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  • Top Analysis Tips and Tricks for 2015

    Sponsored by: Adobe EchoSign

    The authors of this guide have scoured the digital marketing landscape to conduct interviews with leading professionals. Uncover perspective on the top analytics trends of 2015, with topics such as mobile measurement, predictive analytics, and more.

  • How Analytics Transforms Sales Performance

    Sponsored by:

    This webcast features two leading organizations in their process of leveraging cloud analytics. Watch and learn what it can do for sales, in terms of finding new opportunities, growing revenue and more.

  • Using Analytics to Drive Business Strategy

    Sponsored by:

    This webinar focuses on the capabilities you need to optimize analytics across your organization. Find out how to enable success through data-driven decision-making, with forward-thinking features.

  • An Analytics Overview

    Sponsored by:

    This brief video puts the spotlight on cloud analytics. Learn the value of delivering insights to company-wide teams without the need to log IT requests, increasing the amount of pertinent questions that uncover new opportunities.

  • Predictive Threat and Risk Management: Meeting the Challenges of a Smarter Planet

    Sponsored by: IBM

    No organization can - or should - put up with billions in losses due to poor risk management. This white paper brings to light the digital security made possible by business analytics. Access this resource if you are plagued by virtual surveillance challenges.

  • Managing Threat and Fraud with Predictive Analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This brief video encourages a systematic approach to reducing exposure and minimizing negative impact. Start discovering your best defense by analyzing the billions of bits of data in your company.

  • Hortonworks and Talend Big Data Sandbox

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    Access this video to delve into the benefits of Hadoop data management and find out how your organization and transform, cleanse, enrich, and aggregate data instantly to free up valuable compute time for high impact analytics. Plus watch now to learn about the easy-to-use sanbox.

  • Improve Customer Service & Satisfaction with Big Data and Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    Discover how your organization can fully capture these diverse data sets in a powerful and flexible repository allowing for rapid advanced analysis insights discovery and actionable intelligence. Access this resource now to learn how machine learning can help your Telco company take control of your data to improve customer experience.

  • Minimizing Claims Leakage Using Machine Learning on Hadoop

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    In this white paper you will learn about a combination of Hadoop and machine learning that can help your organization achieve big savings by reducing operating costs and claims overpayments.

  • Securing Big Data Environments

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    This resource outlines a particular security platform that can centralize data access policies and key management to protect the entire big data environment, including structured and unstructured data sources. Read now to learn how your organization can protect your data by accessing this resource.

  • Telcos and Cable Companies Use Hortonworks and Talend for Service, Security and Sales

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    In this white paper learn how cable companies are handling an immense demand for data by turning to Hadoop for a smarter and more cost-effective way to store and process information. Access this white paper to learn how your Telco company can modernize your data architecture in 4 important ways.

  • Big Data Integration: Hadoop without the coding

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    Learn how your organization can get fast data analytics, without performance tuning or benchmarking.

  • Edge for IT Leaders

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    This video explains how users can have access to end-to-end services and a cloud-based ITSM solution that features a real time business service impact dashboard.

  • Experts Research Big Data and Predictive Analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This report highlights some methods companies are using to seamlessly integrate predictions into their business. Find deeper insight, backed by Forrester Research, on how to leverage predictive analytics by analyzing its lifecycle.

  • The New Age of Analytics

    Sponsored by:

    Because faster execution of uninformed decisions merely achieves the wrong goals sooner, this white paper explores how to make the most out of data in a world where less than 5% of 4.4 trillion gigabytes is being put to use. Access this resource and uncover three breakthroughs of leveraging data-driven technology for the modern end user.

  • Introducing Analytics in the Cloud

    Sponsored by:

    This white paper features BI strategies designed with the modern business professional in mind. If your current approach renders data incomprehensible and employees without autonomy, then discover how to uplift draconian data processes with innovative capabilities.

  • Enterprise Data Lake Platforms: Deep Storage for Big Data and Analytics

    Sponsored by: EMC

    Read the following IDC white paper to learn why organizations are turning to data lake platforms to help alleviate the stress on conventional storage environments and ultimately, give way to a better foundation for analytics. Access now to learn more.

  • Today's Customers Leverage Technology, and you Should Too

    Sponsored by: Adobe EchoSign

    This white paper highlights integrated strategies as the key differentiator in leveraging customer relations to drive top-line revenue growth. Access this resource now to ensure your campaign approach is comprised of essential technologies.

  • Bring your Hortonworks Flavor of Hadoop

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    Explore this resource to learn how your organization can store and analyze your data with dedicated servers, in a flexible environment with low-cost storage that is replicated with unlimited querying capabilities.

  • Big Data Analytics: Does Your Strategy Deliver?

    Sponsored by: Lenovo and Intel

    This white paper features findings from ESG Research on what users expect from business intelligence investments, and how to evaluate and select an ideal server platform based on your company's unique needs. Use this resource to see if your BI/analytics/Big Data strategy contains the top attritubes sought by industry leaders.

  • Claims Validation with smartC and the Hortonworks Data Platform

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    Discover how your organization can prevent insurance fraud with better data management. Access this white paper to learn how you can solve common compliance and insurance challenges.

  • Recognizing the Customer's Role in Incentive Compensation

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper highlights customer relations as the key differentiator in competitive advantage. Discover why many companies are adjusting their incentive compensation strategies as a result, with tools that present quantifiable benefits.

  • How CIOs Deal with Differences Between Old BI and New BI

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This expert e-guide dives into why the text analytics market stalls as big data concepts gain traction. In addition, discover three tipping points that will push BI/analytics across the enterprise.

  • Content Analytics Paves the Way to Actionable Insight

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This expert e-guide explores both benefits and challenges of content analytics. Observe insight into how ECM systems are becoming increasingly powerful as middleware and other information applications.

  • Strategy Spotlight: Making the Business Case for Content Analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This expert guide covers best practices for making the business case for content analysis tools now. Examine the technology's ability to deliver real value to your enterprise, as you uncover how to educate management about its benefits.

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