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  • Accelerate Your Transformation into a Mobile Enterprise with Cloud Computing

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper will examine why becoming a mobile enterprise may be the best choice for your organization, how cloud can help you accelerate your transformation into a mobile enterprise, and the important things to consider when designing a mobile enterprise. Read on to learn more.

  • Meeting the Challenges of HIPAA Compliance, Phishing Attacks, and Mobile Security

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint, Inc.

    This white paper examines three top healthcare security challenges—stricter regulations, inbound threats, and mobile IT. Read on to protect PHI and other confidential data from inbound security threats while embracing mobile computing technologies and security as a service (SaaS).

  • Any Device, Any User, Always Secure: Adding Macs and Mobile Devices to Your Existing Management Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    Can workers really use their device of choice while still allowing IT to manage the device and secure the way users access corporate resources and applications? In this webcast, guest speaker IDC analyst Peter Linstrom will explore these needs as well as trends in how the marketplace is addressing these challenges.

  • The 2015 State of Workforce Mobility in the United States

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    This report highlights the 2015 state of the mobile workforce in the United States, and examines the contributing factors behind the expansion of millennial mobile workers. Read on now to learn how to foster a collaborative mobile environment in your organization.

  • 5 Questions to Evaluate Your Readiness for UC Workplace Transformation

    Sponsored by: AVI-SPL

    This e-book provides 5 essential questions to ask when determining your company's readiness for mobilizing the workforce. Access now to learn how to monitor your virtual meeting spaces, enable secure personal device use, and provide flexible tools for your employees so that you can successfully modernize your unified communications strategy.

  • The 2015 European Mobile Workforce Report

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    In this report, you will address the IT challenges that introducing a mobile workforce presents. Focusing in particular on European countries, this study highlights how organizations are driving effective end-user computing growth with MDM. Read on and get an insider's look at mobile IT management and enterprise mobile app trends for 2016.

  • Compete Big by Achieving Business Outcomes with Improved IT Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Access this white paper to find out how eight different companies drove significant business benefits by deploying converged infrastructure technologies.

  • The State of Digital Downloads 2015: Consumer Perceptions. Behaviors, and Downloading Preferences

    Sponsored by: Limelight Networks, Inc.

    In this report, examine the results of a 2015 survey about consumer perceptions and behaviors towards digital content. Understand your customer's preferences on how to download and consume it, as well as their relationship with electronics.

  • The NRL Achieves Performance and Capacity in their Storage Environment

    Sponsored by: Nimble Storage

    In the following case study, learn how the National Rugby League was able to implement a flash storage platform from Nimble Storage that allowed them to meet their ever-growing storage demands and ultimately, keep their diehard fans pleased.

  • Macs in the Wild: Securing Your Mobile Workforce and Their Devices

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    This webinar, presented by Jason Snell, Editor in Chief with Six Colors, and Peter Havens, Director of Product Management with Centrify, teaches you how to set up a strong defense against would be device, identity and data theft for your mobile workforce.

  • Your Journey to Always-On in Four Steps

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper provides four time-tested steps that detail how your organization can shift from your legacy disaster recovery solution to an always-on design. Download your copy now for advice on seamlessly making the transition.

  • The 2015 Mobile Workforce Report for the Middle East and Africa

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    In this global report, you will address the IT and security challenges that introducing a mobile workforce presents. Focusing on the Middle East and Africa, learn how organizations in these geographies are driving end-user computing growth, as well as get an insider's look at enterprise mobile app trends for 2016.

  • Leverage Videoconferencing to Improve Enterprise Collaboration

    Sponsored by: VBrick

    In this webcast, Irwin Lazar, VP and Service Director at Nemertes Research, takes an in-depth look at how to leverage videoconferencing to improve enterprise collaboration. Learn how to implement successful videoconferencing strategies in your organization.

  • The Path to Becoming a Mobile Enterprise: API-Led Connectivity

    Sponsored by: MuleSoft

    In this webcast, you'll gain access to an expert discussion on the opportunities that mobile can bring to your enterprise, as well as the biggest roadblocks that companies face on the journey to successful mobile delivery.

  • The Importance of Security in Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    In this analyst report, you will compare the capabilities of controller-based Wi-Fi against those of cloud-managed, and address the security concerns that cloud-enabled wireless presents. Get the answers to your must-ask security questions about cloud-managed Wi-Fi.

  • The Rise of the Mobile Worker in Australia and Asia

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    In this report, you will glean the global state of the mobile workforce for 2015 in Australia and Asia and discover how to embrace successful end-user computing. Read on to access the emerging mobile trends for 2016 and foster a collaborative mobile environment in your organization.

  • Targeted Attack Protection: Bolstering Your Mobile Defenses

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint, Inc.

    In this informative webcast, learn the top 6 malware apps users will encounter, how to secure Apple and Android devices, and mitigate malicious apps. Discover the top mobile app malware threats plaguing organizations and how to thwart them in their tracks before data leakage occurs.

  • Solidify Your Network Protection with Internal Segmentation Firewalls

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    In this white paper you will learn the ins and outs of deploying an ISFW. Learn how to protect your company from the latest advanced security threats and compartmentalize access to sensitive data and apps.

  • Internal Segmentation Firewall: Protecting Your Network From the Inside-Out

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    This white paper highlights the key features of internal segmentation firewalls. Learn how to isolate internal network threats based on device, user, and application to safeguard your sensitive information with this next-gen security technology.

  • Enabling Enterprise Mobility with APIs

    Sponsored by: MuleSoft

    This paper reviews the primary drivers and challenges faced by enterprises trying to initiate or support a mobile strategy, and the transformation stories of three market leaders who enabled mobility via API-led connectivity. Access this white paper now to devise a mobile strategy for your business.

  • 6 Ways Rogue Internet Users Cripple Your Network

    Sponsored by: Exinda Networks

    This paper presents several strategies to identify, monitor, and control employee use and abuse of network resources. Enforce appropriate network usage for your critical applications and install policies to control recreational traffic like peer-to-peer file sharing and instant messaging.

  • Three Mobile Security Threats IT Should Know

    Sponsored by: CloudMine

    Access this expert e-guide to get a detailed look at three mobile security threats and find out how to safeguard corporate-provided or employee-owned mobile devices in your enterprise. You'll also discover how mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) helps IT shops to bridge the gap between legacy systems and mobile devices.

  • The 2015 Rise of the Mobile Workforce in Asia Pacific

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    In this white paper, you will learn about the state of the mobile workforce in 2015. Discover how to embrace successful end-user computing, key into MDM's relationship with market maturity, and see why mobile IT management and enterprise mobile apps are set to dominate in 2016.

  • Evaluating Internal Segmentation Firewalls and Network Topography

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    This white paper examines internal segmentation firewalls (ISFW), and demonstrates how ISFWs can protect your internal network. Secure your apps, data, and users from threats with policy-based segmentation.

  • Internal Segmentation Firewall: Protecting Your Network from the Inside Out

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    In this brief white paper, you will discover if an internal segmentation firewall is the best form of protection for your users and applications. Learn how to enforce more granular security with policy-based segmentation, and contain threats by user, device, and application.

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