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  • Maximizing Your Cloud Agility with vRealize Suite 7.0

    A cloud management solution, will speed up your service delivery, improve operational efficiency for your private, public or cloud environment, and take the stress of your IT department by increasing agility. This white paper guides you through the answers to six crucial "need to know" questions before you engage in a cloud management service

  • Key Capabilities for a Cloud Management Platform

    This white paper offers four basic capabilities to expect from a CMP, as well as five capabilities to expect from an enterprise CMP. The best defense against this complex and fast pace environment is knowing your management options and implementing the one that works best for your business.

  • Journey to Agility: Why You Need a Cloud Management Platform

    Adopting a combination cloud solution might be the answer to your agility need. This white paper assess some of the challenges IT departments are facing, and more about how a cloud management platform can provide a unified approach to managing and monitoring your infrastructure and applications.

  • Accelerate IT Service Delivery with a Cloud Management Platform

    This white paper addresses IT challenges in areas of application delivery, resource utilization, security and compliance in their digital business, as well as how many IT teams are looking at one, advanced cloud management platform.

  • Intelligent Operations Management Platform

    This video provides the reader a flavor of the features and benefits of intelligent operations and how it can help organizations big and small.

  • 2016 Cloud Megacast

    This webcast provides tips and tricks on what to look for in an IT operations management tool.

  • IT Operations Across Private and Public Cloud?

    This infographic provides a quick snapshot of how IT Operations is critical across private and public clouds.

  • IT Cloud Management Market Landscape

    This paper by Taneja Group gives an overview of the IT Cloud Management Platform. Read this paper to understand the dynamics of several IT Cloud Management vendors and solutions, as well as a comparison of features and benefits they offer.

  • How to Select a Virtualization Management Tool

    This white paper provides guidelines to pick a virtualization management tool.

  • Virtual SAN: A New Approach to Storage

    Discover how a hyper-converged storage architecture can deliver compute and storage resources through a virtualized platform with end-to-end visibility and control. Your enterprise can simplify your virtual environments with a virtual SAN infrastructure that can boost your performance without skyrocketing your TCO.

  • Why Enterprises Are Embracing Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

    This detailed infographic offers a solution that will allow your data center to seamlessly integrate management, compute, storage and networking capabilities while delivering faster performance at a lower cost.

  • Why Enterprises Are Embracing Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

    In this interactive resource learn about the hyper-converged software and the industry-standard hardware that server virtualization is made up of. Also, engage in multiple customer stories to see how HCI in the data center is enabling enterprises to cut costs, increase performance and streamline operations.

  • Ways Hyper-Converged Software Improves IT Infrastructure

    This infographic focuses on a HCI solution that delivers 5 key benefits to help simplify your software, while optimizing performance. Access now to assist you in choosing a HCI solution.

  • 10 Questions and Answers About Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

    In this descriptive infographic, find the answers to 10 common questions about hyper-converged infrastructure to help you get up to speed, as well as how HCI can allow your business to cut costs, enable IT agility, eliminate overprovisioning and more. Access now to see if hyper-converged infrastructure is the right fit for your company.

  • Your Top Reasons To Use VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers

    Migration to the cloud is inevitable and to prepare, it may be worth using a cloud service provider network to handle your critical workloads and applications. In this white paper, learn how a global network of cloud service providers can minimize risk and cost of ownership and facilitate a smoother transition to the cloud.

  • Move to the Cloud with Confidence

    Today's data centers are facing unprecedented challenges: exponential data growth, rising costs, increasing user needs, and expensive risks of data disasters. Utilizing a network of cloud service providers may help you stay ahead of the curve and tackle these challenges. In this brief, learn more about various services a cloud network has to offer.

  • Compliance Glossary of the Cloud

    Discover a comprehensive glossary of compliance standards for the cloud. Learn what your enterprise needs to remain compliant in the following fields: Audit/Assurance, Management, Finance, and more.

  • Infrastructure as a Service: The Key to Innovation

    Once orderly and predictable, the rulebook has been thrown out the window and it has become a mad dash for consumer attention in the business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace. Legacy architectures are too slow making IaaS a smart choice. Access this white paper to learn strategies to get the most out of your IaaS.

  • VMware vCloud Air Network Benefits - Infographic

    To avoid getting left behind in this rapidly changing digital landscape, it may be worthwhile to take a look into investing in a cloud network provider that can help you stay ahead of the curve. Check out this white paper to learn about the benefits and services cloud providers have to offer.

  • Streaming Cloud Deployments

    Cloud computing is now a mandatory strategy for global businesses but requires more dept. restructuring than any other technology/trend. So how can organizations seamlessly migrate workloads and create VMs in the cloud? Access this white paper to learn about a cloud network program that enables cost effective delivery of hybrid cloud services.

  • Removing the Risk from Compliance in the Cloud

    Learn how to mitigate cloud security compliance concerns by aligning with the right cloud service provider. Discover how to ensure responsibilities are shared for meeting compliance and security requirements and maintain a stringent information security policy.

  • How a Cloud Management Platform Works for You

    With pressure mounting on IT to perform, businesses are pursuing new business models that will allow faster application delivery and new revenue streams. A popular model is a hybrid cloud. Access this white paper to see how cloud management platforms can benefit intelligent operations, automated IT to IaaS and DevOps-ready IT.

  • Adapting IT for Cloud Success

    Enabling line organizations to undertake IT projects on their own, cloud computing is pressuring IT professionals to rethink their approach to application deployment and IT resource planning. In this eGuide, find tips on how to adapt to the cloud environment and address security and compliance risks.

  • An Initiation into Infrastructure Automation Tools and Methods

    IT infrastructure automation without proper forethought, training and support only makes a small mess bigger. This expert e-guide provides tips and examples of how to use workflow orchestration, automated alerts, configuration management tools and more to successfully automate the IT infrastructure.

  • The Importance of VM Monitoring Tools

    With native tools automatically included in hypervisors, many organizations are reluctant to invest in additional 3rd party VM monitoring tools. However, these tools often surpass the capabilities of native tools. Access now to find out why these additional tools are key to utilizing the full potential of your virtualization infrastructure.

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