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Ask the right questions before committing to a colocation SLA policy

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2020 colocation vendor assessment

Over the past 12 months, the colocation and interconnection sector has experienced steady growth – but not all providers are the same.

Dive inside this IDC MarketScape report to learn how the leading colocation and interconnection providers around the world stack up against one another – and using key evaluation factors like hyper-scalability and international footprint, which provider might be the right choice for an organization like yours.

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  • Top 10 colocation FAQS answered

    If your organization keeps its IT infrastructure on-premises and not in the cloud, due to internal policies, practical reasons or legislation, colocation can present a powerful alternative to costly on-prem hosting.

    But choosing the right colocation provider carries a lot of responsibility and requires careful vetting.

    Inside, read through the top ten most frequently asked questions about colocation providers – and find out which qualities to look for when choosing a colocation provider of your own.

  • How Waffle House keeps its data centers open 24/7, too

    As a southern staple of food and hospitality, Waffle House boasts over 1,900 locations across the United States, with each location offering 24/7 service. Just like the business itself, their IT infrastructure needed to be always online and always available in the face of potential disruptions. That’s why Waffle House turned to a colocation solution for answers.

    Dive inside this case study to find out how Waffle House pinpointed colocation as their option of best fit. Plus, learn about the extended disaster recovery, risk exposure protections, and other features they received by shifting away from total on-prem infrastructure.

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