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  • Modernize Your Legacy Apps for Cloud, Mobile, and More

    In this e-guide, Gartner analyst Dale Vecchio reveals 3 primary approaches to legacy app modernization. Plus, learn approaches for incorporating mobile apps as part of your legacy system modernization effort.

  • Red Hat Consulting: IT Operational efficiency

    In this invaluable resource, uncover how with the right consulting team to back your operations, you can cost-effectively improve your IT resource management and gain benefits like streamlined management, enhanced business performance, increased flexibility, scalability, and more.

  • Virtualize with Red Hat to maximize performance and minimize cost

    Check out the following white paper to learn about a virtualization platform that delivers performance and scalability at a cost 32% less to purchase and maintain compared to other leading virtualization platforms. View now to learn more.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization versus VMWare Vsphere

    This document compares the pricing of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with the pricing of VMware vSphere 5.5 for server virtualization. Read on to learn which one makes the most sense for you business in terms of both pricing and performance.

  • An Exclusive Look at How the Top Nine Private Cloud Software Suites Stack Up

    In this Forrester white paper, examine the top 9 most significant private cloud software providers, and discover the pivotal reasons for increased private cloud adoption in 2016. Read on to see which vendors are leading the pack, and assist your I&O professionals in selecting the optimum solution for your cloud initiative.

  • Standardize, Optimize, and Automate Deployments to Accommodate Business Needs

    Discover in this resource how to forge your path to innovation with a proactive IT strategy that will maximize performance and agility across infrastructure, applications, development, and operations. Access now to adapt to shifting business proprieties and learn the essentials of migrating off older systems and more.

  • IT Strategy for delivering efficient, secure and economic infrastructure

    In this invaluable resource, learn how by moving to a standard operating environment, you can achieve lower operational costs, improved security and compliance; deliver applications faster, and lay the groundwork for innovation.

  • Red Hat Cloud Suite For Applications: An Overview

    Today, the businesses that can create reusable microservices, use containers for portability, and automate development and management processes have a distinct competitive advantage over others in the field. Learn how the right cloud suite for applications can make all the difference.

  • Dualtec Excels with First Brazilian Public Cloud Offering Built on Openstack

    In 2009, Dualtec was the only one in Brazil doing cloud computing but they realized that expansion would not be possible without an integrated cloud environment. Access this video to learn more about Dualtec's journey in becoming Brazil's first public cloud offering.

  • Preparing for Private Cloud and Hybrid IT with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Administration

    As an increasing number of organizations migrate to private or hybrid cloud architectures, a primary concern is how to adopt these new technologies and methodologies while avoiding huge investments in starting anew. Access this white paper to learn more about the cost and benefits of one of these next-generation platforms.

  • Seven Considerations For Running Your Workloads In A Public Cloud

    While on-demand, self-service access is great, for an organization it's simply not enough. To run large, scalable applications, organizations need the flexibility to mix and match their provider options.Access this white paper you will learn seven key considerations to keep in mind when thinking about running your workloads in a public cloud.

  • Deliver Scalable, Agile, and Secure Public Cloud Services

    Cloud services is a highly profitable market that is oversaturated with businesses offering the same features. To stand out in this market, you need a cloud infrastructure that is solid enough to keep up. Some features to consider are software-defined storage and advanced management tools. Read on to learn more.

  • Adobe Delivers Cloud-Based Solutions with Help from Linux and Amazon Web Services

    Explore this case study to learn how Adobe delivers new cloud-based solutions with assistance from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering customers a SaaS option for deploying Adobe-based solutions and managing server load with rapid scalability.

  • How Amazon Web Services (AWS) Eases Enterprise Data Center Management

    Hybrid cloud computing service models add new challenges for your IT department, which is already battling the complexities of virtual infrastructure. Discover in this white paper how to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to flexibly extend your data center capacity when needed, taking advantage of advanced cloud management.

  • The Business Value of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

    Learn how platform standardization and moving in the direction of a more cloud-based application delivery model can improve application development. Review the use cases within four organizations – publishing, automotive, telecom and a provider – and how they leveraged a cloud platform to standardize and improve their development efforts.

  • How to Achieve a Successful Microservices Architecture

    Discover in this white paper how to achieve success with microservices, by gradually refactoring your well-deigned apps. Build your foundation for microservices in order to benefit from easier development, faster deployment, and independent scalability.

  • Exploring PaaS Benefits and Deployment Options

    Compare the types of PaaS deployments, explore how PaaS simplifies DevOps initiatives, and discover tips on choosing a PaaS for your cloud development needs. Additionally, learn how PaaS can help Java EE organizations stay competitive.

  • Red Hat Jboss BRMS for xPaaS

    This data sheet examines Red Hat JBoss BRMS for xPaaS. Inside, learn how this platform brings powerful business rules and complex event processing services to Red Hat's PaaS system, OpenShift Enterprise.

  • Case Study: AECOM Builds Streamlined Client Strategy

    In this brief video, you'll learn how AECOM integrated a time management system with its existing enterprise resource planning software. Uncover middleware that fused these technologies for a smarter overall infrastructure.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Organizations are turning to the cloud as a cost saving tool. Are you certain that your cloud infrastructure is saving as much as similar services can? Access this pricing guide to determine how much more you can save.

  • Cloud Migrations

    The name of the game is delivery the highest quality at the lowest price. Many are seeing a cloud migration as the best game plan, but are unsure about how to get there. Read on to learn about a consulting service that guides you every step of the way in your migration to the cloud.

  • Reliable, Open Source Messaging for Retail

    This brochure explains how gaining access to real-time data is opening doors to success for retail companies. Read on to learn what organizations with immediate access to information can do when they leverage open source technology.

  • Business Process Management: Keeping your Business in Business

    In this resource, you'll discover the value of business rules and business process management tools. Learn how smart organizations are using these technologies to beat their competition.

  • IT without Boundaries: Achieving Stability and Agility

    View this video to learn about a company that can help businesses achieve an IT environment without boundaries. Watch now and see how you can enable powerful agility all while aligning the needs of both the business and IT.

  • Frictionless IT Management Disrupts the Status Quo

    In the following exclusive white paper, learn about the roles open source cloud, automation, and orchestration play in IT management. View now and uncover a hybrid cloud IT management portfolio that can help IT overcome the hardships of new technology.

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