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IEEE 1149.1 Use in Design for Verification and Testability at Texas Instruments

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What to Expect from Gigabit Wireless LAN

With 802.11n deployment well under way, enterprises are beginning to eye gigabit wireless LAN. IEEE standards 802.11ac and 802.11ad both aim to provide gigabit speed wireless LAN in different channels, but what can you really expect?

This e-guide, presented by, provides an in depth look at gigabit wireless LAN and uncovers the truth about 802.11ac and throughput, while discussing what engineers can expect in the future.

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  • CW ASEAN: Defend against disruption

    The security of industrial control systems (ICS) has come under the spotlight with several high-profile incidents affecting power plants and other critical infrastructure in recent years. What are the threats to these systems in ASEAN, and what is the common approach to securing ICS systems? In this month’s issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at how ICS operators are improving the visibility of ICS environments without jeopardizing operations, addressing security vulnerabilities and enhancing cooperation between IT and operational technology teams.

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    Cyber attacks could have cost APAC organizations $1.75tn, report reveals

    A study by Frost & Sullivan has found that losses from cyber security incidents could have accounted for 7% of the Asia-Pacific region’s gross domestic product in 2017

    Most airports are not protected against cyber threats, says Israel airports chief

    The chairman of the Israel Airports Authority paints a dismal picture of the state of cyber security in aviation, and offers advice on what can be done to avert the next disaster

    CenturyLink signals APAC expansion

    US telecoms giant’s Matt Gutierrez tells Aaron Tan how the firm is growing its footprint in Asia after its merger with Level 3

  • Security Think Tank: Critical National Infrastructure

    We asked our regular panel of cyber experts, the Computer Weekly Security Think Tank, to consider and highlight the risks posed to industrial control systems (ICS) and other elements of operational technology (OT), and advise on what steps CNI operators should be taking to address them.

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    Now that it is 2024, school bus Wi-Fi is E-Rate eligible. To discover 3 benefits that school bus Wi-Fi can deliver – and how to unlock those benefits – check out this overview.


  • Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN & SASE Solutions Win Industry Acclaim

    Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN and Universal SASE are hailed as leaders for merging networking and security, enhancing user experience, and cutting costs. Globally acclaimed for cloud and on-prem security, robust SD-WAN, and value, Fortinet excels in integrated solutions for all edges, users, and devices. Read on to learn more.


  • 6 benefits of LTE and 5G in schools

    Whether education takes place in a classroom, at home or on a bus, wireless networking can improve experiences, enabling students to learn from anywhere. Browse this overview to learn about 6 ways that 5G and LTE can support students’ connectivity and security.


  • Optimizing the performance of ESB

    The enterprise service bus (ESB) and what it does are still points of confusion and contention. Read this expert e-guide to find out why an ESB is indispensable to any application integration project. Also, find out how open source ESB options are changing the market and why this will matter to buyers.


  • Analyst’s take on a new model for security program development

    “Traditional cybersecurity operating models,” explains Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Principal Analyst Dave Gruber, “are struggling to keep up with faster innovation cycles, leaving many security leaders chasing the bus.” Because of this, a new model for security program development has emerged. Learn about it in this ESG report.


  • Free sample: CompTIA A+ IT Fundamentals

    Download this free chapter from ITF+ CompTIA IT Fundamentals to learn how to work with and decipher the command line interface, demonstrate fundamental commands and more.


  • ESB & SOA Infrastructure

    How important are enterprise service buses (ESBs) to service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the enterprise? Will new efforts to understand ESBs pay off in the long-term? This e-book provides valuable insight on the role of ESBs in application integration and the modern enterprise.


  • The state of API security

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the keystone to security integration as they enable communication between the various siloed solutions. In this API Security Series, Nexum review how to use these interfaces, exploit them, and prevent an organization’s name from appearing on the news. Read on to learn more.


  • A Computer Weekly eGuide to Workspaces

    In this eGuide we focus on all thing's workspace related. We dive into Google's new privacy settings, how the landscape of workspaces will look when the world of work fully returns and Google's new G Suite workspace overhaul.


  • API Management: The role of APis in digital business transformation

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) are moving beyond the domain of software development. They offer a way for organisations to work closely with an extended ecosystem of business partners, who are able to build value-added software-powered products and services.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to API management

    Application programming interfaces define the correct way for a developer to request services from an operating system. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how they provide connectivity, the key role of digital bonding, and the importance of keeping APIs up to date and secure.


  • Automating Your Security Technology Workflows

    Your security technology ecosystem is made up of various pieces. There are your communication tools, your video technology, your software and more. To simplify the management of this complex ecosystem, Motorola Solutions created Orchestrate. Download this overview to learn all about the tool.


  • A Wi-Fi Strategy Used by eSports Superstars

    eSports and networking: What do you need to know? To dig into the topic, tune into this episode of Ruckus Networks’ podcast, RUCKCast.


  • E-Guide: Best Practices to ensure secure mobile communication

    Learn more about the importance of mobile security and how you can ensure secure mobile communications in your enterprise.


  • Delivering a modern connectivity cloud platform

    Today, everything and everyone needs to be connected everywhere, all the time.To deliver on these demands, the modern connectivity cloud must support. Download this product overview to learn about Cloudflare’s approach to providing a connectivity cloud platform.


  • Computer Weekly – 4 October 2022: Putting APIs to work

    In this week's Computer Weekly, our latest buyer's guide looks at application programme interfaces (APIs) and how they can connect internal and external business processes. We examine the challenges and opportunities of using AI in healthcare. And we find out how retailers are turning to specialist apps to reduce food waste. Read the issue now.


  • How should our team manage data stored in the cloud?

    This informative e-guide reveals expert tips for cloud managers to ensure that the provider's management tools mesh well with your enterprise's needs. Learn why you should look for management features beyond security controls for effective cloud storage.



    This expert guide from takes an in-depth look at API security, answering critical questions and providing helpful tips for securing your cloud APIs.


  • Economic analysis of Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform

    For organizations whose business model is centered around online customer engagement, smooth digital delivery is key. In this Forrester Total Economic Impact report, you’ll learn about the benefits, costs, and risks associated with a solution designed to help businesses deliver content effectively and drive engagement. Read on to learn more.


  • Effective Planning: The Key to Enterprise-Wide Visibility and Strategic Alignment

    Organizations can no longer afford to rely on rigid, annual planning processes. Roadmaps enable organizations to plan iteratively and collaboratively, driving enterprise agility. Read this e-book to learn more about the benefits of roadmap planning and additional capabilities unique to ServiceNow.


  • Artificial Intelligence: Spotlight on ASEAN

    In this e-guide, read about ASEAN's efforts in harnessing AI, the challenges ahead, as well as the rapid developments in the burgeoning field.


  • Why APIs are the key to ensuring smooth backend development

    Document search and retrieval applications can be some of the hardest to master. This is especially true for organizations whose volume of data can overwhelm traditional microservices architecture. So, how can you ensure that everything runs smoothly for user satisfaction? Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • 10 prompt engineering tips and best practices

    Generative AI is finally coming into its own as a tool for research, learning, creativity and interaction. Asking the right questions is key to using generative AI effectively. Learn 10 tips for writing clear, useful prompts, including mistakes to avoid and advice for image generation.


  • How to choose the perfect integration architecture for your needs

    Integration architectures fall in two camps: direct application programming interface (API) connections (application-to-application) or integration hubs (DataOps solutions). Read this blog to explore both options and learn how to select the perfect integration architecture for your needs.


  • Simplify ADRs to Raise Revenue and Lower Days in AR

    For so many providers, ADRs are a major hurdle to on-time payments. In this webinar, explore how to streamline ADR submissions for more efficient claims review processes and faster resolution.


  • The state of application security maturity

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) represent a growing attack surface and an area where security teams are left vulnerable. This report presents the findings from a study conducted by Dark Reading Research which was designed to better understand the maturity of different organizations’ application security models. Read on to learn more.


  • Humanizing technology: Why virtual influencers and bots need empathy

    As AI gains influence, virtual influencers emerge on social media. Data-powered and openly inauthentic, they have advantages over human counterparts. Virtual influencers leverage tech and data to drive marketing. Read this article to learn more now.


  • Security leader’s guide to API security solutions

    Today, the efficiencies gained from APIs are overshadowed by the risk introduced to an IT enterprise. This e-book takes a realistic look at what buyers of API security solutions should look for when performing a product evaluation, helping you find the API security solution that’s right for your organization’s needs. Download now to learn more.


  • Digital Experience Trends 2023: A Data-Driven Trend Report

    With so much focus on the customer experience, in a digital-first world, it is going to be your organization’s digital experience that makes the difference in your success. Your customers demand an engaging and frictionless experience with no hurdles to clear. To deliver that, you need to know the current trends. Read on to see them here.


  • iPaaS: The ultimate buyer’s guide

    This guide explains what integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is, how it works, and why you may need it. Learn how iPaaS enables faster, lower cost integration across your enterprise. Discover key benefits like connecting data and apps quickly, and see how iPaaS facilitates innovation through connectivity.


  • Wireless LAN ITDC - Checklist #2

    Download this quick read to get an overview of technical requirements for wireless solutions, questions to ask potential vendors, and a list of vendors that have products that may meet your needs.


  • Digital landscape health: Why 75% of CIOs need help

    The health of your digital landscape not only ensures your services are continuously delivered, but also that they are protected and can suitably recover from disasters. Take a self-guided tour of Logicalis’ award-winning digital fabric platform and new user interface to see how you can get a real-time view of your digital landscape health.


  • Ultimate guide to Wi-Fi 7: 21-page e-book

    Does your organization really need Wi-Fi 7? Find out in this ultimate guide to the topic, which explores the primary enhancements of the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology and the security of Wi-Fi 7.


  • Integrating Mobile Device Management with UC Systems and Features

    This E-Guide from explores the issues with combining the unique communications services and interfaces of multiple mobile device operating systems with corporate unified communications (UC) strategies, and best practices to overcome these challenges.


  • SDS implementation: What's the best option for you?

    In this expert e-guide, explore today's SDS implementation options and help you decide which one fits your needs best: commodity or custom hardware. Additionally, uncover the important considerations – like the specific needs of virtual environments, access points, and APIs – that you'll need to address when formulating your storage strategy.


  • Leverage Abstraction to Limit Headless Commerce Tech Debt

    IT leaders know that avoiding technical debt is critical to business success. For organizations that run distributed systems like those in headless and composable commerce, they must leverage abstraction to avoid serious architectural pitfalls and limit their technical debt. Read on to learn more about this concept and improve your TCO.


  • Essential Guide to API Management and Application Integration

    Explore your API options in this essential guide with tips from experts including Alex Gaber, API evangelist. Check out a range of stories that highlight examples of successful API management, trends with the technology, and key terms developers need to know.


  • Enterprise Strategy Group report: Boosting OT cybersecurity

    Due to their lack of built-in security, OT assets – such as critical smart devices – tend to be highly susceptible to cyberattacks. In the face of increasingly complex cyberthreats, how can you level up your business’s OT cybersecurity? Unlock guidance in this Economic Validation report by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).


  • Managing Android devices in the enterprise

    This article in our Royal Holloway security series focuses on two approaches to securely managing Android mobile devices in the enterprise: mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).


  • Save Time and Money with Streamlined Eligibility Verification

    There’s no easy way to manually keep up with changes in eligibility and coverage. Discover an all-payer health insurance eligibility software that will help your organization fast-track eligibility checks, reduce claims denials and maximize efficiency in this webinar.


  • Streamline data exchange, expand digital services

    InterSystems Health Connect streamlines lab ordering/reporting by connecting LIS to EHRs, unifying records for digital transformation. It offers a single interface for scalable data exchange, ensuring performance and security. Learn more about how Health Connect drives labs' digital transformation in this resource.


  • Pipeline-native scanning for modern application development

    Tap into this white paper to learn about an approach to application security that uses demand-driven static analysis to automatically triage vulnerabilities according to next-step actions within a modern development environment.


  • Meta-analysis: 70% reduction in HAPI incidence across 19K+ patients with this monitoring system

    This meta-analysis tracks results across eight studies covering more than 34,711 patients, 19,136 of whom were monitored using the LEAF◊ Patient Monitoring System.


  • Data protection: A business imperative

    In this e-guide: While many organisations are focusing on the huge fines for non-compliance and the significant financial and reputational costs of data breaches, it is the fact that good data protection and privacy practices builds consumer trust and enables the innovative use of data that should be driving organisations to act.


  • 6 Considerations When Planning Data Center Network Upgrades

    Discover in this white paper the 6 secrets data center operators must know to avoid costly maintenance and changes in fiber cable infrastructure for years to come.


  • Ultimate IoT implementation guide for businesses

    Along with the many benefits IoT brings to an organization come the risks and challenges of implementing a system relying on the seamless interconnectivity of both physical and digital infrastructure. Download this custom TechTarget e-Guide for the ultimate IoT implementation guide for businesses.


  • CW APAC - December 2020: Trend Watch on cloud infrastructure

    The rise of 5G is driving telcos to embrace cloud-native and software-defined architectures. In this handbook focused on cloud infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at the slow and steady path businesses are taking to cloud-based radio access networks.