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  • Mobile Security and Risk Review

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    Discover how the mobile threat landscape is changing as well as staying the same. Learn about emerging risks, uncover a list the top blacklisted consumer apps, and get tips on how to protect your assets against mobile risks and threats.

  • Lifecycle Management Best Practices for Mobile Apps

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper explores the role of app security in mobile app lifecycle management. From design through deployment, learn about the proactive best practices that can simplify and strengthen the development process.

  • HPE Hyper Converged 380 GUI Desktop and Mobile Demo

    Sponsored by: NTT ICT

    Tune into this video to adopt a hyper-converged system that easily enables users to create and flourish with virtual environments. Access now to discover a more intuitive way to help end-users without virtualization experience gain the full benefits of hyper-convergence without the need of countless real-world practice hours.

  • CW Nordics August 2016

    Sponsored by:

    The Nordic countries are renowned for being home to thriving tech startup scenes so it is hardly surprising that IT is a disruptive force in the region.

  • Clientless Remote Support: Independent Review

    Sponsored by: LogMeIn, Inc.

    This paper examines the business advantages of adopting video-aided remote support tools. With rapid investments in IOT taking place now, and the need for devices and systems to talk to each other, understanding remote support tools is more important than ever.

  • The ABC's of Mobile Device Management

    Sponsored by: IBM MaaS360

    While there are native applications that can do the basics of mobile device management (MDM), only a true MDM platform can make your IT's life simpler. Access this white paper to learn the ABC's of mobile device management and discover ways to enable productivity and data protection for the way people work.

  • Mobile Device Management for Windows Phone

    Sponsored by: IBM MaaS360

    If you are using Windows Phone at your business without the proper mobile device management, then you are missing out on the true benefits of workplace mobility. Access this data sheet that highlights one enterprise mobility management platform that provisions, manages and protects Windows Phone devices, apps and documents simply and efficiently.

  • The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Enterprise Mobility Management

    Sponsored by: IBM MaaS360

    Today, employees are using their devices to access corporate data and using company devices to access personal data. This usage presents new security risks that call for an integrated, comprehensive policy for managing mobile devices. View this webinar that discusses the mobile workplace and how to construct an effective and secure mobile policy.

  • Mobilize SharePoint, Windows File Share, and Intranet for Robust Enterprise Collaboration

    Sponsored by: IBM MaaS360

    Discover how you can unlock the potential of your enterprise systems and content. Explore the multifarious benefits of technology that enables simple, safe access to behind-the-firewall resources.

  • Enterprise Mobility: How Mobile Device Management Exploded to Include Devices, Apps and Content

    Sponsored by: IBM MaaS360

    Today, nearly every enterprise works with mobile devices, but few know how to maximize their potential. So, how do you turn mobility into a valued asset? Access this white paper to learn about workplace mobility and how to successfully implement a unified mobile policy.

  • Facing up to Mobile Security Challenges

    Sponsored by: IBM MaaS360

    Expectations for mobile access to corporate data have never been greater. But, how do you enable your company with mobility and ensure security? View this webcast that details mobile security challenges and how to best prepare for them with a complete mobile strategy.

  • The State of Support Services

    Sponsored by: LogMeIn, Inc.

    Support service organizations must focus on support services transformation this year in 4 distinct areas to alleviate the pressure on executives and to ensure success. Access this white paper that details these 4 areas due for transformation and that highlights a tool that delivers on-demand remote support to users and devices anywhere, anytime.

  • Clientless Remote Support Software: A Key Service Desk Tool to Drive User Satisfaction and Productivity

    Sponsored by: LogMeIn, Inc.

    Discover how clientless remote software is changing the way two enterprises manage their devices to support end users in a holistic manner. Further, you'll see how security, features sets, and strong relationships underpin these tools.

  • Infographic: Top Use Cases for App Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Finding FIPS compliant and Common Criteria certified app virtualization tools can help deliver end-to-end security and protection. Discover what else you can do with app virtualization to enable a secure, cost-effective, mobile, and simplified enterprise.

  • Midmarket Enterprise Storage Array Buyers Guide

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    This buyer's guide details the top ranking storage arrays from 10 storage providers. Access now to quickly compare their features and to find the storage solution that best suits your needs.

  • The Move to Open Government Data

    Sponsored by: Lenovo

    In this podcast, Karin Geraghty, CIO for the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources at the Government of South Australia, discusses compliance, open data portals, the role of mobile devices in data collection, and more.

  • Managing Android devices in the enterprise

    Sponsored by:

    This article in our Royal Holloway security series focuses on two approaches to securely managing Android mobile devices in the enterprise: mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).

  • BYOD: Policy Formation and Enforcement

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Once you decide to let your employees use their own mobile devices and PCs for work, it's essential that you employ a structured BYOD policy. Access this expert e-guide that details the issues to consider when implementing a BYOD policy and discover steps to enforce your policy after implementation.

  • A Security Assessment of Android Full-disk Encryption

    Sponsored by:

    This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series describes an attack on Android 5.0 full disk encryption and discusses potential countermeasures.

  • Mobile App Delivery: Options to Consider and Potential Obstacles

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Access this expert e-guide for four approaches to mobile app delivery that can provide the necessary oversight for mobile device users in the workplace. Also discover the potential obstacles related to deploying mobile apps.

  • BYOD: Keeping the Benefits While Staying Secure

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this e-guide, learn not only to maximize the benefits of BYOD for your enterprise, but also discover the how to mitigate the downsides and secure the traffic coming out of all these devices connecting to your network.

  • BYOD Security and Four Challenges to Consider Before Diving In

    Sponsored by: IBM

    You've decided to allow BYOD, but you're concerned with data and device security. What should you do next? Access this expert guide that details the necessary steps to a trusted BYOD security policy and discover 4 BYOD challenges to consider before implementation.

  • The Advantages and Financial Obstacles of BYOD

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Advantages such as cost savings and improved mobility will help BYOD become the norm in corporate end-user device provisioning. Access this expert e-guide for a look at the advantages of BYOD, plus the financial pros and cons of BYOD becoming a part of your business.

  • BYOD: An Opportunity for IT Evolution and Business Advantage

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Most IT departments are missing one of the main points of BYOD – that it allows for IT evolution. Access this expert e-guide for an explanation of how BYOD allows IT to reinvent itself and revolutionize how companies work. Read on to learn the main advantages BYOD offers, and why it will soon be the norm for your business.

  • APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT 101 Ch. 3: Building Apps That Meet Users' Needs

    Sponsored by: SearchMobileComputing

    Learn about successful mobile app development in this eBook chapter. All it takes is careful consideration of how users do their jobs and what they need in an app.

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