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  • Larry Ellison Unveils New Oracle Cloud Platform Services

    In the following video, hear from Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and CTO at Oracle, as he looks back on Oracle's SaaS offerings and their state of progress. Later, Ellison reveals 24 new PaaS and infrastructure services that Oracle is now offering in the cloud.

  • Choosing the Right PaaS: What to Focus On

    In the following exclusive e-guide, readers will uncover several expertly chosen tips for selecting the right PaaS provider. Additionally, readers will discover many of the other benefits beyond just freeing up developers' time. See what the right PaaS solution can do for you.

  • 3 Ways to Move Application Development to the Cloud

    There are ways to modernize development approaches without squeezing what's left of resources. Explore ways to accelerate innovation, avoid complexity, and increase developer productivity with cloud-based development tools.

  • Customers Speak: Cloud Needs Guarantees

    In the following exclusive white paper, learn about the various challenges that organizations face when deploying cloud. Additionally, uncover the lesser-known driving factors for adoption, the most crucial capabilities of cloud, and more.

  • Why Database in the Cloud?

    When it comes to database in the cloud, this video lays the foundation for a solid business case. Uncover useful statistics that will help you determine your needs for Database as a Service (DBaaS).

  • Trends in Data Management: Unlock the True Value Proposition of Big Data

    Access this white paper to get a breakdown of essential big data trends. Discover how your organization can take advantage of positive trends like predictive analytics, while mindfully navigating challenges like privacy concerns.

  • Integrate, Accelerate, and Lead: Big Data Cloud Services

    In this infographic you will learn how cloud computing can help you integrate big data into your modern enterprise, accelerate innovation, and lead the transformation of your company.

  • CIO Matters: the Ethics of Big Data and Business Value

    This e-guide reports on uncomfortable conversations about the ethics of big data and the virtues of transparency

  • The Secret to Big Data Project Success Through Analytics

    In this e-guide you will hear from big data experts Doug Laney, Mike Gualtieri, and Robert Morrison as they divulge 7 secrets to big data project success.

  • Best Practices for Creating Quota-Busting Sales Reps

    Research shows that sales reps are not delivering revenue performance that their managers are counting on. In this expert e-guide, uncover the latest strategies and technologies to help your sales reps transition from always coming up short to crushing their sales quota.

  • Searching for Better Big Data Business Value? Look to the Cloud

    In this brief video, you will discover a big data cloud service that utilizes the latest advances in big data processing and unifies these processes with Oracle's Big Data SQL. Tune in to access the benefits of cloud-enabled data management.

  • Integrating Big Data Systems with Enterprise Data Warehouses

    In this white paper, you will learn how to both maximize the business benefits of big data and minimize the risk of adopting new technologies with a unified query system. Read on to allow a single query to access data in multiple stores—be they Hadoop, NoSQL or relational databases.

  • 10 Steps to a More Social Contact Center

    This expert e-guide reveals the actions you can take to manage social media contact more efficiently. Inside, Donna Fluss, founder of DMG Consulting, explains the benefits and limitations of workforce management systems for social media. Bonus: Discover the 10 steps to create a successful call center social media strategy.

  • Trends in Data Management: Unlock the True Value Proposition of Big Data

    In this resource, you will key into the most current data management trends, and learn how to leverage these trends to unlock the true value of big data and analytics in your enterprise. Read on now to examine the growth of predictive analytics in today's data environs, and more.

  • The Big Data Architecture Dilemma For CIOs

    In this e-guide you will learn the pros and cons of buying and building big data architectures. Download now to uncover which option could be right for your organization.

  • Exploring the Big Data Frontier With Predictive Analytics

    In this expert e-guide IT business strategist Harvey Koeppel draws on historical data to explore the 'Big Data Frontier' and its potential to profoundly change the world.

  • Thriving in the Age of Big Data Analytics and Self-Service

    In this brief infographic learn how you can begin to adapt to the challenges of big data analytics by improving customer insights and managing risk. Read on to learn more.

  • Big Data Cloud Service

    scover how one system is enabling businesses to easily deploy a complete big data management system with unified query and security via Oracle SQL.Download now to learn how this can change your organization's big data management strategy.

  • Deploy Node.js and Java SE Apps Faster in a Container Cloud

    In this white paper, explore how Oracle's Application Container Cloud is enabling easy and rapid deployment of Java SE and Node.js apps to the cloud. Learn the benefits, including rapid self-service provisioning to runtime containers in the cloud, scalable memory per app instance that can scale on demand, and more.

  • Development Platform in the Cloud: Why, What, and How

    In this detailed webcast, learn how you can leverage the cloud in the form of a development platform. Explore the benefits of this option, including quick startup time and easy provisioning, minimal maintenance and costs, informative tracking and development activities, and more.

  • Java SE and Node Apps in the Cloud

    In this webcast, explore the benefits of leveraging one cloud platform to improve your Java and Node apps. See the capabilities you can gain from this option, including preconfigured setup for seamless transition of Java SE 7, SE 8, and Node.js apps to the cloud, full application monitoring and support, and more.

  • Oracle WebLogic Server on Docker Containers

    In this white paper, learn how Oracle is certifying WebLogic Server to run in Docker containers. Explore in detail how Oracle is providing images, Dockerfiles, and scripts that support the creation of WebLogic Server configurations running in Docker containers.

  • Enterprise Big Data Predictions 2016

    Discover the top 10 predictions for the future of big data in 2016 by downloading this white paper now.

  • Thriving in the Age of Big Data Analytics and Self-Service (Video)

    People have always been inherently interested in data analytics, but in a world of big data, what other trends are changing the way big data analytics is handled? Watch now to find out.

  • Build Inspired Storefront Experiences in the Cloud

    Learn about a SaaS cloud strategy that can allow you to launch in weeks with a configurable, responsive storefront accelerator. Discover features like site search and navigation, preview capability without affecting the live site, promotions and recommendations, and much more.

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