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  • Strategic Reuse: Shift the Focus of Development from Products to Product Lines

    As a key component of continuous engineering, strategic reuse can help an organization exploit common elements across product lines. Discover how it can help you lower costs while reducing testing effort and minimizing errors.

  • Cloud for Insurance

    Market conditions and customer expectations are keeping insurers on their toes, forced to keep up with technology to remain competitive. Cloud is showing a lot of promise offering a path of sustainable growth. Access this white paper to learn how the cloud can benefit insurers and how you can get started upon the path to cloud adoption.

  • Achieve Faster Time to Quality with Continuous Validation and Verification

    Learn about two of the key components of continuous engineering: validation and verification. Discover how using these methods can speed up your development process and improve outcomes by helping you detect defects earlier and produce higher quality products.

  • Cloud for Healthcare

    With a rise in chronic disease incidence and tighter security measures, the global healthcare industry is feeling enormous pressure to address these issues. Though implemented, not everyone uses cloud to its full potential. Access this white paper to discover how the healthcare industry can fully utilize the cloud to address these new concerns.

  • Compare Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions

    This report by Forrester will help you discover who the leaders and strong performers are in viable Hadoop cloud solutions. See how vendors like Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM, and more measure up.

  • Mapping the Cloud Maturity Curve

    Developed by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), the cloud maturity curve is a unique quantitative analysis that has shown a correlation between maturity and improved efficiency and cost reduction in IT. Access this white paper to learn about the 5 fundamentals that define cloud maturity, recent trends and how your organization stacks up.

  • Learn How to Choose the Right Database for the Job

    Learn about the process of selecting and deploying the right multi-database solution for you. Uncover 7 types of open source databases and tools. Plus, gain access to a complimentary 30-day trial.

  • Continuous Engineering for Dummies

    Advances in IoT tech are making it harder for manufacturers to manage complexity, achieve quality, and stay on top of changing customer needs. Discover how continuous engineering provides a way to develop complex systems that promises to reduce your costs, satisfy your customers, and make your engineers happier.

  • Komerční bankaReducing logins from malware-infected endpoints by90 percent in just three months

    Learn about KB's security struggles and how they were able to mitigate malware attacks with advanced fraud and malware protection. They are now able to detect, block and remediate infections and detect phishing threats before damage can be done to their enterprise.

  • Why NoSQL? Your Database Options in the New Non-Relational World

    Today, many people are considering NoSQL databases to handle the rise in data types, data access, and data availability needs. Uncover key facts about the different types of NoSQL databases. Plus, learn 5 reasons for choosing NoSQL like flexibility and availability.

  • Harness the New Power From Linux Applications

    Address real business needs with open source collaboration and benefit from superior performance of Linux applications.

  • Building for Tomorrow With Open Innovation

    Learn how open innovation is changing the landscape of technology while ensuring accessibility for everyone.

  • UK’s Hottest Banking FraudSchemes

    Leading cybersecurity authority Limor Kessem teaches you top fraud threats to UK banking institutions and the impact cybercrime is having on them today. You'll learn top cybercrime trends and the scale at which these practices are growing.

  • Mapping the Cloud Maturity Curve

    Cloud maturity curve - a new and unique quantitative analysis of cloud computing and its business impact – has shown that it's helping IT to not only improve efficiency and cost reduction but also support top-line growth. Access this white paper to learn about the 5 fundamentals of cloud maturity, recent trends and how your organization stacks up.

  • Case Study: Nuance Tackles Massive Data Growth with Scale-Out Storage

    Nuance Communications, a voice recognition software company, tackled their big data management with a scale-out storage design. Watch now and discover how this object based storage solution can simplify your file system with seamless data access.

  • IBM Security QRadar: SIEM Product Overview

    In this e-guide, expert Karen Scarfone looks at QRadar, IBM's enterprise security information and event management (SIEM) tool. Learn how its features allow you to easily collect log data from hosted assets, operating systems, applications, vulnerabilities and user behavior.

  • Strategic performance management

    This white paper explores a strategic performance management system that is designed to help enhance your organizations ability to perform key processes such as planning, forecasting, narrative reporting, and more. Read on to learn if this technology is something that would work within your own business.

  • "Meet the Performance Management Customer" Virtual Roundtable

    Tune into this virtual roundtable and listen to four industry leaders discuss why they made the leap toward implementing performance management for their organizations. Watch them discuss the impact of performance management across the enterprise, including ROI.

  • Cybersecurity skills shortage demands new workforce strategies

    The race to find InfoSec professionals who can outpace advanced threats has companies worldwide facing hurdles. This e-guide discusses organizations' want for better qualified candidates and reveals what skills exactly most security professionals are currently lacking.

  • DB2 Cloud Assessment

    In this interactive assessment tool, narrow down your needs and zero-in your requirements for a hybrid cloud environment. Using a cloud solution is only a part of solving the bigger picture – figuring out their exact needs is just as important.

  • Getting started with DB2 on Cloud

    In this step-by-step training guide learn how to set up, administer, access, configure, and secure your DB2 servers.

  • Analyst Report: Data Quality Tools Assessment

    The data quality tools market is among the fastest-growing in the enterprise software sector and is expected to grow another 14.4% by 2017. Produced by Gartner, this Magic Quadrant for data quality tools is your guide to strengths and cautions of popular vendors, and will help you decide which vendors best align with your data management needs.

  • Know Your Savings: An ROI Calculator for Your BYOD Program

    This exclusive interactive tool, based off a Forrester study, can give you a high-level estimate of the economic impact of BYOD and managed mobility for your organization. Complete the assessment to learn your potential ROI.

  • Infrastructure Matters: POWER8 vs. Xeon x86

    Need fast computing results? Power8 servers reduce costs and increase efficiency with fewer servers and licenses.

  • IBM DB2: Your bridge to the cloud

    Discover how to operate a hybrid cloud environment to extend business processes beyond enterprise walls, unlocking the value of your data to fuel growth.

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