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  • Active Directory Backup and Recovery with Veeam

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    This white paper reveals the main components needed for successful recovery. Read on to find out what you should consider when backing up AD, recovery of a full virtual machine, and more.

  • How Difficult is Failback from a Backup Virtual Machine?

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This expert e-guide explains the two steps involved with failing back to the primary VM, as well as two common mistakes that can happen during this process.

  • Comparing Virtual Machine Scalability of Backup and Recovery Solutions

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Access this test report to see how two leading enterprise backup and recovery solutions handle large-scale virtual machine deployments. Discover how they performed in both a SAN storage scenario and a NAS storage scenario and find out the scalability of the solution as the virtual machine environment grew.

  • VDI on integrated architecture delivers centralized support for apps

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc and Citrix

    Access this case study to learn how one healthcare organization refreshed its aging data center infrastructure with a desktop virtualization solution built on converged technology – combining compute, networking, and storage solutions – and explore the benefits they saw.

  • Identifying Performance Headroom

    Sponsored by: Tintri

    Access this webcast for a two minute demo series that shows you how you can identify performance headroom in a snap.

  • Getting to the Root Cause of Latency

    Sponsored by: Tintri

    Watch this two minute demo series about getting to the root cause of latency and make your life much easier.

  • Virtual Machine Aware, Hybrid Flash, VDI Storage

    Sponsored by: Tintri

    This white paper describes the application-aware architecture that provides a simple to manage, cost-effective VDI storage platform that meets the performance demands of hundreds of VMs. Read now and start providing predictable VDI performance sans complexity, for a consistent end-user experience.

  • VMware EVO:RAIL FAQ: Filling in the Gaps

    Sponsored by: VMware

    The following Q&A white paper asks and answers more than 30 of the most common question regarding VMware EVO: RAIL. Access now and uncover everything you need to know about this system, including what makes RAIL different from other infrastructure building blocks, what happens with licensing down the road, and much more.

  • Episode 3: Vmware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU Deployment & Best Practices

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    Inside this video, you'll learn the step-by-step process to create a vGPU enabled Horizon desktop pool. Download now to discover configuration best practices and recommendations for your environment and learn how you can get more information and resources for creating a vGPU enabled VDI environment.

  • The Importance of GPU Virtualization

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA

    Access this exclusive e-guide to explore the evolving world of graphics acceleration and uncover the available virtual GPU options and how they differ from one another. Learn why choosing the right vGPU option for your organization is critical to success.

  • Episode 2: Vmware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU Deployment & Best Practices

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    Access this webcast to discover the NVIDIA GRID vGPU on VMware Horizon step-by-step deployment guide, best practices, and important tips when deploying this architecture.

  • NVIDIA GRID vGPU Deployment Guide for VMware Horizon 6.1

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    Inside this step-by-step deployment guide, learn how to set up VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU to deliver advanced, graphics-rich applications to virtual desktops. Download now to learn basic installation processes and how to set up your environment for success with complex graphics-rich applications.

  • Improving Enterprise Graphics Virtualization

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    Access this white paper to find out how this partnership harnesses the power of true GPU virtualization to enable access to incredible graphics across devices and location, more affordably than ever. Also, discover the benefits of this approach for both IT and users.

  • Diffusing the Battle for Storage Resources in VMware Environments

    Sponsored by: Nimble Storage

    In this video, two experts discuss how running data analytics on your storage can enable you to know exactly what part of your virtual environment is causing latency and how to fix it.

  • VMware EVO:RAIL A radically simple building block for your software-defined data center

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Access this data sheet to learn more about the specs of EVO: RAIL and discover how this SDDC delivers top-notch compute, networking, and storage resources together with leading management products in a single package. See how EVO: RAIL enables you to go from initial power-on to VM deployment in minutes and more.

  • Delivering 3D Graphics from the Cloud

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    This video highlights how to deliver 3D graphics from the cloud by using a VDI paired with a virtual GPU approach. Watch now to find out the benefits your organization can see with this technology.

  • High Performance Graphics for Virtual Desktops

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    Access this webcast to learn about the growing demand for graphics-rich applications and explore different graphics use cases. Discover how features in VMware Horizon 6 support graphics rich applications and find out how you can set up Horizon 6 for high-performance graphics workloads.

  • VMware Horizon with NVIDIA Grid vGPU vs. Its Competitors

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    Download this video to see how VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU compares to CPU-emulated 3D graphics.

  • Join Brian Madden as he explores the Dell vWorkspace Clients & User Experience

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.

    Access this video to listen to Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth, experts on all things virtualization, talk with Dell representative Kelly Craig about what can be done with vWorkspace in regards to client devices and client configuration. Find out how you can set up vWorkspace on different client devices.

  • Watch Brian Madden demo the Dell vWorkspace Management Console

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.

    Access this video to watch virtualization experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth with Kelly Craig from Dell dig into the architecture of the Dell vWorkspace console, including a complete step-by-step demonstration of the capabilities of the vWorkspace management console.

  • Join Brian Madden at the Whiteboard as he explains his Dell vWorkspace demonstration

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.

    Access this informative webcast to listen to virtualization experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth talk with Kelly Craig from Dell about the latest desktop virtualization technology from Dell. Watch as they share the complete architecture overview of this platform and learn the steps to installing it within your own organization.

  • Delivering 24/7 Access to NC State University Users

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    Access this case study to learn how one education institute adopted virtualized desktops to deliver desktop services to students, faculty, and staff at anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Explore the benefits of this approach and learn how it provides a consistent, reliable end-user experience.

  • Top Takeaways from Vmware VVOLs

    Sponsored by: NexGen Storage

    In this e-guide, experts outline the five main lessons that can be taken away from the emergence of VVOLs.

  • Keeping Remote Teams Connected and Productive

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    In this case study, discover how an organization added NVIDIA GRID technology to provide the hardware-based GPU virtualization needed to deliver rich graphics to remote users accessing VDI deployments. Find out the benefits they saw and how they were able to deliver a collaborative and mobile workflow to all employees, regardless of location.

  • Hertz - World leading car rental company usesVMware View to simplify infrastructure andimprove user experience

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This white paper explains how VMware can help you simplify your server and desktop environment through virtualization. Read now to find out how Hertz cut costs and improved compliance.

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