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  • Rackspace Private Cloud: Designed to support your enterprise production workloads

    Access this white paper to learn about a private cloud built to meet modern demands. You'll get insight into how it delivers the agility and efficiency of a public cloud combined with the improved security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment.

  • Rackspace Managed Virtualization

    Download this white paper to discover how you can lift and shift the day to day tasks from your on-premise data center to a hosting provider. Progress your organization on the virtualization path by offloading the dirty work to free your staff to innovate.

  • A Tale of Two Workloads

    Explore this informative resource to learn about one possible solution that you can leverage with existing VMware vSphere to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure for your organization. Read on now to learn more.

  • Dedicated VMware® vCenter Server™

    View this white paper to learn about a virtualized server hosting service that provides your data center manager with complete control and around the clock support through API-compatible tools. Download and read on to learn more.

  • 5 Steps for Migrating Your Legacy Apps to the Cloud

    Explore this informative resource and learn how to migrate your legacy applications to the public cloud in just 5 easy steps.

  • Dedicated VMware vCloud®

    Extend your on-premise virtual environment to a managed hosting provider to accelerate your business's journey to the hybrid cloud. You can remove the worry of tedious maintenance work and hone in on core business functions.

  • Should I Outsource Infrastructure?

    In this informative guide, gain the knowledge you need to make a detail, informed assessment of the financial side of the outsourcing decision.

  • How to Meet the Growing Demands on IT: Four Steps Along the Path

    In this informative resource, gain critical insights into a new "service broker" model of IT operations that can provide end users with faster service, enable IT teams to undertake more strategic projects, and allow management to see more clearly IT's business contributions.

  • Rethinking People Costs in Enterprise IT

    This insightful document offers strategies of infrastructure outsourcing as liberation for your talented IT staff members from day-to-day menial tasks so you can allocate them to work on customer-facing applications. Download and read on to learn how outsourcing your organization's IT infrastructure enables budget breathing room.

  • A Tale of Two Workloads

    Explore this informative resource to learn about one possible solution that you can leverage with existing VMware vSphere to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure for your organization. Read on now to learn more.

  • How to Bring Shadow IT into the Light - 8 Steps Along the Path

    This white paper describes eight steps to help CIOs and other IT leaders to bring these potential risks to light. The key is to gain benefits from the cloud without risking your company's data.

  • Starting the Journey to Managed Infrastructure Services - A Guide to Selecting Initial Workloads for Migration

    This exclusive whitepaper details how managed infrastructure services can help IT keep up with the next-generation IT models organizations are adopting.

  • Rackspace Private Cloud with Notre Dame

    Associate Director at the University of Notre Dame Center for Research Computing, Paul Brenner, elaborates on the fast speeds offered through OpenStack by Rackspace as their cloud provider. Within an hour or even minutes, the Center for Research Computing has a system running for a new exploratory science idea.

  • How to Navigate the Complex Move to the Cloud

    Access this expert resource to learn how a managed services provider can help you on your move to the cloud. You'll get insight into how managed service providers can help you with product selection, scalability, and shifting workloads to the cloud as well as ensuring cloud security.

  • Rackspace Private Cloud Technical Data Sheet

    This valuable data sheet explores a solution that can meet your private cloud needs with automation, enterprise- grade architecture, and security and logging.

  • Is OpenStack Ready for the Enterprise?

    This exclusive video answers the questions surrounding OpenStack's preparedness for enterprise use.

  • All Analytics Interviews Sean Anderson

    View this brief video to see a highlight from Strata Conference / Hadoop World 2013, as Michael Steinhart chats with Rackspace Product Marketing Manager Sean Anderson about Hadoop, cloud computing, and how the two come together for companies that want to undertake a "proof of value" project.

  • Video: Sean Anderson at Strata Conference

    View the following video interview to hear how Rackspace Hosting is taking feedback from a multitude of Strata Santa Clara convention goers to improve the way they deliver big data technologies.

  • Making Sense of NoSQL and Big Data Amidst High Expectations

    Unfortunately, there's a lot of hype surrounding NoSQL and Big Data and the information that's floating around in the market could be a little caustic if the wrong information is absorbed. So what's fact and what's fiction? Read the following article to find out what you need to know to make sense of these two technologies.

  • Big Data, Move it up the Value Chain

    The following article examines the challenge of moving IT up the value chain and explores how with a 3 step approach to big data, you can do so easily as well as increase operational efficiency, customer service delivery, and more.

  • Rackspace Private Cloud Software

    This valuable whitepaper provides a three-step method for downloading Rackspace private cloud software.

  • RPC Bursting to Public Cloud Demo

    This valuable video features a demonstration of a unique managed cloud portfolio that will enable customers to burst from the private to the public cloud.

  • Turning Big Data into Big Dollars

    Learn about what big data is, the challenges of using it, and why you should move big data to the cloud.

  • Rackspace Private Cloud Support Data Sheet

    This exclusive whitepaper details a cloud support service that will allow you to shift your focus to your core business.

  • A Tale of Two Workloads

    Rackspace offers this white paper for you to design to separate infrastructures and to classify and map existing and planned application workloads. Download and discover how VMware vSphere and OpenStack public and/or private cloud deployments deliver a hybrid solution for your business to grow.

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