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  • Edge for the Mobile End User

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    This video features a service management solution that allows your mobile users to quickly and easily manage their service needs on the go—from any location and on any device.

  • Modern Mobility e-zine – June 2015

    Sponsored by:

    Mobility is a whole new animal when it comes to security, and IT shops need to change their methods from the desktop age. Learn how security methods have evolved with mobility.

  • Integrating MDM and NAC for Mobile Success

    Sponsored by: Pulse Secure

    Read this white paper to discover how integrated VPN, access control, and mobile device management solutions deliver superior network security and BYOD productivity so that you can gain a competitive edge in the mobile business world.

  • Empowering Mobile Productivity

    Sponsored by: Pulse Secure

    Access this white paper now to learn how you can enable authenticated, authorized mobile users with fast, seamless access to necessary network resources that is also completely secure.

  • Moving Beyond Your Mobile Blind Spot: An App Centric Approach to Enterprise Mobility

    Sponsored by: Pulse Secure

    In this white paper, you'll learn how shifting the focus of a mobile strategy from device management to app-centric can improve user experience and workforce productivity while improving security.

  • Enterprise Plans for Mobile Security

    Sponsored by: Pulse Secure

    Access this white paper to learn how your competition is embracing mobile security and discover key trends that will keep your company data safe for mobile business.

  • Getting a handle on mobile devices – securely, reliably and tidily

    Sponsored by: Matrix42

    This white paper explores how the growing use of web and SaaS applications is affecting German companies, and how German IT specialists ensure access to these key business applications, and how they plan to for years to come. Read about the results of a questionnaire based study to learn how CEOs can make their mobile work environment successful.

  • The Answers to Your Mobile App Delivery Issues

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    In this white paper, you'll learn why the right network infrastructure is essential to ensuring high quality app delivery across different devices securely, while preparing for future expansion.

  • Optimizing the Mobile Workforce

    Sponsored by: Calero Software

    Read this white paper to learn how you can find the right balance of policy, plans, enforcement, support and user experience necessary for successfully optimizing the mobile workforce.

  • How the Mobile Technology Stack will Affect Your Organization

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    This e-guide provides a closer look into the new enterprise mobility technology stack, and offers tips for when the time is right for EMM in your organization.

  • The Dos and Don'ts of BYOD

    Sponsored by: Calero Software

    In this white paper, you'll learn everything you need to know about the most widespread mobile approach – BYOD. Read more and discover how you can start implementing a BYOD program without any surprises.

  • Enabling the Mobile Workforce in the Wake of Consumerization

    Sponsored by: Calero Software

    In this white paper you'll learn how to gain a competitive advantage by outsourcing mobile support to providers that offer world class service desk capabilities and economies of scale for maximizing the value of mobility.

  • How Windows Server stacks up in a changing IT landscape

    Sponsored by: Dell and Microsoft

    Access this e-guide to explore the role of Active Directory, how Microsoft is moving into mobile device management, and how the cloud is changing the IT landscape now and for the future.

  • Protect Information Like a Pro: A Guide for Enterprise CIOs

    Sponsored by: Clearswift

    This CIO essential guide teaches you how to protect information and is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice.

  • IDC Analyst Q&A: Sharpening the Organization's IT Front Line

    Sponsored by: Riverbed Technology, Inc.

    Inside this Q&A you will hear from IDC's vice president for datacenter and cloud research responding to several lines of inquiry about sharpening the edge of your IT infrastructure.

  • What's motivating enterprise tablet adoption?

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This e-guide offers results from a survey where respondents ranked eight driving factors behind enterprise tablet adoption. Read now to learn the number 1 reason by organization plan to buy tablets and discover if they could be a viable option for your organization.

  • How smartphone and tablet management is changing

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This e-guide explains the evolving smartphone and tablet market, and points to mobile application management, mobile content management, and many more mobility initiatives that are shifting rapidly. Read now to learn how your organization can manage your mobile devices more effectively.

  • Enabling enterprise data access on mobile devices

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    Access this white paper to learn about a secure mobile productivity suite that increases employee access to enterprise data and applications without compromising security, employee privacy, or the personal user experience on the device.

  • As Enterprise Mobility Usage Escalates, So Does Security Risk

    Sponsored by: HID

    In this expert white paper, examine how to tame the mobile security beast through two-factor authentication and single-sign-on approaches. Continue reading to learn how other organizations are bringing harmony to the UX vs. IT security debate and other steps you can take to protect data and apps.

  • Why Should You Consider BYOD?

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    Access this white paper to learn what it takes to build a successful BYOD strategy.

  • Delivering 24/7 Access to NC State University Users

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA/VMware

    Access this case study to learn how one education institute adopted virtualized desktops to deliver desktop services to students, faculty, and staff at anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Explore the benefits of this approach and learn how it provides a consistent, reliable end-user experience.

  • Developing an Exceptional TEM Program

    Sponsored by: Calero Software

    Access this white paper to learn the ins and outs of TEM performance metrics and how you can align them with your business processes.

  • Department Store Retailer - A leading department store buys into mobile IBM System i connectivity - without the hefty price tag

    Sponsored by: Open Legacy

    A major department store chain used applications residing on an IBM System i for store management, sales floor tracking, reporting, and finance. It wanted to unlock business-critical data stored in its legacy applications, so it modernized its IBM System i environment.

  • Deploying and Managing Mobile Apps

    Sponsored by:

    In this guide, learn about the role mobile app management plays in ensuring corporate data security, keeping enterprise apps healthy and enabling work on personal mobile devices.

  • Is a secure workspace approach right for you?

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    View this white paper to find out whether taking a secure workspace approach is the right way to go.

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