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Brochure: zEnterprise Analytics System 9700 and 9710

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Why a Data Analytics Strategy Is No Longer a Nice-to-Have

Businesses often struggle to get value out of the data in their operational systems. They’re using a range of platforms, but they’re not seeing the efficiencies or impact that they should.

Enter a data analytics strategy.

A data analytics strategy is an overall plan that promotes sustainable data leveraging, increasing the maturity of how you interact with your data and driving your organization to become more proactive and efficient.

So why does this matter, and why is this no longer a nice-to-have?

Read this white paper for the four critical drivers of modern data analytics strategies, and learn how to get started on a new data architecture design and direction.

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  • How to stand up a data pipeline quicker than ever before

    If your organization has had a data analytics initiative on the board for a long time and it hasn’t moved, you should ask yourself why. Most times, the answer is that it takes too long to implement.

    In this white paper, you will learn about a clous solution that can help you get that first pipeline stood up quickly so you can load data from more sources at scale, manage changes, and monitor the whole thing.

    Read on to learn more about this platform and see how you can save countless hours and frustrating roadblocks with a one-click data analytics solution.

  • Tutorial: Predictive Modeling with Snowpark

    Enterprises today are putting all kinds of resources behind initiatives like modern data science, and machine learning. By doing this, they have found ways to gain insights into possible future business outcomes.

    In this blog, you will get an in-depth look at a new developer experience that allows data engineers, data scientists and analytic engineers to all write code in their preferred language and run it directly in your data warehouse.

    Read on to learn more about predictive modeling, and how it can be achieved in such a way that your IT teams no longer must export your data to an outside platform.

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