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The future is now: How AI is transforming cloud solutions

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Transform your business with AI-powered tools

The AI era is upon us. AI is now vital for businesses to boost productivity and gain strategic edges. Microsoft Cloud is key for AI integration, featuring Azure AI for creating and scaling AI solutions, and Microsoft 365 Copilot for tasks like writing and data analysis in Microsoft 365 apps.

Copilot also enhances Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and GitHub.

Discover how to leverage AI for your organization in this e-book.

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  • How to maintain safety and compliance with confidential AI

    Organizations grappling with AI implementation face compliance and privacy hurdles. Confidential AI, blending security and AI, offers a potential solution. Technologies like Intel SGX and TDX enable trusted processing in public clouds with private security, allowing the use of sensitive data and AI models in line with regulations.

    This innovation is an economic boon, powering industry collaboration for standardization and tooling. As AI evolves and regulations tighten, confidential AI will be essential for ethical, compliant AI deployment.

    Read on to discover the full scope of confidential AI’s potential advantages.

  • Explore the rise of AI and ChatGPT in software testing

    This eBook delves into AI and ChatGPT's impact on software testing, underscoring their support to developers and testers, not as replacements. It highlights human creativity's irreplaceable role amidst AI's task automation.

    The text discusses AI in curbing telecom customer churn through personalized outreach and fixing flawed software requirements early. It also features a ChatGPT interview on "Cloud First" strategies and the importance of cloud testing. Additionally, it showcases how Qualitest's AI solution boosted an EdTech startup's test production, enhancing efficiency and profit.

    Read the full eBook to learn about AI's transformative effect on software testing and development.

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  • Open source AI platforms boost enterprise business transformation

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  • Can AI help you say that name?

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  • 4 strategies to optimize cloud network & security

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  • Threat intelligence: AI vs. traditional threat management

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  • Azure OpenAI: The essential guide for IT managers

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  • The executive’s guide to generative AI

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  • Essential strategies for overcoming the AI skills gap

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  • AI regulation is in the works: What you need to know

    As AI continues to advance, there is growing consumer support for federal regulation to address concerns around fraud, privacy, and misuse. This article explores current AI regulation efforts in the US and EU, and the need to balance innovation with protecting the public. Read the article to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly – 26 September 2023: Preparing for post-quantum cryptography

    In this week's Computer Weekly, our latest buyer's guide assesses the challenges for cryptography in the emerging era of quantum computing. Google Cloud experts explain how the internet giant is preparing its datacentres for a world of AI. And we examine the privacy, compliance and backup issues from generative AI. Read the issue now.


  • The state of data in the AI era: What you need to know

    In this e-book, explore the state of AI in the enterprise, key challenges of scaling AI, how modern data integration can remove AI scaling challenges, the tricks to moving beyond data integration for even better AI results, and more.


  • How to achieve lasting value in a dynamic AI landscape

    As AI progresses, businesses need a flexible AI strategy to keep up with evolving technologies and market needs. This white paper discusses a framework for crafting an AI strategy that withstands real-world challenges to achieve lasting value. Read on to learn how you can enable sustained success in a dynamic AI landscape.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 October 2023: Brewing data insights at Heineken

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how brewing giant Heineken is building a data ecosystem to share insights and tap into AI capabilities. The UK is conducting an investigation into cloud supplier dominance – what will it mean for users? And we examine how generative AI could be used to improve customer experience. Read the issue now.


  • Why AI governance is a business imperative for scaling enterprise artificial intelligence

    Interest and adoption of AI is escalating quickly with the introduction of generative AI. According to IDC, enterprises worldwide are expected to invest $151 billion on AI solutions in 2023. Despite the growth, there are barriers to adoption, including lack of AI governance and risk management solutions. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • Unlock AI business value: 5-step roadmap

    “What is the true business value of AI?” opens this white paper by HPE. Along with answering that question, the paper provides a 5-step roadmap for streamlining your business’s processes with AI. Continue on to unlock these insights and more.


  • Human-like AI quest drives general AI development efforts

    While AI technologies can do things humans can't, they're currently limited to specific and straightforward tasks. A big goal for developers is to create human-like AI tools that think the way people do. This guide compiles stories on the push toward human-like AI and the challenges that AI vendors and users must overcome.


  • The state of AI in cybersecurity

    While generative AI has garnered much attention, it only represents a fragment of the rapidly evolving AI landscape. Security teams have recognized the potential AI has to transform cybersecurity, highlighted by the 92% of organizations that intend to use AI and machine learning to support cyber security. Download this e-book to learn more.


  • 40-pg e-book: How IT leaders are riding the AI wave in 2024

    Last year was a big year for AI, and industry experts are predicting even more action in 2024. But looking past the hype, how can IT leaders leverage AI to keep up with the competition? This e-book outlines best practices to help you unleash the potential of AI. Read on to discover 4 key shifts that leading IT teams are making with AI for 2024.


  • Why AI adoption is a strategic imperative

    In this eBook, you’ll learn about AI’s multifaceted nature, its historical evolution, and its potential business impact. Embracing AI is not just an option for businesses—it is a strategic imperative. Dive into the eBook to learn about:The history of AIWhy businesses rapidly adopt AIHow AI benefits organizations


  • AI-based application testing: Simulate attacks at scale

    With advances in AI capabilities, hackers have leveraged the evolving technology in order to perform more sophisticated attacks at scale. If actual attacks are using AI, then simulated attack testing that is performed at scale using AI is as close of a simulation to the real thing as one could hope for. Read on to learn more.


  • All in on AI

    In this webcast, Tom Davenport, professor at Babson College, and Myles Suer, director of solutions marketing at Alation, will discuss how business leaders are becoming more AI savvy and where the biggest AI opportunities exist today. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of AI’s potential for your business.


  • Deploy ML across the hybrid cloud without being limited by architecture

    Discover in this product overview how Red Hat OpenShift AI can help your team develop, train, test, and deploy ML across the hybrid cloud without being dragged down by limited architectural choices.


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    This e-guide features some of our coverage of AI: showing it realised for business benefit, interacting with the containerisation trend and cyber-security and cogitated upon with scholarly seriousness.


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  • Why quality data is key for maximizing your AI initiatives

    Without quality data, it’s impossible to be sure that your AI models can be trusted. So how can you establish reliable AI workflows and get the most out of your investments? Tune into this webcast to learn how data intelligence as a solution can help you overcome bad data and build a healthy foundation for your AI projects.


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  • How to enable responsible AI at scale

    Despite the importance of ethics, it is only one component of responsible AI. Responsible AI is a strategy for executing ethical AI while maintaining accountability, compliance, and governance to enable great customer experiences and drive growth for your business. Read on to learn how you can put it into practice.


  • A global look at emerging regulatory frameworks for AI governance

    AI at scale is the end goal for many organizations. However, the uncertainty of future regulation and potential for risk - especially when it comes to Generative AI - presents challenges. This e-book unpacks how you can scale AI with ease by implementing AI governance best practices that will withstand the test of new regulations.


  • How will you operationalize AI across your business?

    How can you confidently extend AI across your organization? In this white paper, you’ll learn about 6 different obstacles that impede AI progress and how you can overcome them with an AI-native architecture approach. Download now to discover how you can create an AI advantage for your business.


  • How generative AI is enabling better customer experiences

    In this webcast, you’ll hear a discussion between 4 industry experts as they explore how recent technological advances are enabling better experiences in the tech industry through an AI-first approach. Tune in to learn how generative AI can create new opportunities for your organization.


  • Get started with generative AI on AWS for the federal government

    Read the eBook Get started with generative AI on AWS to help guide your organization towards effective, responsible generative AI applications that maximize mission value.


  • 5 reasons why you can’t afford to wait on AI

    IT leaders are already reaping the benefits of early AI initiatives. Don’t let your organization fall behind. This white paper explores the current state of AI, providing you with 5 reasons why you can’t afford to wait on AI. Download now to learn more.


  • Powering Connected Education Journeys for Life with AI

    As AI continues to make major waves across industries, many are asking two questions: what does AI mean for higher education, and what can you expect in the coming years? Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • Putting people first: How humans and AI elevate CX

    While AI technology continues to flourish in today’s marketplace, businesses have a fantastic opportunity to learn how to utilize AI in combination with human intelligence to create a modern and efficient customer experience. When combined correctly, this strategy is transforming the CX for customers and businesses. Watch this video to learn more.


  • CW Middle East January-March 2020: Digital leads the way at Abu Dhabi oil giant

    In this issue of CW Middle East, read how the UAE and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company have recognised that things will change as oil and gas resources dwindle. Digital technology, such as artificial intelligence, has been identified as a key driver for future industries.