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  • Workforce Planning and Analytics

    Sponsored by: Workday

    This brief video delivers insight on providing HR with useful data for workforce optimization. Access now and discover ways to better analyze each employee - including your on-demand space - on the device of your choice.

  • Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2015

    Sponsored by: Gartner

    Access the following brochure to learn about the various topics, schedules, and strategies that will be covered during this year's Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit. Read on to learn will be speaking, future technology predictions, and more.

  • Improving IT Service Performance with Predictive Workload Analytics

    Sponsored by: CA Technologies.

    This quick resource explores a predictive workload analytics solution that leverages critical, real-time enterprise data so you can more effectively respond to shifting priorities.

  • Together: Making Healthcare Work

    Sponsored by: InterSystems Corporation

    In this webinar, Edward Chung, MD discusses the shifting dynamics of the way healthcare is being paid for, how it's impacting the industry as a whole, and how collaboration is key to enabling a successful healthcare team.

  • Embracing New BI Tools: Drive Instant Value Across Your Business

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Understanding your business analytics and being able to respond to trends in your datasets as they are unfolding will keep you ahead of your competition. Access this short video now to learn how you can reimagine your business models to incorporate simplicity and power, and drive more business value across your departments.

  • Finding Value from Multiple Data Sources

    Sponsored by: Attivio, Inc.

    In this webinar, principal research analyst Boris Evelson takes you through best practices for self-service data discovery. Gain advice for accessing datasets more effectively and learn how to identify data sources that can lead to actionable insights in less time.

  • How to Best Operationalize Threat Intelligence

    Sponsored by: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formerly SilverSky)

    This white paper gives tips on how to implement and manage threat intelligence as effectively as possible.

  • Big Data Quality

    Sponsored by: Melissa Data Corp

    Without Data Quality, actionable intelligence from Big Data is incredibly challenging. Access this visual resource to uncover the benefits of high quality data for better analytics. Topics covered include: Entity extraction, authoritative results, streamlined data refinery, and more.

  • Big Data Meets Big Data Quality

    Sponsored by: Melissa Data Corp

    By instituting three essential data quality steps, businesses can achieve a winning recipe for actionable, meaningful analytics – worth repeating for ongoing business intelligence and insight at the highest level. Access this white paper now to learn more about what these three steps can do for your organization's data quality.

  • Reimagine Business User Experience

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Delivering a simple, personalized and consistent user experience across devices is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Access this resource and discover how your organization can build a tailored and responsive user experience by embracing real-time analytics in the office or on the go.

  • The era of hybrid environments is here: Is your data refined and ready?

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This resource describes how a data refinery can make trusted data available quickly and easily to people and systems across your organization. Read now to get simple steps you can take to start exploring - and implementing - this strategy for handling the challenges of hybrid data environments.

  • Considerations For Developing Big Data Security Analytics

    Sponsored by: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formerly SilverSky)

    This guide can teach you how to design, plan and implement a big data solution that will give you the most security benefits.

  • Improve IT Agility and Efficiency: Analytics Deliver New Insights into Operational Big Data

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this white paper discover how IBM's IT analytics strategy stacks up to the research presented by EMA. Access now to learn why EMA remains optimistic that Netcool Operations Insight is the next step in a continuing set of leadership moves by the company.

  • Big data analysis: The essential next step for security

    Sponsored by: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formerly SilverSky)

    This white paper explains how you can use big data analysis to stop even the most sophisticated attacks.

  • Big Data: Moving from Hype to Confidence

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper presents survey results that reveal just how much organizations are using – or not using – big data.

  • How Mobility and Analytics Are Redefining Business

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This resource explains how the convergence of mobility and analytics within modern enterprises can improve decision-making, enable collaboration, drive faster results, and more.

  • Lead the Pack with Next Generation Business Reporting

    Sponsored by: Cortell

    This case study features the benefits of maximizing compliance. Learn how to use regulatory law to your advantage by optimizing business operations, reducing costs, and giving business users simple and intuitive access to data.

  • The Next Wave of Intelligent Applications

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper highlights machine learning as the next breakthrough to assist in good decision-making. Learn ways to enable your team to do highly iterative analysis that scales to large volumes of data.

  • Empower Business with Data-Driven Insights

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper introduces ways to enhance your competitive edge by developing deeper, more actionable insights from your big data.

  • Predictive Analytics is Making Headway in Manufacturing

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This e-guide emphasizes analytics' role in ERP. Learn from experts how analytical processes reduce expenses, improve quality, optimize the supply chain and boost customer service for manufacturing organizations.

  • Delve into Data and Optimize Sales

    Sponsored by: Cortell

    This brief case study reveals how reporting and forecasting capabilities are prime catalysts for effective and efficient business performance management. Access now and discover methodologies that can help you grow revenue, reduce costs and better understand your demand needs to support your core business objectives.

  • Improving Education Management Using Cloud-Based Analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This case study explores how Kasbah Systems Software, an IT service and product development company, addressed the growing needs of India's higher educational institutions by leveraging cloud infrastructure and data analytics.

  • How Not to Limit your Analytics

    Sponsored by: Lavastorm analytics

    This e-book implores the reader to keep up with increasing data demands. Access now to learn why traditional spreadsheet tools simply don't make the cut when it comes to processing data, making analytics available to more decision-makers and stakeholders, and more.

  • Rethinking Governance In an Analytics-Driven World

    Sponsored by: Lavastorm analytics

    This eBook stresses the importance of remaining competitive during and after the shift to an agile, analytics-based, decision-making environment. Access now and examine how the increased focus of analytics, demand for self-service tools, and sharing of data is changing the role of IT. Additionally, learn why governance must adapt.

  • BI Roundtable: Cloud BI and Dashboards

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this video, experts examine cloud BI capabilities that fuel organizations and provide agility. Join BI and cloud professional Matthew Mikell as he discusses compelling use cases for this tool

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