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Key criteria for evaluating file-based cloud storage

File storage is a critical component of every hybrid cloud strategy, providing an effective combination of performance, usability, and scalability for many workloads.

However, file storage solutions are not one size fits all, meaning that in order to find the right solution for your situation, its crucial to compare competitors.

Access this white paper to study the GigaOm Radar which takes a look at leading vendors in the file-based cloud storage space and categorizes them based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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  • Hybrid cloud: Rethinking the file storage industry

    With the amount of unstructured data growing steadily, organization are questioning whether they can manage the constantly increasing scale of digital assets—especially with legacy storage systems.

    For example, legacy file storage is expensive, and generally only 70-80% of the provisioned storage capacity is actually available.This reality has led to new requirements for file storage, emphasizing the need for a scale-across file storage system.

    Read this e-book to view a highly scalable, hybrid cloud storage system that operates with no upper limit on the number of files it can manage, regardless of size, and can run anywhere—on-prem, in the cloud, or both.

  • Qumulo and NetApp face off in the battle for file storage

    In order to efficiently and effectively manage your entire file storage footprint, you need to have real-time visibility into all aspects of your data and performance—even as unrelenting file data grows to multiple petabytes.

    Check out this resource to view a side by side comparison of two file storage systems—Qumulo and NetApp—to see how the two stack up against these demands and to view a solution that provides real-time insight into your storage footprint.

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