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  • How Insurance Companies can Leverage an Integrated Platform to Enhance Digital Transformation of Processes

    Sponsored by: MicroStrategy Incorporated

    The ability of insurers to harness the power of data is critical to understanding trends and risk exposure, streamlining processes, and delivering better customer service. Learn how an integrated platform can help insurers automate and streamline processes to improve product offering, enhance CX, and more.

  • BARC Score Data Discovery Vendor Evaluation of 13 Players in the Market

    Sponsored by: MicroStrategy Incorporated

    Though a significant portion of the BI market, data discovery is still emerging. Vendors are trying to address the needs of the market. In this BARC Score report, evaluate 13 data discovery vendors based on functional areas and geographic considerations to help you choose the best tool for your business.

  • Case Study: Ford Analytics Team Democratizes Data-Driven Analysis

    Sponsored by: Alteryx

    Well-known automotive company Ford Motor Co. has used data analysis for years, but found that their analytics expertise was contained within small pockets of the organization, some teams lacked access to analytics, and data management practices were inconsistent. Learn how Ford overcame these hurdles by forming a centralized data analytics unit.

  • Self-Service Analytics Case Study: Accelerating Speed-to-Insight at Optum Technology

    Sponsored by: Alteryx

    In this case study, learn how Optum Technology, a health services company, accelerated their speed-to-insight with self-service analytics, by addressing analytics challenges to consolidate disparate data into data assets, design repeatable, production-ready analysis with Alteryx and Tableau, and much more.

  • Vendor Comparison Report: Machine-Learning Data Analytics Platforms

    Sponsored by: Alteryx

    In this Gartner Research report, evaluate 16 vendors of machine-learning data analytics platforms. Compare vendors' business exploration, product refinement, data access, automation and more, to help you choose the right advanced analytics platform for your organization.

  • 5-Minute Guide to Text Analytics

    Sponsored by: Attivio, Inc.

    Data has been growing for years at an exponential rate, and most of it (80% by accepted industry estimates) is unstructured. This data is robbing executives of insight they need to make better data-driven decisions. Learn how text analytics can help you leverage more relevant data for analysis, and lead you to better decision-making.

  • Delivering True Hybrid Cloud

    Sponsored by: Stratoscale

    Inside, discover an AWS compatible service capable of integrating with any data center, truly unifying on and off-prem environments.

  • An In-Depth Discussion on Big Data Analytics for Apache Spark

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    We sat down with Brian Gold, R&D director at Pure Storage to help better understand the storage challenges Spark presents, and how one block-based flash array can help solve them.

  • Innovations in All-Flash Storage Deliver a New Approach to Unstructured Data

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    When traditional storage arrays fail to handle the tremendous growth of unstructured data, it's time for a new storage array. Inside, discover a flash-based architecture designed to deliver extreme bandwidth, IOPS, and capacity.

  • BI Benchmark Report: Self-Service Business Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Birst

    Today's self-service BI tools enable the transformation raw data into actionable insights. In this benchmark report, uncover new research and analysis on how top-performing companies are using self-service BI and embedded analytics to generate actionable insights, improve business productivity and drive revenue growth.

  • Getting Started with Advanced Analytics

    Sponsored by: Intel

    As big data from AI and IoT grows, it's essential to make sure you have your infrastructure and business goals in order before you start your next project. Explore this planning guide that offers 5 steps for getting maximum insights out of all data types and a decision-tree to help you identify the right analytics solution for your organization.

  • Real-World Best Practices for Big Data Ingestion

    Sponsored by: StreamSets

    Learn how to take a structured approach to big data ingestion that ensures your architecture will thrive over the long-term. Plus, uncover real-world examples for implementing an operation built on top of a continuous and fully-automated data ingestion infrastructure.

  • Case Study: How Penton Media Improved Their CX With A Data Quality Platform

    Sponsored by: Melissa Data Global Intelligence

    In this case study, explore how Penton, a trade magazine company, implemented a data governance platform to improve their data quality, thereby providing their customers with an improved customer experience.

  • Taming Data Drift: The Silent Killer of Data Integrity

    Sponsored by: StreamSets

    The innovations behind big data have created a new critical problem for businesses – data drift. Learn about the causes of data drift, its technical and business implications, and how StreamSets Data Collector provides an open source tool to address data drift.

  • Flipping Analytics on Its Head: How Big Data Self-Service Analytics Really Works

    Sponsored by: StreamSets

    This webinar, featuring Dave Wells of the Eckerson Group, examines how the traditional world of data warehousing and business intelligence has been flipped upside down by modern analytics.

  • Charting the Expanding Horizons of Big Data

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Big data is a big topic for many organizations – and although necessary, it can assume many forms depending on what it's needed for. In this comprehensive survey report by EMA and 9sight Consulting, explore the growth and evolution of big data, including strategies, challenges, trends, environments, and uses by BI and IT leaders.

  • Data Science & Analytics: Bridging the Gap & Boosting Success

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this 2-part expert e-guide, learn how some enterprises, including FICO and Equifax Inc., made the practice pay off. Plus, Sai Devulapalli, Data Analytics Product and Business Leader at Dell, explains how to bridge the gap between academia and industry when it comes to data science and advanced analytics.

  • 5 Steps for Effective Data Storytelling

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Without the ability to present it effectively, all the data your organization collects it essentially useless. In this white paper, learn the 5 essential steps for effective data storytelling.

  • 7 Tips for More Effective Visualization

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Data visualization in today's world need be a striking, storytelling medium. Read on to learn 7 tips to help make your data jump off the page and ensure you're not presenting 'just another chart'.

  • Data storage for Oracle Big Data: WANdisco Fusion MAA for Oracle BDA and BDCS

    Sponsored by: WANdisco

    Discover guidelines for deploying, configuring, and managing WANdisco Fusion data storage for Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service.

  • Managing Big Data Quality in a Big Data World

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Managers are under incredible pressure to deliver revenue and cost reduction business transformation. But the need to utilize data analytics to improve results is critical to a business's success – are you falling short of analyzing data at the speed of business? Learn how to successfully manage big data quality in a big (and fast) data world.

  • How Infogix Prevents Data Mishaps ... With Data Governance

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    If you've ever had Medicaid, you may have missed your card at one time or another. Why? Because Medicaid Membership systems aren't synchronized and bad data is causing Medicaid membership mishaps. In this infographic, learn how Infogix works with data to implement a governance plan ... and prevent issues like those with Medicaid from happening.

  • Data3Sixty Govern: Data Governance Tool Overview

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Data today can be both an appreciable asset and a latent liability. In this era of big data, information is being amassed, disseminated, and deployed at a record pace. It's essential to institute data governance to keep data at its best. Learn about the Infogix Data3Sixty Govern tool which can help elevate your data governance.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Vital Role of Data Governance

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Data policies and processing are under further scrutiny as the most expansive and impactful regulation to cover Personally Identifiable Information (PII) ever legislated is being enacted - the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Learn what the GDPR is, how is will affect your business, what constitutes as PII, and more.

  • Product Overview: Infogix Sagacity To Turn Data Into Insight

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Learn about how your enterprise can use Infogix Sagacity to make faster, smarter data-based decisions. Uncover how Sagacity can be used to turn raw data into insights with a sample case study.

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