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  • SolarWinds Case Study

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    In this case study, uncover how SolarWinds' changed the way they manage their workforce, enabling growth and efficiency, and how doing so helped them to make business decisions more effectively.

  • Taking Employee Health More Seriously

    Sponsored by: HealthEdge

    Polling company – Gallup – routinely asked American workers to dig deeper into the roots of workplace satisfaction, and the survey results regarding employee health weren't healthy. Learn more about the results and how to freshen options for employees.

  • Should payroll and benefits be outsourced?

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Examine how automated benefits enrollment systems are gaining popularity because they're much more efficient – and effective – than the paper-based processes in our expert guide, HR Slam-Dunk: Automation and Outsourcing Benefits.

  • Go Hybrid and Get the Best of Both Worlds in the Cloud

    Sponsored by:

    This technical handbook offers practical advice on how to implement hybrid cloud storage in a way that works for you today and in the future. Discover cloud storage use cases, practical steps on the hybrid journey, and more.

  • Calculating Cloud ROI : From the Customer Perspective

    Sponsored by:

    This white paper lays out a framework to help IT and business decision makers calculate the return on investment of cloud services.

  • Benefits Management: How to increase the business value of your IT projects

    Sponsored by:

    This book extract explains how organisation can uses benefits management techniques to increase the value of IT projects to the business.

  • Finance for IT decision makers: Making business cases

    Sponsored by:

    This extract from Michael Blackstaff's book, Finance for IT decision makers, teaches you how to make effective business and financial cases for IT projects.

  • Technology value matrix: Human Resources solutions

    Sponsored by:

    Recent developments in programming languages and platforms made HR solutions more user friendly and easier to deploy and manage, says analyst Nucleus Research.

  • How to Make a Business Case for AP Automation

    Sponsored by: Basware

    The benefits of automating accounts payable processes are indisputable, but many are dragging their feet because professionals aren't sure how to pitch management in order to get approval. Learn about the 6 steps to making a successful pitch for automating your accounts payable process.

  • Breaking Down the Benefits of Desktop Transformation

    Sponsored by: VMware

    The future of mobility relies on the technology that it replaced; desktop computing. Desktop computing is undergoing a transformation that will couple it with the advances mobility has to offer. Read on to learn about the benefits this next-gen desktop is promising to deliver.

  • Infographic: Drive Better Data Economics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The traditional approach to storing information causes performance problems and creates data bottlenecks. In fact, 78% of CFOs report that pressure is high to control storage costs and increase efficiency. This infographic introduces a different approach to storage that drives better data economics.

  • What to Look for from an SDS Provider

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Take a look at this infographic for insight into what capabilities you should look for in an SDS vendor.

  • A Virtual-First Strategy for Applications

    Sponsored by: SearchServerVirtualization

    This handbook examine the key benefits and important of virtualizing key applications. Access now to learn about the obstacles an IT team might expect to encounter from implementation and management perspectives.

  • Purchasing Servers in a Virtualized World

    Sponsored by: SearchServerVirtualization

    Consult the following expert e-guide to learn how to select the right virtualization system for your business.

  • Human Capital Management 101: Best Practices, Tips and Definitions

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This expert e-guide outlines fundamentals of HCM, and offers best practices and tips for how to leverage dedicated HR applications to achieve the best results for your organization.

  • Health Care Reform: Still So Much We Need to Know

    Sponsored by: Epicor Software Corporation

    This white paper helps to clear up some confusion surrounding the requirements mandated by health care reform by addressing three key areas: reforms already in place, looming deadlines foremployers, and open issues for individuals.

  • Five tactics for compensation managers to shift the business

    Sponsored by: SuccessFactors

    This resource counts down five smart moves that compensation managers should make in order to build solid compensation processes and ensure employee satisfaction.

  • Pay, Performance, and Productivity

    Sponsored by: SuccessFactors

    This resource describes how you can use compensation to encourage high performance and ensure talent retention. Read on to learn how to design an effective compensation strategy, uncover the top five myths of compensation management, and more.

  • The future of attracting, retaining, & managing talent

    Sponsored by: SuccessFactors

    This resource explores the future of talent recruitment, retention, and management, and offers insight to help you keep up with changes in the workforce.

  • Five ways to increase efficiencies with SuccessFactors Compensation

    Sponsored by: SuccessFactors

    In this resource, human resources (HR) leaders will discover five ways that they can eliminate inefficiencies in their compensation management efforts. Read on now to learn how.

  • Customer Case Study: Junta de Castilla y León Regional Government

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The regional government of Castilla y León, one of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions, administers a broad range of social programs through its Social Services agency. More than 50,000 people benefit from the agency’s social assistance programs for the disabled and elderly, and for child protection.

  • Business and Financial Benefits of Virtualization

    Sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

    When IT executives engage with VMware they often ask themselves many questions, including “How do my metrics compare to my peers with respect to virtualizing my IT environment?”. This exclusive white paper highlights top anecdotes and qualitative research on virtualization's business and financial benefits. Learn more here.

  • Overcoming the Challenges of Green Procurement through eProcurement

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data Global

    This eBook discusses nine eProcurement best practices. It also demonstrates how they will help you reduce environmental waste while implementing and managing your Green purchasing program.

  • HRO Innovation: Building Blocks to Derive Full Value

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    In this report, BusinessWeek Research Services (BWRS) launched a research program to determine the views of C-level managers—at large companies on how to improve the value derived from human resources outsourcing.

  • Total Economic Impact Of Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    This whitepaper examines the financial impact and potential ROI on companies who use OracleEnterprise Content Management Suite. It provides companies with the ability to easily manage, reuse, and retain content and to streamline related business processes

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