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How to Channel Data Streams for Competitive Advantage

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Expert guide: Streaming analytics FAQ

The growing number of connected devices is increasing the volume of data about business activity. Companies that capture and analyze this data with streaming analytics to find problems before they impact the customer experience have a competitive advantage over companies that don’t.  

This expert e-guide provides answers to frequently asked questions about streaming analytics, including:

  • Why “streaming analytics?” Isn’t traditional analytics enough?
  • Is streaming analytics right for my business?
  • And more

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  • How to build & scale operational data pipelines with OT systems

    Integrating and contextualizing operational data has proven to be difficult when it comes to technical execution. This brief by IDC provides insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the CIO as they strive to bridge operational technology (OT) and the line of business.

    Furthermore, the report explains why the unique qualities of operational data have caused IT organizations to struggle to scale the sourcing, contextualization and maintenance of operational data streams.

    Explore this analyst brief to gain an understanding of how data pipelines can help overcome these challenges and empower IT and LoB to maintain hygienic data streams without amassing technical debt.

  • Improving Splunk performance and lowering CPU usage with Cribl Stream

    Although Splunk is a useful tool that makes it easy to convert raw, unstructured data into strategic outcomes, it’s important to remember that it was first designed for search-time analytics – so if you need to report on massive amounts of data and populate charts or graphs, performance can suffer.

    Enter Stream: a data pipeline solution that transforms unstructured data to be more structured before it persists to disk. In this white paper, you’ll discover how you can leverage Stream to improve Splunk performance and lower CPU usage.

    Read on to learn how you can get more out of your data and reduce costs for your business.

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    In this roundup, Computer Weekly recaps the top 10 stories in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), including the opportunities and challenges that organisations in the region have faced over the past year.