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  • Tetra Pak: Achieving Detailed and Dynamic Reporting

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Find out how Tetra Pak enhanced reporting and made it more accessible for business users while reducing reliance on IT with seamless data integration, agile self-service apps, standardized BI user interfaces, and more.

  • A Guide to Embedding Analytics into your Application

    Sponsored by: Yellowfin

    This e-book acts as a guide for software vendors looking to embed analytics into their apps and deliver new insights to their customers. Learn how to integrate and launch your own unique analytic app and find out how you can set objectives for building your analytics offering, fill in skills gaps, perform beta testing, and more.

  • CubeServ: Accelerating Reporting, Analytics, and Data Visualization

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Find out how CubeServ incorporated the cloud into its data and analytics strategies and learn about their use of the SAP Analytics Cloud to accelerate reporting, analytics, and data visualization.

  • The Value of Data and Analytics in Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: SAP

    In this Q&A between SAP and Dan Vesset, group vice president of IDC's Analytics and Information Management research, learn about the growing ties between digital transformation, data, and analytics.

  • SAP HANA: The In-Memory Platform for Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Explore how to reimagine your analytics, data management, and database strategies for digital transformation initiatives. Plus, learn about SAP HANA, a unified, in-memory database platform for transactions and analytics.

  • Making Faster, Better Decisions with Real-Time Information

    Sponsored by: SAP

    In this case study, discover how Live Oak Bank (a bank in the U.S.) is leveraging the SAP Analytics Cloud to empower decision makers with real-time analytics, enable full transparency and collaboration in planning and budgeting processes to improve communication, and more.

  • Democratizing Decision Making with Analytics

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Join Ray Wang (principal analyst and founder of Constellation Research) as he makes sense of all the data that organizations are now trying to work with.

  • Man Wah Powers Real-Time Analytics with SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects BI

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This case study explores how Man Wah enabled enterprise grade, real-time data management and analytics for the data from its critical systems like ERP. Discover how they built a modern analytics and BI strategy using the power of SAP HANA to deliver real-time, data-driven decision-making.

  • Innovating with Real-Time Data and Insights with SAP HANA

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    In this IDC white paper, gain a deeper understanding of 10 organizations using SAP HANA platform to create insights through real-time analytics, deliver more applications and services, generate more revenue, and more.

  • Protecting Enterprise Data on Apache Spark

    Sponsored by: DataBricks

    Today, enterprises require holistic security that covers the full spectrum of their big data lifecycle. Learn about the Databricks platform, and how you can leverage it to maximize valuable data. Gain ideas on better approaching the data security challenge.

  • Enabling the Agile Enterprise Through Unified Data

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Learn about the journey toward the analytic-transactional data platform, and explore topics like data integration between databases and data warehouses, disk backup optimization for analytic data, the benefits of unified data for transactions and analytics, and more.

  • Cloud Business Analytics

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Learn about both the drivers and the roadblocks for cloud analytics adoption according to IDC's research into the current and emerging states of analytics and BI deployments.

  • Lexmark International: Improving Reporting with SAP Databases and Apps

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Discover how Lexmark International implemented a business planning and consolidation app powered by SAP HANA to improve data management and strategic planning.

  • Self-Service Analytics: Increase Business Agility with the Right Information

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Find out how to expand timely access to the relevant information that generates business-critical insights with self-service analytics and BI for decision-making.

  • Metrics Monitoring and Approaches

    Sponsored by: VMware

    A fact of modern business is that data-driven enterprises have a competitive advantage. While there may be many tools that generate metrics, a truly metrics-driven approach to cloud applications monitoring is quite different compared to many traditional monitoring approaches. This e-book explores the value of metrics-driven analytics.

  • Container Monitoring at Scale

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Containers are on the rise for a host of reasons, but those same reasons are difficult to monitor. This e-book provides insight into the challenges and solutions for container monitoring. You will see the unique value of a new approach to monitoring containerized applications, based on metric-driven analytics.

  • Your Predictive Analytics Journey

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Learn about the potential competitive advantage of predictive analytics if you can manage to update your analytics strategies for real-time, big data demands.

  • A Field Service Transformation Handbook for Executives

    Sponsored by: ServiceMax by GE Digital

    Find out how to futureproof field services for a digitally transformative era by exploring topics like applying mobile apps, IoT, virtual reality, wearables, and advanced analytics to field service management for better customer engagement, connectivity, and reliability.

  • Proactive Failure Identification

    Sponsored by: Atos

    Equipment failure is a major concern for every company, but especially when lives may be on the line. Learn how a major oilfield services company leveraged IoT-enabled devices to proactively identify areas of potential equipment failure and to increase asset reliability and performance, while greatly reducing downtime.

  • Data and Analytics Secrets Revealed: A Collection of Customer Stories

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    Uncover a diverse variety of customer stories – from organizations like Ubisoft, Yelp, Equinix, Domino's, and Gatwick Airport – about how they turned data into one of their leading assets with enhanced analytics, data security, IoT, and big data capabilities.

  • BI, Analytics, and the Cloud: Best Practices Report

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    This TDWI best practices report explores the current state of BI, analytics, and data management in the cloud. Uncover 12 best practices for cloud analytics, and learn about the top considerations for moving data management to the cloud.

  • SAP Business Objects Analytics Portfolio

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Find out how to rethink your analytics strategy so that you can meet modern expectations for real-time analytics, trusted data discovery, and optimized decision-making.

  • Five Reasons You're Not Getting the ROI You Expect from Your Cloud Data Warehouse Investment

    Sponsored by: Looker

    There would be no point in buying an iPhone to use it only as a watch, and the same goes for cloud data warehousing. To completely fulfill the promise of a cloud data warehouse, you must take advantage of what the cloud makes possible. Learn 5 ways you may be sabotaging the success of your cloud data warehouse, and find 3 ways to move forward.

  • Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited Enables Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Find out how Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) enabled real-time big data analytics, improved compliance, and supported decision-making with enhanced reporting.

  • How to Secure Your Data and Protect Your Bottom Line

    Sponsored by: IBM

    New technology trends, including cloud, mobile and big data, create opportunities for your enterprise to exploit analytic insights. But the same things that enable these opportunities can skyrocket your risks if proper data security and governance controls aren't in place. Learn how you can protect your data to avoid risk.

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