly respond.

  • The key to delivering reliable digital services across the public sector

    Dive into this e-book for the keys to delivering reliable digital services across the public sector while satisfying security and observability needs.

  • Understanding the value and importance of monitoring and managing SAP

    Discover in this e-book the value and importance of monitoring and managing SAP, and find out how App Dynamics Performance Monitoring can help achieve in-depth visibility for your SAP applications.

  • Planning the Journey from SD-WAN to SASE

    SD-WAN emerged as the key to enabling seamless connection in the age of the cloud, but while it has been effective, its inherent security protocols are not enough. In order to overcome these weaknesses, organizations have set their sights on secure access service edge (SASE). Read this e-guide to learn more.

  • 2022 DNS Discoveries

    You can’t protect against what you can’t see. Cisco resolves billions of DNS requests every day and with every connection to website or application, Cisco gains insight into threats being staged all over the internet. From this data, Cisco can see how bad

  • How to Start Developing a Plan for SASE Implementation

    Today, countless organizations are marketing their own “SASE” offerings. But do these solutions really live up to the original conception of SASE? This e-guide is designed to help your organization implement SASE in the way it was intended, looking at 5 crucial steps for true SASE adoption. Continue on to discover more.

  • What is Zero-Trust Network Access? ZTNA Basics Explained

    Of all the strategies organizations have adopted in the wake of major digital advancements, none has garnered as much attention as zero-trust network access (ZTNA). This e-guide provides a comprehensive overview of ZTNA, explaining what it is, how it works, its many benefits, and the 5 main use cases in which ZTNA is key. Read on to learn more.

  • How Modern Security Teams Fight Today’s Cyber Threats

    This e-book can help security and IT professionals quickly deploy cloud-based cybersecurity that can easily scale as business needs change and protect users on and off the network.

  • How Australia’s Leading Retail Management Company has Adopted a SASE Approach

    “No matter where our employees work, we know they’re protected when they’re connecting directly to the internet, and we have full visibility into all the web traffic from Umbrella’s secure web gateway.” -David Wang, Network and Security Engineering Manager, Vicinity Centres

  • Talent Garden Video

    Talent Garden is the biggest platform in Europe that serves to connect digital professionals and entrepreneurs. They wanted to ensure that they had no security gaps that would make their data or programs vulnerable to attack. Cisco Umbrella helps both their staff, and their members work in protected and secure way, at home or at work.

  • 30 Minutes to a more Secure Network, on Campus and Off

    Between distance learning tools, cloud-based applications, and a student population that’s scattered beyond campus, proactive school cybersecurity has never been more important. Read this e-book, in which Cisco explores a shifting, dangerous tech landscape, and helps you quickly strengthen your network’s security capabilities.

  • Customer case video: Sunrise

    Why did the largest private telecom provider in Switzerland partner with Cisco Umbrella? Find out why one technical product manager told Cisco, “There are many DNS protection services around, but none of this class. The advantage of Umbrella, the whole know-how and power of Talos behind it, that really makes the difference.”

  • Generali Customer Case Study Video

    Cisco Secure has helped Generali accelerate and secure their digital processes, protecting all twelve of their branch offices, and ensuring the modernity and legacy of this family-owned and community-serving small business. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Expanding SASE threat protection with Cisco Umbrella Video

    Having an all-in-one service significantly simplifies security and reduces the cost, time, and resources. In this video, you’ll hear about Cisco’s recent announcements at RSA 2021 which include advanced security capabilities to better protect your users anywhere they work. Watch now to learn more.

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