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  • Hybrid Cloud Considerations for Microsoft Azure and Cloud Platform

    This white paper explores considerations for deploying hybrid clouds on Microsoft Azure and Cloud Platform that can alleviate management complications.

  • How to Optimize Your Microsoft Investments

    This white paper, now featured on our custom site for essential cloud strategies and savings, delves into a managed services strategy that can simplify the optimization and management of your critical Microsoft apps.

  • Hadoop is Hard: Here's How You Can Make It Easy

    In this white paper you will learn how one vendor has created a solution to make Hadoop more easily accessible to all businesses. Discover how your organization can get the powerful benefits of big-data analysis without the challenges of configuring clusters, maintaining the platform or troubleshooting jobs.

  • How Managed Services Can Optimize SQL Server Performance

    This white paper delves into a managed services strategy that can help you manage, maintain, and optimize your SQL Server database so your IT team can focus on critical projects that add value to the business.

  • Why DIY? Managed Cloud Hosting Makes Collaboration Apps Easy

    Today's featured white paper on our newly launched custom site examines how managed cloud hosting can ease the implementation and management of essential collaboration apps such as Exchange and SharePoint.

  • Cloud Strategies for Every IT Pro

    This custom website is your essential resource on private, hybrid, and public cloud computing to help you get a handle on the basics and nuances. Gain key insights, cost saving secrets, and expert tips from white papers, tutorials, and webcasts.

  • RockYou Customer Video

    In this webcast, learn why RockYou decided to move their infrastructure to the cloud, and the business benefits they saw from doing so, including: increased uptime, quick and easy scalability, less pressure on internal IT, and more.

  • Managed Cloud, a New Answer to an Old Problem

    This expert guide highlights reasons why managed cloud is the best way to move forward from the challenge what was old school outsourcing. By using an entirely managed cloud you allow your IT team to focus on their primary roles, without straying outside their comfort zone.

  • A Closer Look at Microsoft Office 365 Security

    This expert guide reviews the pros and cons of Office 365's security features. Access now to learn where Office 365's security falls short of your needs and what you can do about it.

  • ClearMatch Delivers Better, Cost-effective Services through Virtualization

    In the following video success story, learn how ClearMatch was able to vastly improve the overall effectiveness, scalability, and reliability of their delivered financial services through the help of Rackspace. View now and learn how switching to a fully virtualized environment changed the way they did business for the better.

  • Case Study: Interactive Game Provider Optimizes Gameplay, Advertising, and Social Operations

    In this white paper, learn how RockYou took advantage of one cloud option to continue to grow through acquisitions, while also improving security, uptime, and cost-savings along the way. Read on to learn more about the option that RockYou chose.

  • Case Study: Rail Service Operator's Website Backed by a For-Value Private Cloud Solution

    This white paper highlights a virtualized server solution that offers redundancy measures for any hardware failure, 100% network uptime guarantees, and other IT services and solutions. Read on to see how partnering with a private cloud provider can allow your enterprise to provide quick access to data for your customers in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Evaluating and Measuring Redis Performance Metrics

    In many, if not most, database servers businesses try to improve performance. With database tool Redis the goal is to not slow it down in the first place. This is a very different approach and requires a different mindset to take advantage of it. Discover how your organization can increase performance in your database with this new approach.

  • What is Rackspace Cloud big data?

    Access this resource now to discover the full range of capabilities of cloud big data.

  • How to Get Started with Apache Hadoop on Rackspace Cloud

    This document is for educational purposes only and will provide you with an example of how to get started with Apache Hadoop in the Cloud. You will learn how to launch a Hadoop cluster starting with 2 nodes and growing it up to 64 nodes. Read on to get started using Hadoop for your big data needs today.

  • New to Hadoop? A practical guide for beginners (part 1)

    In this handy guide new users will gain an understanding of the basic functionality of Hadoop to more effectively manage their big data. Access now to master data storage, data processing, data streaming, columnar databases, and more.

  • Connecting your MongoDB and Hadoop Data

    In this short article readers will examine 2 popular data platforms: ObjectRocket MongoDB service and Hadoop-based Cloud Big Data Platform service. Determine which data management system is right for your organization's' needs.

  • Navigating Modern Data Architectures in 2015

    Discover what a new data architecture looks like, the differences between SQL, NoSQL and big data, and why good old-fashioned relational databases are still relevant in this white paper.

  • Hadoop Tools for the Hybrid Cloud

    In this resource discover how the Hadoop summit can help your business provide customers with an easy platform to learn, develop and validate both the application and toolset in an open source environment. Read on to learn more.

  • 4 Considerations for a Smooth Hadoop Implementation

    In this resource your company can learn how to overcome some of the most common Big Data hurdles and accelerate their Big Data Discovery by creating a specific tailored approach to Hadoop implementation. Read on to discover how to translate your Big Data assets into business outcomes by addressing 4 key considerations.

  • Think Before You Scale with Redis

    This resource describes the release of the Instance Resize feature for Redis. Read on to uncover key considerations to keep in mind before you decide that you need a larger Redis instance.

  • Best Practices for Cloud Databases

    This brief video highlights some of the different use cases for Cloud Databases that users have taken advantage of. Tune in now and determine if you have an additional use case for Cloud Databases.

  • Stop Mis-Targeting Your Customers: Managing Data for B2C

    In this brief case study, find out how Appreciation Engine was able to help business better understand their customers when they used Rackspace Cloud Databases. Access now and learn how to use their strategy to handle your data in a cost-effective manner while addressing your growing data needs.

  • An Introduction to Cloud Databases

    This resource offers a step-by-step demo on how you can deploy a new instance with Cloud Databases. Access now to learn the information you must provide in order to create your instance of Cloud Databases.

  • New Capabilities for Cloud Databases

    This resource introduces a complete strategy for users demanding a high-performance, purpose-built infrastructure designed for relational databases. Learn an approach to database operation that lets you focus on growing your business.

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